Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hope you have your pumpkins carved
My Great Aunt and Uncle did in 1911


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Pantry Makeover

If you have lived in the same house for as many years as I have,
sometimes you have to step back and realize somethings need a makeover!

The weekend was redoing our pantry at no cost.
I am blessed to have a huge pantry.
The former owners had a bathroom there, but my neighbors
tell me the pipes always froze so they converted it to a pantry.
Good thinking since it is next to the stove.

The things we throw in there!
Mr. add shelves over the years, originally they were just on one side.
we took everything out!
Look at those disgusting walls that were hidden behind shelves.
Took the wire shelves out and cleaned them in bleach.
Tore up the carpet.
Painted the ceiling and walls
Took out the wooden base board.
Mr. decided to use, commercial strength items he had
at his shop.
new carpet tiles left over from his office from years ago.
Base board molding like in commercial buildings, easier to clean in a pantry.
He was checking to see if I liked it.

yep, I like it

Shelves back in and Boots wants to know
"where did everything go?"

plenty of room to see what we have.
Top shelve is where I keep serving dishes you use once a year and
roasting pans etc.
The bottom shelf reorganized to hold candles, tablecloths, and all those things like
vacuum cleaner bags, rags, light name it.

organize those spices.
years ago went to these trays, easy to pull out and find what you want.
yes, we have alot of spices...LOVE Penzey's spices!
more pull out containers, otherwise things fall through the shelves
bundle things together like baking products all in one basket so when I get
ready to make something the baking powder, soda, salt etc all in same basket.
Trying to keep things fresher by placing back up flour, sugar in plastic container, well
it also keeps me from spilling flour on the floor!

The top shelve holds my cookbooks and the bottom shelf the 
crock pot, electric skillet, toaster etc.
Back area is for ironing board, broom, vacuum cleaner.
And with Greta "destructo" we keep the garbage can in there too!

So I am sure it will be full when I am done.
Trying to tell myself, if you don't use it don't put it back in there!

Always feels good to get it done!
Nothing fancy, like expensive rattan baskets, beautifully labeled jars etc.
But useful for us.
So better get hoping on getting things put back.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Where Did the Time Go?

I have not posted in over a week!
I was on vacation and week 2 was at 1515!

The first full day was wonderful
Lunch in Amish country with the twins for my favorite fried chicken.

Tuesday night means auction night!
But it was my birthday!
check out the cake my friend made for me!
Angel food with whipped creme icing and toffee crunch.
She iced it at the restaurant even.
One of our younger friends works there so he made everyone sing
"happy birthday to cousin Ann!"

Then to the auction
I was so happy I found  my favorite childhood book,
The Box Car Children
I can remember checking it our of our town library frequently!
There is a entire series of the Box Car Children
I got it for $5.50..more than I thought but the auctioneer told everyone it was a Dick and Jane book, so the price went up. But it was a great birthday gift to myself.

Then I got this!
I got it for $5.50 too!
I am thinking it was in someone pocket during the
Charleston Riot March 28, 1864

I also got a piece of Pyrex for $1 and some
revere ware pots for $1.50 for 1515.

The week was filled with Charleston Riot meetings
But plenty of cousin time
Lunch at Moonshine

Then Cousin Fred took us to see the grave of
Burl Ives
So many stories about him at home
The cousins Dad use to take him from EIU to the river so he could take a canoe home from college!
I knew his brother, his Granddaughter is a friend of mine.
And then we sang "Holly Jolly Christmas" while we were there.
People remember him from Rudolph
people left little snowmen for Sam the Snowman

and then the EIU Homecoming!
had banners made for the twins electric car

but first........
I made from scratch Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls!
I know these days we spend together are pricless!

our driver
brothers and their daughter who are reenactors
played Copperheads for us!
beautiful day on the square in Charleston
look at the paparazzi
um..they look familar!
the streets are tree lined with beautiful old homes
The Connelly House which will be on the Historic House Tour
March 29, 2014
The home was built by a Major in the Civil War who served on
President Lincoln's funeral guard.

Dinner that nigh
Oh My! Homemade Beef and Noodles!

The week went fast and on the way home I took a picture of my very favorite tree
on the highway between the town I was born in and the town I grew up in
I wait anxiuosyl ever year to see its color of orange and red.
Had not hardly turned at it was October 21st.

It was a great birthday week, thanks to my wonderful family.
Sorry I have been absent now I have to catch up with what you have been doing!
And I can't belive it but this was my 500 post!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 15th

October 15th
One of my favorite days of the year
The leaves are turning
The weather is cooler

Any many years ago this was my first picture
I realized when I looked at it you can still see my 
hospital arm band on!
the day I came home from the hospital with my Mom and brother.

It is a monumental it is not a decade reached or anything like that.

It is a different reason, my Dad died young and I was always nervously hoped I would make it pass
 the age that he died.

Hoping for a good day, nothing special.
Miss the days I would spend it with my Mom.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sending My Sweet Friends A Bouquet of Dahlia's

My Dahlia's are beautiful this year
They seem to be in the heights of their blooms 
even though it is October

So I picked this bouquet for you.........

I have 4 I did not dig up last year and they all came back!
It is a southern exposure, I cut them to the ground a Mr.
heaps grass clippings on them..must of worked!

beautiful pink

pink with a touch of yellow

and the big beautiful one with huge blooms is yellow

I have company tomorrow night so I thought I needed a bouquet
for the Dining Room table, even if we are just having hamburgers
on the grill.

all arranged in my silver compote

Not very fallish, looks more like spring
but I have orange cosmos I have also made arrangements of.

I just find such peace going out and picking what I have grown from a 
seed or a bulb, watching it grow and enjoying the amazement of 
its beauty.
here the bouquet is on the porch ready for fall

I think it may stay there for now.......
the minute I bring it in, Boots will be drinking the water and dismantling it.


Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday
Week 1 of vacation is almost over

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Touches of Fall

I don't feel much like decorating this year.
Maybe it is more that I am tired of making a mess and bringing the 
Rubbermaid tubs up from the basement!

So I am going slow, little bits here and there, 
changing things from the normal.

my vintage flower bucket
just add some bittersweet branches
and Chinese lanterns 
I use to grow them..wonder why I don't now?

simplicity on the shelf
I collect postcards but have very few Halloween ones, they are more costly.

I had this vintage light fixture fit for a candle but.......
I am thinking a pumpkin is more fitting

a bouquet of orange cosmos and black eye Susan's
in a little brown jug I got last year

and the scent of a yummy pumpkin candle

So it did not take long, I did not make a mess and it is just enough to say
"fall is here!"

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn in the Cottage

I am on vacation!
I have 2 weeks off, so week one will be spent at home and
 week 2 at 1515 for my birthday.
Thank you to all of you who wished me a early birthday,
it is not until the 15th..but don't we celebrate all month!?

I have time to enjoy the Garden Cottage while I put things away for fall.

Time to pull out my fall try I found in San Antonio a few years ago.
And of course display my vintage seed packets

a white pumpkin and fall leaves

my cosmos are blooming still

my miniature wheelbarrows just perfect to hold a pumpkin

my roses are giving one last blast of blooms

now time to finish the yard and head indoors
the weather is perfect...
blue skies...
75 degrees...

Now that is vacation weather to me.