Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter White Wonderland

I have one area where I put all my white Christmas decorations. None of them are vintage, just things my Mom or I bought. Love the stand it is on, I use it at Easter too.

Love my sleepy angel at the top and one day I realized I had a postcard that was perfect to sit next to her!

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman seem like such a happy couple!

Sweet like faces all in white, where ever you look.

Snowbabies coming down the mountain

This is a Lenox piece I bought for myself some 20 yrs ago. I remember ordering it and thinking it was the first real nice Christmas decoration I owned.

Drenched in White sparkles.

One of my Rudolph Snowbabies. I have a HUGE I mean REALLY HUGE Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer collection, items from 1939 to the present. I fills up 2 curio cabinets and more. I am not sure if I want to go to that much effort this year!

Hope you enjoyed this snowy visit...oh yes, we are suppose to have light snow tonight.

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Faded Charm

Let the work begin!

On Saturday we went with my brother and sister in law to get out Christmas trees. I wonder what people think when they see 2 trees tied up on top of our SUV?

They had a reindeer for the kids to have their picture taken with, she was interested in eating marshmallows!
My brother checking things out.

Mr. Sentimental likes this one!

Tying them which one is which?

Heidi has to see what Daddy is doing.

It is up, but we won't decorate for a few days so the boughs can drop.

I have so much vintage Christmas that I get a little overwhelmed getting it all out.
Most of this is my Gurley candles.

I have my table that is all white done.

Luckily it was in the 50's so we got most of the outside done.

Yep, that is my sled from when I was little, the skates I bought for only $6, they look brand new!

We had a good but busy weekend. I am off today so I will try to finish my decorating? Hopefully!
Then I can post some of the decorations.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pink Christmas Saturday

I am posting a picture of my Grandmother's aluminum Christmas tree that I had up in my bedroom at 1515 last year. Luckily after my Grandmother died I had the sense to keep it and it is in the original box. My Mother thought I was nuts for keeping it at first!

The tradition use to be on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving my mother would come down to stay, we would put the tree up in my pink spare bedroom at home, when I got off of work. We decorated it with vintage and new pink ornaments. My mom and I loved getting it out, and it kind of started the season off for us. I still did it for a while after my Mother died. But last year I took it to 1515 and it looked right at home in my pink bedroom there. I guess someday it may make it back home. I will post a better picture in mid December after I get it up, but for now here it is!

As life moves on, we make new traditions. Tomorrow is the annual tradition of going out for brunch with my husband, brother and sister in law. Then we go get our Christmas trees! It is great because my husband actually takes the day off and I get to spend the day with my brother!

Happy Decorating!!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

                    I am hoping that all of you have a wonderful holiday where ever you are.

This our dining room last year. We usually have my husbands family (he is one of 8) but this year we are going to my brothers house then to my husbands sisters house. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, but am looking forward to being with my brother. When my mother was alive we always went to my brothers house, but somehow over the last few years I did not see him on the holiday.

I remember Thanksgiving long ago, my mother would be cooking in the kitchen. It would be so warm from the oven that she would have to open the kitchen window. I could not wait till my maternal grandparents got there and my Dad would go pick up his Father. It was always the 7 of us together, how I miss them. But oh so thankful I have my brother to be with.

I hope you are with the ones you love.

Now it is on to Christmas!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Saturday

I found this and I could not pass it up! Luckily the bathroom at 1515 is pink!

A pink pantie hand towel!

Sits above this

My potty chair! I had is stored at my husbands business and he brought it home and told me to decide what to do with it!
Looks ok in the bathroom corner at 1515.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Vintage Christmas Addiction

Yes, I have to confess...I love vintage Christmas! I worked 15 hrs yesterday and wanted to just run out for a why did I stop at a local antique store?

Here is what happened when I did.

There are 3 dozen more I bought that are still in the car.

Glad to find some blue for my Dad's room at 1515. Last year the tree I had in there had my maternal grandparents ornaments on them and I wanted to bring them back home.

The pink ones will go on my Grandmother's aluminum tree in the pink bedroom at 1515.

I can never pass up a bell or one with a design on it.

Visiting with Colorado Lady Vintage Thingie Thursday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Cottage

Well, I decided I was ready to start showing Christmas! I don't decorate till after Thanksgiving, with the exception of my Cottage in my backyard that holds my gardening antiques. The last year I have not spent much time there with buying 1515 and taking some of the furniture.

Soon things will look like this!

Today for Table Top Tuesday I want to show you the mantle.

The picture is of my Mom and Grandmother at my Great Grandmother's garden, see the hollyhocks. The doll buggy and doll, of course I still have them!
I bought the frame and my Mom's neighbor auction years ago, I was going to paint it but it turned out great for the cottage. I display family pictures that have a gardening theme.

I was thrilled when I found this white chippy sled several years ago.
Even was lucky to find a little white wheelbarrow

I hope you enjoyed the Cottage tour of the mantle.

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More Christmas Open Houses

This weekend I went back home to go to more Christmas open houses with my twin cousins. Before I picked them up I stopped in the town where I grew up to go to the best little shop's open house. I left home at 0730 so I could get there early to beat the crowd....but at 0910 the place was packed! And it seems it was packed with everyone I know! I saw the family I use to babysit for...yeah the daughter is a Grandmother! There was 4 mothers there of people that were in my High School class. I felt kind of melancholy, happy to be home I felt the warm of everyone being so happy to see me but sad that my mother was not there to be with me. Why am I an orphan so young and my classmates still have their parents? I snapped out of it because as soon as I pull into my hometown I feel a comfort come over me that I can not explain.

So here are some pictures!

Your probably does not look busy? That is because they were all inside! I had trouble finding a place to park!
I always want to come to this open house because the place is great. Usually I don't get home until the middle of December and by then the items are all picked over. She had such a great offering of gifts.

So happy to see a new store opened in the old bank building! As you can see the town in ready for Christmas. The town is known as "Village of the Porches" for all the overhanging porches downtown.

Headed out of town and stopped at the Orchard north of town because they opened a gift shop. There is a lady that is making things out of remnants and what ever else she can find. I think she is very talented, here is what I bought. Tell me what you think.
Does he not look proud? Or happy he came home with me! He is made out of an old quilt.

Such a sweet face

Love the gauze scarf topped off by a bell and the pom pom buttons!

This one came home and immediately went in my kitchen window.
Love the idea of the door plate and skeleton key.
This one was called Santa Bag and was $10. Should I put it in
the gift exchange at work? Not everyone likes primitive things?
Mica snow, bells and old quilt, what could be better?

Then it was on to 1515 to stop off and drop off. Then on to pick up the twins and go to the antique show in Amish country. If you like primitives they had them.

Wonderful lunch at a Amish buffet. More shopping, back to 1515 to relax then out to a local restaurant for a gourmet dinner. Then tucked myself in at 1515 for the night and was up by 0630 and the drove back home. The good thing is I am done with my shopping with the exception of my brother and my husband, what else is new?

Now I am anxious to get my Christmas things out and get back to 1515 to decorate!