Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

I remember the days of trick or treating 
in my neighborhood of my small hometown.
My next door neighbor, Lola who was like our 
Grandmother always made popcorn balls for us.
Unfortunately I have no pictures of us going.
So let us go back to my Grandmother's days.

My Grandmother sent this to her baby sister Esther

Now here is what she and Max were up to 
in 1912
100 years ago...
they were carving their Halloween pumpkins!

Happy Halloween
from my family to yours!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cooler Weather is Making Me Feel Like Nesting

I want to sew...

I use to be a good seamstress.
In High School I made a plaid blazer, lined with the
plaid lined up at the seams.
I could not do that now more than a man on the moon!
Oh yes...I still have that blazer!

I have been seeing every ones sewing projects,
a couple of posts on vintage buttons from my friends

here is my Grandmother's  button jar.
She and my mother neither one were much for sewing.
Now my Great Grandmother made dolls clothes for my Mom
 that I still have and her quilts.
My Mom said she hated to sew but after she retired
she made me pillows, made Heidi dog scarves for every
I had a craft table in my basement where I have
my sewing machine...graduation present circa 1977.
After my Mom died, the craft room was filled with
Rubbermaid tubs of my Mom's things, my toys etc.
Yes, I have my Easy Bake oven in the original box!
She has been gone soon 10 yrs.

I want to sew again!
So I have been purging the basement and found 
her sewing things, and material.

I have another sewing machine
My 1919 singer I purchased in 1989.
It is in perfect shape with all the original parts.
It sits in the spare bedroom which was my 
Mom's room when she came to visit.
It holds my Grandmother and Great Grandmother's 
sewing items.

the jar that holds Grandma's buttons
the manual
a box with all the attachments
And a treasured note from the 
Antique dealer I bought it off of.
how sweet is that note....
Love the Lincoln connection.

a little shelf above holds the things I found in 
Grandma's sewing box

sewing scissors that belonged to my Grandmother and Great Grandmother
ornate needle packs
advertising thimbles
and ornate thimbles
these are displayed in a shelf made from an old
yard stick

the thimble is engraved with "Nina" my Great Grandmother

Grandma sewing box
a unfinished project
maybe I should finish this for my Grandma?
I paid that much for it in 1989?

I think Mr. needs to oil up my
1977 Singer for me
The cool weather makes me want to sew with a cup of
hot cinnamon tea and a candle burning in the background.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simple Fall Decorations

This year I feel like having things simple.

I am not hauling up my boxes of 
Halloween and Fall decorations from the basement.
My SIL was shocked.
She said it always looked so wonderful
that she felt inadequate.
I reminder her I do not have children 
and a 1 yr old grandson that I help care for.

So the porch has a few pumpkins, a wreath
and my Pumpkin sign.


One shelf with some vintage Halloween postcards.
The pumpkin head men are from my favorite
artist, Bethany Lowe.
A vintage pitcher with amber cosmos.
just enough to feel fall

transferware compote bowl
with some mini pumpkins and 
Chinese lanterns.

my old standby silver compote bowl

The kitchen is the same
The Hoosier cabinet has my Grandma's teapot and brown crock.
New this year, fall colored Pyrex fridge dishes.
And of course my vintage wheelbarrow hauling a pumpkin.
My tea canister, purchased in Paris at a little kitchen shop.

For the table
a fall napkin and the little pitcher I picked up
on vacation with some mums from the yard.
who knows...
I may do the same for 

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Glorious Day

Yesterday was just glorious!
My MIL wanted to take me out to lunch for my birthday.
My favorite thing this time of year, is to 
drive up the river road, along the Mississippi
river bluffs.

My SIL was nice to pick her and my other
SIL up to meet us then go for our drive

The first stop was in Alton for lunch
Alton is a wonderful old river town
historical, and I love the architecture
the first casino river boat I was ever on, many years ago!
the sun was out and the temps in the 70's
Mr. looking a bit goofy
we got there early, waiting for everyone and having some ice tea
the collection of quilts for sale were incredible!
I have never seen such a variety.
The wall behind us was filled to.

Now for the beauty
we headed north
first stop was in Elsah IL
it is so picturesque
like a movie set.
my favorite

Then on to
Grafton IL. A little tourist place.
Great places to eat fish, shop or
sit at one of the wineries
Grafton has some great Bed and Breakfast
high on the bluffs

the traffic was backed to get into town

Then on to Pere Marquette  State Park
where my inlaws had their honeymoon.
then back to where we started
the sail boats were even out

How was your Sunday?
Back to work on Tuesday
vacation is drawing to a close.....