Thursday, October 24, 2019

Historic Inns in Pennsylvania

Just back from a weeks vacation in Pennsylvania!
We were gone a week and stayed in historic inns and a B&B while we were there.
I probably didn't take the best pictures 
but will share them with you.

The first stop was in Farmington Pa. We stayed there because our first stop was going to be Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright home.

We stayed at the Stone House Inn
Built in 1822 on what I refer to as Old Route 40 (my childhood home sits on this)
or the National Trail that took everyone east and west.
Our room was in the original part of course, not fancy, 
but comfortable and clean.
Our only complaint was we wanted to watch the Cardinals in the playoffs and the TV only had them in Spanish! Mr. went to the bar and couldn't get them to put it on either.

The room had a fireplace but it was non functioning. And a chenille bedspread!

They had a wonder restaurant, our meal was fabulous!

beautiful circa 1822 dining room with 2 huge fireplaces

my steak melted like butter it was so tender

But in the lobby I feel in love!

oh if I could of escaped with this chandelier I would of!!

the staircase to our room in the original section

look how foggy it was the next day.
Being a Inn and not a B&B they were not open for breakfast but gave us a voucher for a local place.
It was a cute cabin type place and Mr. got the "lumberjack breakfast" and he ate it all!?

It was a beautiful morning after the fog lifted, cool, clear, crisp. Perfect for a hike in the woods to Fallingwater the Frank Lloyd Wright home.
Built in 1935 for the owners of Pittsburgh's Kaufmann's Department Store.
It is probably his most recognized home.

a 1/4 mile through the woods and then...there it is!

the trees were just starting to change

this is the view most people recognize

the leaves were just starting to change, it was on too Gettysburg via Maryland.

Stay 2 for the next Inn, our room was a operating room during  the Battle of Gettysburg.