Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Header Change?

I have not posted in sooooooo long.
I guess alot going on with life.
Along with wondering, does anyone even read my blog or care?

One person did notice I was gone, thank you

In May our beautiful 100 yr old oak tree was struck by lighting! Our arborist thought it would live and looked great all summer until August, one branch died, then another, then another.
Yes $4000 later my beautiful tree is gone and all that is left looks like a nuclear blast went off.

what a awful difference

the beauty is gone, this is this summer when it was doing well.

So do I change my blog header?

Other huge news, my husband sold his building and closed his 100 yr old business.
What a blessing! He got full price for his building and the people that bought it love it and are putting a distillery in it!

Even more, one of his customers called him and asked him to come work for them!! He set his own salary, FULL benefits after 1 month, and finally a great paycheck! The money does not go to pay the electric, for paint, etc. M-F 7-3:30. We are not use to spending this much time together, but it is great and what I had always hoped for us. I admire him for starting over at 60, that is not easy for anyone. But he has never had any other job than at the family business.

This summer we have had to replace our washer and the next day the dryer quit! and a new dishwasher too. Much needed repairs are being made, now that Mr has time to help.

the animals are great!
my niece who is a Vet, is now Greta's Vet and she put her on a pill for her itching.
Now she is gorgeous, with plenty of hair.....I mean HAIR!



My Mother in law turned 93 and we had her over for dinner. It was nice not to have to share her with Mr.'s 7 siblings.

Summer birthday dinner.
I had to use my 4 quart Pink Gooseberry bowl because Mom gave me birthday money last year and I found the bowl in TX.

My flowers are going crazy! With the warm weather

and why is my Hydrangea trying to bloom in October?

I am on vacation for 2weeks.
Spent a week at 1515, Mr came over for my birthday and the twins and cousin Fred and all of us went out for a nice dinner.
But we did one of my traditions...picnic at Fox Ridge
he looks so happy, less stressed and just healthier these days!

trees are not changing, but I have my pumpkins out at 1515

I have been busy, writing a book for my Grandmothers childhood church.
just back from the printers!

I love spending my birthday at home
 My 7th bday at my other Grandmother's house. How I would love to have her friend chicken again.
The cake plate turns and plays "Happy Birthday". I still have it! And the dishes, the Fostoria butter dish, and my red and white cup with "Ann" on it. Looks like I was showing off my new Cinderella watch and we had Cinderella napkins.

Life is good...........