Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gifts From the Heart

Aren't gifts from the heart the best?
I truly think so.
I am still putting away things in my dining room from Christmas.
They include the wonderful handmade things my SIL made me.

want to see?

she made me these adorable bottle brush trees on old wooden thread spools.

sprinkled with glitter, wrapped in ribbon

Parisian cards attached

bells and beads

yes she put her soul and heart into making them

I am hoping she reopens her Etsy store soon.
I told her this would be so cute for any holiday wrapped with different ribbon and cards.

That was not the only thing she made.
This one made me cry

a beautiful picture with my parents
their wedding picture and other snap shots of them
love it!
It needs to be hung in our bedroom.

It has been another crazy week around here.
Mr worked all last weekend on some of our pipes in the basement.
Then after getting out Aspen back for 2 weeks after a Uhaul hit my husband, the transmission and engine went out! Long story short, but the damage to the tire and rim, caused the issue with the transmission the led to the engine, but we can not prove it so..........

So here is Mr. on what happened to be his birthday with his new Dodge Durango.
May I say, it was way to cold to be a new vehicle!

here is my beautiful bouquet of roses Mr. got me for Valentines Day

Hope your Valentine was good and this week is even better!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Time for a little Valentine vignette
I had not given my Jadeite much attention lately, so how about center stage?
my Hoosier cabinet ready for Valentines Day
and a few of my Jadeite piece.

I remember on a trip with my Mom finding this creamer and sugar for about $3
I also like jadetie because it brought back wonderful memories of church.
Seems our those were our church dishes and I can remember putting money in a little jadeite bowl and Sunday School.

So are you ready for a cup of tea from a Jadeite coffee cup?

this one makes me think of Mr. because he makes me waffles.

Now for the Friendship
Look what Pam from 
Virgina Retro sent me!

it fits right in!

Happy Valentines Day to all my Blog Friends
and Friday is Mr. birthday so I will be making Brownies in his Mom's
heart shaped cake pan.

yes, Mr, and his Mom on his 1st birthday and see the heart shaped cake!