Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas......

Did anyone miss me or wonder where I was?
Laptop would not charge and has been in the shop.

So I wish all my friends a Merry Christmas 
Here are some little pictures of my brother and I from the 1960's. I thought you might enjoy the trip back in time.
I do not get to be with any of my family this year but so blessed to have my husbands family

my brother actually looking at me like he loves me

a few years later, hhhmmmm?
that's better!
The year I got Chatty Cathy
our stick horses!

My Ragged Andy

4 generation picture with my Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandfather
I still have the bells hanging in the window

1515 in 1960
Apparently I did not want to sit on Grandads lap!
much happier on cousin Mary's lap

back at my Maternal Grandparents

Oh the year I got my sink with running water!
By the way....I hate to do dishes!

this may be my favorite of my brother and I

the boots my tell you what I go this year.

My cowgirl outfit!
Tammy doll car and formals for Tammy, Pepper and Mom

In 1966 my Grandparents moved to a new house, and here came the aluminum tree

I know what is in there, my easy bake oven!
Yes I still have it in the original box in the basement.
I look tall for 10?

snow was on the ground in 1969

Merry Christmas
Ann, A Sentimental Life