Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a Beautiful Day!

What could be better than an extra day to spend time with old friends, new friends, do and a little antique shopping and enjoy 65 degree weather in Febuary.
I needed a day like today.

We drove from St. Louis to Clarksville, Missouri along the Mississippi river.
Not a cloud in the sky and it was in the high 60's.

We went to visit Richard from My Old Historic Home.

First we went to his wonderful shop.
And yes we all bought something!

Not only did I get to meet Sissy, but I got a welcome kiss.
And I got to see the famous doll house.

I would of loved to of had bought these chick paintings.

Sissy girl said goodbye as we walked down to
Richard's house.

The yard looked like it is beautiful when things are blooming.
The house overlooks the river.

Now I sure hope he did not get tired of hearing us say,
"oh my gosh" "wow" "that is amazing"
We all were drooling.

Here we are looking at his amazing cream collection.
I love his cozy kitchen

Even the laundry room is gorgeous!

An entire copper basket with vintage easter eggs!

Oh, the dining room closet

The chandeliers just dripped with elegance and beauty.

Loved the wallpaper in the room.

Richard needlepointed this himself!

Beautiful view.
Richard was such an excellent host.
How wonderful it was to meet one of my blogging friends in person.
Is home is just beyond words gorgeous, and admire him for all his hard work in restoring this home, and American treasure!

Then it was on to lunch at a spot across from his shop

Cool Beans
The food was wonderful

Then down to more shopping we were all on a Pyrex alert
Found primary color pyrex bowl set in orginal box never used, but as we know $125 is not in my budget right now.

But look at this Pyrex set Jan got...I have never seen
these before and they were in perfect shape.
Rhonda got a blue stripped bowl and Jan also got a black snowflake divided dish and I found a perfect red refrigerator dish....all Pyrex.

Rebecca, this one is for you! A pink enamel tea kettle.

I got several treasures I will try to show you on Friday.
It was such a wonderful day, and boy did I need it.
I don't think this will be my last trip to see Richard!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Changing Plates

I am still putting my dining room back together from Christmas.
Yes it is true, I have been lazy and busy with the water main break issues.
I had said previously that I want to "shop my home" this year, to change things around and make them feel new again.

As I was getting ready to change this out....back to the way I have had it for a very long time....

This is above my Grandmother's buffet.
Here is my Christmas plates I put out.

Now this is what I usually have up
Rose plates I had bought a store in my home town.
Pink rose plates...but maybe I am ready for a change?

Do you like this better?
I have beautiful vintage plates so I thought...why not use them?!

This is one of Grandma's plates
This plate is special to me.
My Mom always had it, and when I was little I thought how pretty it was.
I can remember that I always wanted to eat my lunch on it.
Mom let me ...and I remember eating tuna fish off of it.
Silly how are memories are, but it is one I cherish.

This a Limoges plate, my Mom got on one of our 
antique shopping trips and she had it hanging in her kitchen.
This plate was always in Grandma's hutch.
She belonged to the Eastern Star and on the back it says in her writing,
"Mrs Cather wedding presents. Neoga Chapter"
I assume Mrs. Cather gave it to my Grandma as a present.
Something so special as a wedding gift that she passed on to my Grandma.

I think I like the change. More subtle colors and each one
holds a special memory.
Change can be good. Now my tuna fish plate is not longer
put away on a shelf, but now I can look at it everyday and smile.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Spring Like Day

Watch out!!!!! Don't get wet!!!
Spring was in the air today! It was over 60 and sunny. We replanted the rose bush from the dig up from our water line and sat on the front porch and took in some rays. But the wind was keeping it from feeling very warm.

She really needed a bath!

Tulips are up!
My rose bushes have new growth on them.
Even the hydrangea is budding

And the Maple trees

Oh Mom's time for a nap.

Hoping your Sunday was warm with love of family.