Sunday, April 10, 2016

Returning a Piece of History

This a genealogy post.
Our family cemetery where my 3rd GGrandfather who was in the Revolutionary War is buried has somehow changed names of the years.

Someone slapped up this sign
Patsy Mitchell Golladay Cemetery many years ago?

The cemetery has always been Mitchell Cemetery, named after my other 3rd GGrandfather who owned the land it was on, the first burial being in 1834.

The gentleman at the local monument company and I came to the same conclusion,
in the 1970's many cemeteries were read in preparation for the Bicentennial.
If a cemetery did not have a formal sign out front, who ever was reading it just gave it a name.
Patsy Mitchell was my GG Uncle's wife? There is only one Golladay buried in the entire cemetery?

Cousin Fred and I have been on a mission to get it back to the original name.
We started at the Courthouse, the name there was still Mitchell.
Then we spoke to the Cemetery board members, that was fine with them as well.
So cousin Fred couldn't wait to rip that sign down and proudly bring it to me!
There it sits in my laundry room at 1515
It is a piece of history.

Well here is what our family did
A new official marker!
I had the put the established date on the front with my 3rd Great Grandfathers name on it who came to Coles County IL in 1828.

We have it up 4 feet so you can see it when the beans and corn come up.

On the back I had them put the information about my 4th GGrandparents who are buried in the field just south of the cemetery. He was in the Revolutionary War and she is the Aunt of Sam Houston of the Alamo.

I even got the Find a Grave people to change the name on the website.

It is a sense of accomplishment Fred and I are so proud of.
My 4th 3rd 2nd and Great Grandparents are all buried there and I want to make sure it is recognized for that, for future generations of our family.