Friday, June 28, 2013

A Piece of My Past Will Soon Be Gone

My heart is a little broken, 
I wish I was not so Sentimental.
There going to tear down my Maternal Grandparents home
to build something new. It may not happen tomorrow but it is going to happen.
They lived in Booth House
from 1945-1965
My Mom on the front steps
It sits on the grounds of Eastern IL University in Charleston

The home is a duplex and it was owned by
Mary Josephine Booth
she was a librarian at Eastern Illinois University
she even has a Wikipedia page.
She donated a great deal of money to the school and the 
Library is named after her, but I think it is a travesty that 
they would tear down another piece of history,
her home.
My Grandparents lived their starting during WWII
and until Ms. Booth's death in 1965.
She left the home to the University
I have some of her things, a poetry book, a sterling silver serving spoon, things she gave to my Grandmother. She was a sweet woman to us.

Why am I so sad
My first memories of Christmas is there
My Grandparents in the living room Christmas 1960

My first memories of birthdays were there

My only memories of my Great Grandparents is there
My Grandmother, Great Grandfather, Brother and myself

I remember 4th of July there. because the fireworks were a block away at the EIU football field

My first dog even, Friskey

After my Mom died in 2002, I was wandering and my cousin wanted to go to the EIU campus so we did.
Some how I wandered into Booth House. It houses offices now.
As I entered I was welcomed, when I told them why I was there,
they let me walk through the entire place. They wanted to hear the stories of when the building was 
a "home".
The huge staircase I remember as wide and varnished to a slick shine was now small.
I can remember wanting to climb it an being told "no"

As I looked at the mantle and bookcase I thought of my Grandmother's things that were once there.

My Grandmother's bedroom I remember as being so large that it held her bed and my crib was so tiny

I remembered the attic, it seemed huge and it had a wooden platform I thought was great for dancing

I can remember taking a bath in the pink bathtub, it had pink and black tiles

The screened in porch was my favorite, it was off the living room and oh how my brother loved it when it was warm enough for us to play out there.

I think when most of your loved ones are gone, all you have to hold on to is 
the memories that bring you the happy and warm feeling, like they are giving you a hug.
The thoughts of Booth House make me feel that way.

So the memories of 
Eastern Star meetings
Book lovers club meetings
4th of July

will now just live in the pictures I hold dear to my heart.
My Brother, Grandmother and me out front of the Booth House.

But the most cherished is my Mom and Dad
Their wedding reception
August 10, 1947
Booth House

Rest in Peace Booth House, 
you were loved.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nikko Blue?

Here is my Nikko Blue Hydrangea
instead of blue it rewards me with shades of pink, lavender, and blue

see all the different shades?

peeking through the fence

just love it

What is happening around the Sentimental home?

while sitting on the porch I noticed an excited Morning Dove

something is in the tree

Mama and baby
I have only seen one

My Dahlia is acting like it is on steroids
It is huge for June
and ready to bloom
there is a bug in there?!

the other one is not as large but is ready to burst open too

this one is pink and yellow

It is warm and I think Boots has the right idea

just hang out and relax

Happy Sunday


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Made the Plunge

I have noticed that everyone seems to be growing their Facebook pages.
And many blogs I now read through FB.
I really have been having writers block lately, maybe just too 
much on my mind with Mr trying to sell his family business and the planning
for The Charleston Riot Anniversary
I have been enjoying my new camera

have been neglecting reading your blogs
posting a new one

But then I realized with everyone on FB I did not want to loose

The name 
"A Sentimental Life"

so if your so inclined
please free to follow me on 

you can "weigh in" on my posts!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scenes From the Garden

Saturday Morning in the Garden

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

Garden Cottage

Annabelle Hydrangea

Picasso Petunia

Lily is blooming

My knockout rose can not decided what color it wants to be
blooming 2 colors on one bloom?

Dahlia ready to bloom
it came back from last year
OK, I need to weed :(

neighbor's hydrangea and garden
they got new siding and after 18 years of looking a gray home,
I can not adjust to the yellow?

And my Robin's are all gone.
I so enjoyed them while I was on vacation
I happen to see the last 2 leave the nest
I documented the last one leaving as I watched
the angel is telling him to fly

Mama says "come on"

he jumped out of the nest "I can fly, I can do it!"

so he hopped
and hopped
and he looked more time
Goodbye sweet baby, I will miss you

Hope your weekend is a great one
and Happy Fathers day to all
I miss mine so
So glad I knew what is was like to be loved beyond measurement.
The look on his face says it all as he looked at my brother and I.