Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Pink Quilts

Happy Pink Saturday!

Here are a couple of Pink qulit pieces made by my Great Grandmother. They are in my Mom's doll buggy with her dolls, but I will save that for another post.

This piece may of been a pillow cover. After I moved away from home my Mom moved into my Pink bedroom at home. She took this piece and put the hoops on it and she had it hanging in her bedroom.

It looks like a Holly Hobbie pattern, but was made in the 1920's.
I guess I need to hang it up myself to display it.

The other is a baby quilt. I need to check my Mom's baby book, but I am sure one of her Grandmother's made it for her.

It is pink and white checked

love the scalloped edges.

I guess I better figure out which Great Grandmother made it?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not Following the Recipe

Not following the recipe, is that for a meal or is that in life in general? Well maybe a little bit of both.

My husband has had a very rough week.
So I thought I would make a good meal tonight, it started with this...
This looks great, and this weekend I went and bought some colorful heirlooms tomato's.

But like I said, I am not following Martha's recipe.

I usually make tomato's with either mozzarella or sometimes feta cheese with homemade
 balsamic dressing.

We have a great Italian grocery store in town and I bought some large mozzarella balls that they sliced for me, but tonight it is going to be pearls.

I am going to add capers

Some chopped red onion

Fresh basil from my garden chilling in the Terra cotta basil container I bought years ago in Paris.

Now I need to add some red wine vinegar dressing tonight instead of
balsamic tonight....why you ask?

Because I chicken breast marinating in a balsamic dressing made out of Penzey spices Country French Dressing

I follow the recipe but use balsamic vinegar instead of red wine. If you have never tried Penzey Spices before they are wonderful and have a wide selection of salt free.

I can use my plates I bought in Paris at my favorite little kitchen store

or these

These are from Pottery Barn

Like I said, sometimes we don't follow a recipe or the recipe we think we should follow for our live, many spices are added in that we aren't planning on.  We think we know how it is going to turn out, sometimes it is better sometimes it is not, just like life.

I just want my husband to enjoy a nice dinner, put his cares away....maybe I will put on the Parisian song CD my cousin Fred made for me?

Have a great evening.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vintage Banner

My Dad was a great football player and was even named as an area All Star center. If WWII had not of started while he was in High School, I think he would of played College football.

Here he is #35 center for the Charleston Trojans

Buying 1515 (his childhood home) and fixing up his bedroom has been fun. Mostly with pictures of the men in my family, my Dad's books, report cards, grocery store jacket name it.
But one thing I wanted to hang reminded me of John Boy Walton's bedroom.

Can you see the Boatwright Banner above the bed?

A Vintage school banner. Never thought I would but I found one!

what a great find!

Now I just need to find the perfect place in his boyhood room to hang it.

Joining Vintage Thingie Thursday

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Look Into the Past

When I was home for a auction a few weeks ago, you may remember my car was loaded.
One thing I picked up was a pretty walnut shelf for $8. Where would I put it? and what would I put on it?

The scroll work on the ends reminds me of my parents end tables that I have at 1515

The end table

The shelf

Now what was I going to put on it?  My Dad's 1st cousin has been bringing box after box of family items to 1515. They are things that belong to my Great Grandparents and he thinks I should be the next care taker, and I feel honored.
There are pictures of my GGGrandparents I have never seen before. I just can't see leaving some of them in the boxes, not to be opened for another 30 years.

So the bottom shelf is dedicated to the women who came before me.
My Great Great Great Grandmother Hickman, Great Great Grandmother Wilson, Great Grandmother Galbreath and my Great Aunt Annie...of whom I am trying to keep the genealogy candle burning in the family.
They were such wonderful women, each with a story. My cousin was showing some of his cousins the pictures when we had the reunion and he teared I guess I did the right thing by getting these out to display.

The next pictures are of my Great Grandparents on their wedding date, him as a young man and the picture with him and his siblings. Can you see his sister that the transposed into the picture because she was deceased? And of course a pretty pink mustache cup.

The top shelf has a souvenir Charleston, IL mug. The pictures are of my Great Grandmother's family. The picture on the left are my Great Grandparents with her sister and brother in law at Niagara Falls in about 1914. The picture on the rt is my Great Grandmother with her father and siblings, I had never seen this picture before and love seeing what my Great Great Grandfather Wilson looked like.

This is a different kind of table I can look at and feel the love of 1515 and know that someone is looking over the home we all love so much. My Great Grandparents even lived there themselves when the Depression started and my GGrandfather after his wife died.

I am so honored to be the keeper of these things and want to make sure they are there for everyone to see.

Have a Happy TTT!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Time to Do My Hair for Pink Saturday

I have been waiting to show this on Pink Saturday!

Something special from my childhood and teenage days.

Something I could not throw away.......

What is in there you ask?

It is my Pink GE Hairdryer that still works!

My Mom even has a new bonnet for it! Where on earth did she find that I wonder?

What speed would you like? I forgot it was the "deluxe" model!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pink hairdryer. I can not ever remember not having it. When I cleaned out my Mom's house I did not have the heart to throw it our and I am glad I didn't. Brings back memories of washing my hair in the kitchen sink and then putting my hair up in the bonnet for my hair to dry. Yes, it was before there were blow dryers!

Joining How Sweet the Sound for

Pink Saturday

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is it Hot or What??

All we can think about is staying cool.
Glad I don't have to rely on this like my Grandparents did!

Vintage Fan

Look how the ZERO has icesickles hanging off of it! Do you think it would get that cold?

It hangs out on the bookcase in my Dad's bedroom at 1515

Stay cool! Drink Drink Drink water!!

Joining Colorado Lady for VTT

And it was hot the day of the reunion

Rebecca we missed you!

ps Did Eric lose his sunglasses? Someone stuck some in our box and they arent' ours?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

There Here!

The cousins all started arriving Friday night for the 105th Galbreath Reunion!

Our annual 1st night meal

Ribs at Roc's

Marty, Fred, Mary and Fran (here from Maryland)

Saturday morning breakfast at 1515

Later in the morning our cousins had a grave marking for their ancestor Samuel Ashmore in Oakland IL. He fought in the War of 1812 and the ceremony was conducted by the Daughters of the War of 1812

Next up, lunch and genealogy workshop at 1515

Used my new picnic basket to serve soda in the is hot out and we were having a 1940's themed luncheon.

Wine for lunch? Well...we had to have a toast to our family and 105 years of Reunions!

Colorado cousins visiting with Fred

There really getting into the research!

Mary and Marty made all the wonderful food!

After dinner we took a tour of the recently remodeled train station in Mattoon IL. This is the station where my Dad left for and returned from WWII.

Cousin Fred loves being with "his girls". We love him so!
Do we look like we are having fun? Laughs a minute. Wish I could show the hilarious video of cousin Bob and Judy as they headed through a corn field to find a tombstone...2 hours later they returned. They think they saw Shoeless Joe Jackson!

The Reunion at 1100 tomorrow. Hope we have a good turn out.

Sorry I am missing all your wonderful posts that I love to read. I will be visiting you soon.

Have a blessed Sunday.