Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Happy Easter

It will be a quiet day at
the old Sentimental Life home.
Mr. and I are spending the day by ourselves.

reminds me of the pussywillow bush
my Dad planted for me one year.

I wish we had some spring flowers.....

Hope the bunny brings you plenty of treats.

May your basket be full, of family and love.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Rescue! The Irony!

As I went to bed last night, it was still snowing!
This has been going on since Sunday
I am headed home today from 1515
Yesterday I was a little worried about getting out!
you know you might be in trouble when 
you can't get the back door open!

The flag I put out earlier this month
says it is spring?????

the garage at 1515 is in the alley, as I stand and look from the
garage to the street....this is not good.
my car is not good in the snow.

a drift always forms there, blowing off the garages.

Frank and Felicity, any ideas?
Oh they are too busy complaining,
they came to live here from Michigan and 
they are not sure, they were told the 
winters here were better? hhmmm

Several phone calls to snow removal returned calls.

Well when all else fails...

Called my Dad's cousin Max, he was just headed
back to the farm with the tractor.
I caught him just in time.
Bless him!

His employee cleaned all the sidewalks while 
Max did the alley and driveway.
Now here is the 
As Max introduced him, he said
"Oh he is a Galbreath!"
As I asked him I realized his
Grandfather and my Grandmother that lived at 
1515 were first cousins!
Max is my Dad's first cousin, his Dad and
my Grandfather were brothers.

So in my hour of need, 
a Winkler and a Galbreath
rescued me!

Maybe Grandma and Grandad 
sent their cousins son and 
their nephew to me to 
clean out 1515?

Headed home soon.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What Was I Doing 35 years ago Today?

Looks like we are in a midst of a snow storm and I am at 1515.

We had a little last night, and the cousins made it 
back safely to Indianapolis.

We had a Charleston Riot 
"field trip"planned
After much discussion we decided to trudge ahead since the 
bulk of the storm had not hit us yet.

Piled in the city van

1st stop was the Will Rogers under renovation
we are hoping to have our play about 
Dennis Hanks and the Riot here.

Still beautiful
the mirror in the lobby, I think of the faces that have looked into
it, my parents on a date, my Grandparents and even myself in 
my youth.

a new bookstore is opening and we stopped by
they are going to host our authors for book signings

looking over the site of where the Civil War Encampment
will be and the site of the Lincoln Douglas debate 
in 1858
oh no...starting to snow!

Better head home!
stopped for some lunch, cousin Sheryl barely got me home

heavy wet snow
and as I looked down the side walk to the steps a
memory flooded over me
the winter of 1978
My brother and I were going to college in Charleston
at EIU
we had a blizzard just 2 months after my father died.
So we stayed with Grandad at 1515
Jackson street was brick back then
the tires were frozen to the street
I remember my brother taking the tire iron and trying to free them
I can still see the Green Torino at the base of the stairs
Grandad spent the evening drinking his Sprite, rolling around the
dining room in his wheelchair, filtering through old papers and pictures.
1515 always brings a flood of memories

This one was verified when I heard them say on the news
"35 years ago today, we had another snow storm on
March 24, 1978"
I knew just where I was.............

In the arms of 1515
just like I am tonight

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bonne Fete, Day of St Patrick Celebration

It is St. Patrick's Day
One I never really celebrated, I guess I have some Irish blood
but we always celebrate the fact we are Scottish.
a postcard I bought in Paris years ago, that I cherish

Even in France they celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
to Mademoisella Eugenia from Marie

My MIL is very Irish, Beasley and Sullivan
She had a large collection of Belleek that
she has so kindly passed on to her daughters
and DIL's

My Belleek shelf.
The vase with the lily of the valley actually is mine,
a HS graduation present.

I love this delicate Belleck with hints of pink

Hope your St. Paddy's day is a great one!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter In The Cottage

With Easter so early this year
it is a bit nippy in my 
Garden Cottage.
But we can put a fire in the fireplace,
so come sit with me.

French Easter card I bought in Paris line the mantel

a vintage miniature wheelbarrow holds more postcards
Bunnies ready to make their Easter delivery

McCoy pastels

flower flog holding a postcard

the postcards are oh so sweet

the birds will be chirping so pretty 

Hope you enjoyed this pastel and postcard
Vintage Easter