Monday, June 6, 2011

A Cheerful Day

I hope your weekend and your Sunday have been as pleasant as mine!

I have a 4 day weekend so Saturday I headed to 1515. I had to come back because before I left last time, my Dad's cousin brought over 3 tubs of pictures and family mementos to me! The treasures have been overwhelming.
There are pictures of my Great Great Grandparents, letters, postcards, bibles!! I am soaking it all in.

Do your remember the bible from 1850 and the lace made in 1860?
I now have a picture of the person that made them......

And her husband and children

Today I went to church with the twins and out for brunch. Then the man who I bought 1515 off of who ended up to be a cousin, took me to meet his Aunt today. She is my Maternal Grandfather's 1st cousin. She was so sweet, she wants me to come back and spend the night with her!

Martha on the rt named after her Grandmother and my GGGrandmother.

But I was really happy when she took me to another room to show me this!

These were very large pictures of my GGGrandparents, they take up one entire wall! The only picture I had of them was a small snapshot in their latter years.

So today it is lunch with the twins and a local historian. I am pretty excited, this women is my idol, she has written so many books and has such vast knowledge. Then after lunch she is coming to 1515 to see my historical items. I am sure I will learn a thing are two!

Better get going and make the house look cheery!

Have a great day!

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GardenOfDaisies said...

Love your pretty yellow daisies!! (Bet you knew that from my name) The Ancestor pictures are marvelous! My Mom has done a pretty good job on the keeping record of the "family tree". She has a wall in the dining room covered with old family photos. I love it!