Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vintage Pink Rug

So happy to of found this at a flea market for under $20!
I vacuumed it well but am wondering how to clean a vintage rug like this?

think it goes well in the pink bedroom at 1515

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ma and Papa's Edison Phonograph

How about a good ole family summer time dinner
all freshly grown
prepared by cousin Fred
enjoyed by us girl cousins

so if it is a old fashioned summer meal how about some old fashion entertainment?

I know you guys can not believe the things our family has.
So hear goes another story.........

This summer, Fred and I had planned a day to "run around". That means, drive in the country, stop at some cemeteries and lunch and some little place.
I arrived at 1515 and was waiting for him and thought I would get one of my Great Aunt's box out and start scanning somethings. As I found the box had alot of receipts in it.
Fred came through the door and starting tell me about fixing his Grandparents (my Great Grandparents) Edison cylinder phonograph, and said "I sure wish we had the receipt for it"
look what I found 15 minutes earlier!
YES!! the receipt.
I had NO idea he would ask for it?
But as he was asking, I reached in the box and I handed it to him!
1916 purchased in Chicago
Amazing I think.

Not only that but we have the diary entry about when they bought it, when they would buy different cylinders and many were bought at my cousin Marty's Grandfather's music store.

So after dinner we sat and listening to the same music my Great Grandparents, my Grandmother and her siblings would listen to.
Missouri Waltz, bought in Chicago by my Grandmother when in nursing school
Silent Night, I imagined my loved ones on Christmas around the phonograph
The Stars and Stripes forever and even a comedy routine about a man who bought a "machine" in other words a car.
here it is almost 100 years old and still works like a charm!
Stars and Stripes performed by the John Phillip Sousa!

The cylinders look like this and there are over 100
he pulled the drawers out of the cabinet that it sits on, the original oak cabinet.

Just wish I had a picture of them seating around listening to it but I am sure Mama and Papa are smiling
or laughing!
on his 84th birthday in 1937

I so adore my family and my family history

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Flea Market Fun With My Friends

Our annual trip to the Broom Corn Festival is about a month off, bug oh we had the but to do some Pyrex hunting. So off to the 3rd weekend Flea Market!

Here is my haul
I spent just under $40

We hit the Pyrex jackpot

We bought as a group
flamingo pink casserole
spring daisy 4 qt bowl
2 sandalwood striped bowl
3 butterprint casserole with lids
sunflower casserole with lid
Jan completed her sunflower Cinderella set with a bowl
Patty started her sunflower set with 2 bowls
lime green pie plate
lime green casserole with lid
lime green square casserole
We did a lot of bundling, Frank Fritz would be so proud!
the total cost was just under $100
most was bought at one spot
so happy with their purchases!

Of course I was looking for more than just Pyrex

the first purchase of the day was a ice scoop that just happens to be my 
Silver pattern! Silver Artistry but Oneida.

my pink flamingo casserole
talked her down to $5

sandalwood striped
I have never seen a striped one in person around here

spring daisy 3 quart in pristine shape
I got the set of 3 when I got married, I guess the sets came in 3 or 4 
so I went ahead and made it a set of 4 now

Pam from Virginia Retro, did you see this?
Pretty pink tablecloth with flowers.
How could I pass it up?
yes! $2.50
looks like it has not been used in years, just some stains on the folds
from being stored.
I almost left this one behind
But would make a great fall table?
and the price
could not believe the prices!
again needs a good wash and ironing.

on the way out of town there is a Salvation Army store
I know these are a dime a dozen but I did not have these patterns and love how they look grouped.
Patty got a funky record for her Son for 49 cents and Jan got a Soprano's trivia game never unwrapped for $1.50
How much were my vases?
yep 63 cents! Wouldn't you of bought them too!
I am going back there next trip, they had some great little finds, and cheap unlike our local GW

so there is the growing pink Pyrex collection
It goes great with my rose mist and seafoam green everyday fiesta ware plates.
just need the pie plate and square casserole 

I hope you enjoyed going with us to the flea market.
So are you looking forward to seeing what we find on our road trip in September?
Me too!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summertime Look for the Hoosier Cabinet

Summertime, fruits, vegetables are so good from the garden
I keep most things there on the Hoosier as you come in the back door.
So I thought why not put the tomato's in a my Mom's Pyrex bowl?

They have been tucked away for sometime not used.
I am glad I kept them.
Memories of potato salad, hard boil eggs, onions and cucumbers in oil and vinegar, 
being served in them.

I decided to show them off
3 different sizes, 3 different colors

I was not into collecting Pyrex at the time, and I had 2 sets of my own.
But having a stranger make something in them, was not something I wanted,
 so yes they came home with me.

A little piece of sunshine from my Mom

I thought they were a wedding present, but a pyrex expert told me no.
So they are not from 67 years ago today
My Mom and Dad were married today
August 10, 1947
Thanks for always being the sunshine in my life
how could not help it, look at those smiles

for those of you who enjoy some family history

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Hoosier Cabinet Hides My Secret

I have been blogging for almost 4 years now.

My Hoosier Cabinet hides a secret about me

It is behind these doors
what a shame

stacks of green depression glass
my collection of Cameo "ballerina girl"

I have NEVER shown it before?
It was my obsession in the 90's.
My Mom searched antique stores high and low.
Trying to find the one piece that was rare.
Probably the rarest I have
the salt and pepper shakers with the original label

Cameo or "Ballerina Girl"
was manufactured by Hocking Glass company in 
Lancaster Ohio from 1930-1934.
It is called Depression glass because during the depression, manufactures of soaps and foods would put them in their boxes as incentives to purchase their product.
Movie theaters also handed them out.

I took it out to clean, since I have a happy unexpected day off from work (the doctors all seem to be on vacation?)

thought it would show up better with white under it.

grill plates with handles
grill plates with no handles
Dinner for 8
I should do a tablescape with them

Can you see the dancing ballerina girl in the middle?
more pieces reside in the dining close up's boy do I need to give them all a bath!
Candlesticks, creamer and sugar, vases, candy dishes, pitchers, glasses.

It all started with this piece
The mid size pitcher
I can see my little Grandmother pulling it out of the fridge on a hot summer day,
and pouring my Grandpa and I some ice tea from it.
It was always in the fridge with ice tea.

I should of asked her wear she got it?
I should just imagine it came from Detroit MI with them back to Charleston many many years ago.

Hope you enjoyed learning my little hidden secret.