Monday, December 31, 2012

Sleigh Ride......

Dashing through the snow.............

In a one horse open sleigh........

Over the fields we go...laughing all the way..........

Yes my friends that is what I did yesterday!
A dream I had always had came true.

The Indiana cousins came over, it was snowing..
So the twins and I decided to take our sleigh ride we had planned in 
December we did not get to do because it was raining.

The beautiful sled was waiting for us
Meet Maxwell
The twins nephew was in town from Wisconsin with his daughter
so they were able to go with us. Carrots in hand to feed Maxwell

And we must not forget sweet Molly, Maxwell's friend
Now Dash Away...........

hot cocoa and homemade cookies for those waiting to go
now it is our turn!
All bundled up, I had on a sweater, sweatshirt and my coat to stay warm

A dream I have had since I was a little girl
Even better...
the owners lived just north of where my Grandmother
was born in the country
and 100 years before in the same spot there was snow too!
Wished that old barn of my Great Grandparents would of been there still
as we passed by

Thank you to our hosts and Molly

Here is hoping your dreams come true as we head
towards 2013

Happy New Year
my dear friends!


Saturday, December 29, 2012


It was snowing on the way home last night
not a very good commute.
The person in front of me on a hill did a 180.
Yes, he headed back down the hill towards me,
I stopped then got stuck!
It took a while but I got up the hill,
he merrily went on his way back down the hill.
Headed to 1515 today, they have 5 inches on the ground.
Not too much here, just enough to make it pretty
the garden is asleep
no porch sitting, there is snow on the pillow
no sounds of the fountain
time to feed the birds, they have eating all their food
Have a safe and happy day! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

6 Generations at 1515

I am having unexpected guests
at 1515 this weekend.
I had not planned to be there but will be headed there
Saturday morning.
The youngest guest will be sleeping in her
Great Great Grandmother's bedroom.
I hope someday they appreciate the
significance of that.
Generation 1 
My Great Grandmother
she lived at 1515 during the depression

Generation 2
My Grandmother
Mary Elizabeth
1515 was her home from
1926 until her death in 1957

Generation 3
Catherine Belle
named after her 2 Grandmothers
lived at 1515 from
1926 until she got married in 1942

4th Generation
Martha Catherine
named after her Great Grandmother and Mother.
my first cousin

Generation 5
Jennifer Rene
she is the little girl on the left
standing in front of her Mother Martha
I am on the rt
it was my Grandfathers 90th birthday in
dining room at 1515 almost the same spot as where Marty was sitting
Marty and Jen 
kitchen 1515

Generation 6
Chloe Rose
her sister Claire Catherine (yes the Catherine name continues)
won't be there but Chloe will.

Marty is so good about bringing her family over.
Jennifer has 3 wonderful children and I am so 
proud of her.
As busy as they are Jen and her husband 
find time to bring their children home 
to their Great Great Grandparents home.
The know the importance of family.

I am sure Catherine, Mary Elizabeth and
Catherine Belle are happy looking upon this site.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another Grand Christmas

This year Christmas came with some
the year has been a difficult one.
I never got my dining room decorated!
That is NOT like me.
But it was a fantastic season, it was not
about the decorating but the time
I spent with family and friends.
It started the day after Thanksgiving
The twins came for a visit.
So the weekend I normally put up my decorations
I did not.
we went to see Santa!
we went to get the tree with my brother, SIL and the twins.
We decorated the tree, cooked great meals, went to see Lincoln.
Before I knew it, it was time to head to
1515 for the annual Christmas week.
Oh how I dreaded going, since cousin
Mary would not be there.
I survived!
Cousin Fred and I went to get the tree
We had another successfull 1515 party
we visited all week
we made Christmas cookies.
 I went to the auction with my friend and
got the most wonderful Pyrex buy for a friend.
Then back to work!
Then it before I knew it
Christmas Eve!
I had to work but got off early
so we headed to my husband brothers house.
Now all the nieces and nephews are getting married,
and oh my what a big crowd.
38 of us!
a wild white elephant exchange!
 Even Mr. relaxed enough that when his SIL
put this goofy hat on his head..he left it
on all night!
The next day we had my brother and SIL for
Christmas Dinner
and the official unwrapping of the gifts.
I hated my dining room was not decorated.
But I remembered, I did not get things
done this year like I wanted to.
But I learned a lesson....
it is not about the decorations, the food,
or how pretty a present was wrapped.
The season was filled with spending time
with family and friends
what more could a girl ask for.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, 1912

Christmas 1912
Ashmore Illinois
Galbreath Family
Wednesday Dec 25
A fine Christmas Day. Good roads, clear, mild. Aunt Effie, Uncle Robert, Uncle Ed, Walter and Ina came. Walter brought his coronet, Uncle Ed his violin and they and Clifford along with one of us girls playing the piano, we played all day.
Clifford can read music quickly, Jamie can read music quickly and play the coronet well, but he has not learned yet to transpose. Walter and Ina brought me a traveling case, Mama embroidered pillow cases, Papa a handkerchief, Jamie the book 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Max a book, Clifford some writing paper.
Aunt Effie brought Max a book. I gave her on of the three handkerchiefs like Esther's (6 year old Esther died in November) Christmas gift to Mama.I kept the other handkerchief. Mama gave Aunt Effie an aluminum cooking spoon and Bessie gave her a box of candy. She brought some candy she had made. Mama and Bessie made our candy which was very good.
I gave Walter and Papa each a calendar with the picture of our house I had drawn.

We could hardly get the musicians to stop playing long enough to eat dinner. I had first begun eating at the second table when Albert, Leonard, and Reynold drove up. Albert has a car now. The afternoon seemed very short.
Alma came later and I gave her a box of candy, and a Japanese cup and saucer. Mama gave her a silver thimble. She gave Aunt Phebe a cooking spoon. Mama gave Ina the money to buy her thimble because her fingers are hard to fit. Mama gave Bessie and me our muffs.
No pictures were taken in 1912 because of little Esther's death just a month earlier.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas 1942

70 years ago
 What did Christmas look like?
1515 in 1942
a small simple tree with a strand of lights, shiny bright
ornaments and tinsel.
Probably the last year to use tinsel since it
was not available during the war.
Oranges and nuts under the tree.
Gifts wrapped in tissue paper.
Christmas Eve Dinner 1942
The mood is somber.
The table is candlelit.
I am sure they are thinking of what lies ahead.
My Dad will graduate from HS the next year
and head to the Pacific.
It is was a simple Christmas
But the meaning was there
being with family and being
thankful for what you have not what you
don't have.
My next post will be
Thank you to all of you
for your wonderful friendships this year.
They are so cherished.
Joining Elaine

Friday, December 21, 2012

Returned to the Rightful Owner

Did you know I am Sentimental?
I chose my blog name on a whim in about 1 minute
however it was the right thing for me.
My favorite thing is when I post something and you tell
me about your childhood, your Grandmother's.
It brings such a smile to my face to evoke a
happy memory for you.
Well while shopping at my favorite antique store
near 1515, Persimmon Lane....I found this.
a 45 by Burl Ives you are thinking, big deal?
Well actually it is!
Opal and Artie are the Grandparents of
my childhood friend Melanie and Artie
is Burl Ives brother.
So when I saw this I sent her a Facebook message
to see if she wanted me to get this for her.
Before I left 1515 I went back up and got it for her.
The 45 is Holly Jolly Christmas from 1963
We are wondering how the card meant for her
Grandparents ended up at an estate sale.
The funny thing it was an estate sale just
north of the house she Melanie lived in?
I remember Artie and Opal from my childhood having met them
a couple of times. I remember Artie did not look like his brother.
The card and 45 are from 1963
The next year I would be introduced to
 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Burl Ives as Sam the Snowman
I am so Sentimental and I love the fact
I returned a piece of her family to her today.
I loved the look on her face when she saw her
Grandmother's hand writing on the 45.
She is looking forward to sharing it
with her family on Christmas.