Monday, November 26, 2012

The Tree is Up!

It is a tradition the weekend after Thanksgiving,
my husband and I go get our tree with my
brother and SIL.
We were so happy to have my twin cousins 
in town so they could go with us.

I never can seem to get a good picture

We went and got our trees
we always get some funny looks with 2 trees tied up on top

Had a great lunch and visited with my brother
then on home to get the tree up and make dinner.
But wait, it is Santa..............
Santa and Prancer!
Oh Santa...which twin is naughty and which is nice?

I love it when my kitchen is a hub-bub of activity
Home to make dinner

I made the sauce for lasagna and Mr. and Susan layered it


Sheryl and I were working on updating the 
Charleston Illinois Riot website
The software on it is difficult sometimes and 
we had a little victory and were happy.

the tree was up
and we ate dinner then watched
Christmas Vacation.

The next day was some shopping
and we went to see the movie

Home to eat leftovers and decorate the tree
it was fun telling them about the history behind certain ornaments

Mr. putting up my angel my Daddy bought
me when I was a little girl

ta da.........

turn off the lights and admire
no holes really, that black hole is where there is a twinkle light.
I have to have some twinkle!

how about a treat 

home made hot chocolate with whip cream and 
chocolate chip peppermint cookies.
Served on my fiesta ware Christmas dishes I bought last year.

whipped cream mustache
you silly girl!

One more day off today
so we headed out to 
Home Goods and Trader Joe's
for some shopping.
Then they will head home and back to work
for me tomorrow.

These weekends are what wonderful 
holidays are meant to be, family time.
So very blessed.
I will look at my tree all season and
think of us putting it up together.

So now some of you are asking about those 

they live at 1515 and go on my
Grandmothers aluminum tree.
I will be doing it in a couple of weeks.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pink at Christmas

I do love vintage ornaments.
Shiny brights in all colors.
But, you have to love the pinks!
they have different shapes, sizes, scenes, and writings on them
I think I have enough!
Off to get our Christmas Tree today.
A tradition that we got out to lunch with my
brother and SIL, and then we go get our tree.
Mr. will be driving down the road with
2 trees tied to the roof!
Have a wonderful Saturday

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Wishes For You

Oh my, I have not posted in a week!
I have been busy and I am sorry I have not stopped by to visit
all of my blogging friends.
I wanted to take a moment to say
Hoping you are with you family and loved ones
for the day.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Putting the Garden to Sleep

The cold winds are blowing, but the weekend was nice.
So Mr. and I spent the weekend putting things away
cutting the garden back.
Things look so bare.

putting the hanging geraniums and ferns in the truck, going to over winter
at Mr. business.
climbing rose New Dawn still blooming

watering cans tucked into the Cottage

this is the same place as my header picture.

So as we put the yard and cottage to bed.....


Saturday, November 10, 2012

What November 11th Means To Me

Veterans Day as it is know.
I don't think most people know that it is to celebrate
the end of WWI.
I honor my Grandfather
My Dad in front of 1515
December 1943
And all the men in my family
who fought to keep us safe.
But this day........
Is a day my life changed 10yrs ago.
My Mom, my best friend
died very unexpectedly.
Circumstances are strange.
It was a Monday morning and my car would not start.
So while I waited for Mr. to come get me, I called her.
We had a typical conversation, but it always ended with
"I love you"
About 2 hrs later her best friend called me
and life changed.........
My life would never be the same.
For no one loves you like your Mother.
How I miss her sweet smile, the hug, the kiss on the cheek.
the silly things we would do
here our dog Kelly is curled up like a
human in bed with her!
I still at times find myself for a very split second
think...."oh I am going to call Mom and...."
well you know the rest.
Saturday mornings at 1000, I still can see her pulling up
in my driveway, to spend the occasional weekend with us.
The last time I saw her we went to a estate auction
down the street from her house. She wanted me to stay and go to the
church's steak supper with, but I wanted to get home to Mr.
I guess I wished I would of stayed.
If I had just one wish it would be for one more night in the house that I grew
up in, to wake up and see my Mom in the kitchen.
I don't like being an orphan.
I lost my Dad at 18 and my Mom at 43.
But I think, even though I had them for a shorter time,
it is ok since they were the best parents in the world.
So on November 11th
I honor more than most....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day is Here

The end of the multiple phone calls a day.
The end of the mailbox being filled with fliers.

Please vote, it is your right that many
men and women fought so hard for.

luckily my Great Grandfather won the election
in 1926.
No phone calls
No slick fliers
Just a little business card and
a handshake no doubt.


They made sure we had the right.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Projects #1 and #2 Complete!

Well here is what I was up to.
Bought 10 aprons for $2 from and estate 
sale this summer.
flour sacks at Walmart
5 for $4.95 bought 2 packs

6 iron transfers for $11.95 x2 at Kmart
so I spent 
Now let us turn that in to 
12 presents for 5 different people
or as I see it $3 a gift.

Remember the recipes I used
they were My Great Grandmother's
hand written by her
one is for a tomato soup recipe and is written on
their Electrical business paper 
and the other
she signed
Nina Pearl Snyder
their Grandaughters
The Twins are getting these
this is the apron for Sheryl
I love how it turned out..may be my favorite
the other is for her sister
a little more playful

They also are getting towels
a set with oranges and pears
since one is a teacher and the other is a librarian
these are from my Mom's books.
One the twins father gave to her.
They love Louisa May Alcott
I like the graphics

Now another set of towels and an apron for my
SIL...but she reads my blog.
No peaking!!
so they will not be shown.

cousin Marty is getting this apron for a birthday present in 2 weeks
She misses 1515 after awhile and can not come at Christmas
so she will have a little bit of Charleston with her all season.
This is a postcard I had and added garland from Graphic Fairy

Her sister has the most amazing dog
he usually comes to 1515 but is getting a little older 
and does not travel well.
Several years ago I took a great picture of him
So he is on his Mommy's apron
and her other gifts
postcards I had one with puppies sledding and the other of a 
little girl calling Santa
my Grandmother gave her sister in 1909.

it took all day to iron the linens then transfer them.
But I took my time trying to think about each person,
who they are and what they like.
I hope they all will be happy.
of course I always make a mess.

my dining room looks like a linen store!
so the aprons and the towels are done.
Have another project for them.......involves
chalk paint!