Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Paris Bedroom

I have NEVER shown you any part of our bedroom.
I want it painted, it needs to carpet.
With our yearly anniversary trips to Paris, a few years ago that is how I decorated.
Thinking of all those past trips as Donna from My Shabby Chateau has whisked off to
Paris and Linda from A La Carte is counting down her days till she takes off for Paris.
By chance Ivy and Elephant is having a Parisian themed giveaway!

large picture that hangs on the wall

the colors are green, black and white

another wall holds postcards I bought along the Seine

candle holders above the bed
tassel tie backs for the lace curtains
you see there are tassels in the lace

scattered pictures that I have taken in Paris over the years
steps by Sacre Coeur
love this picture I took on our honeymoon

another honeymoon picture. The Champs Elysee was closed and the
French Flag is flying in the middle of the Arch De Triumph behind us

these pictures are all on our dresser
my favorite picture of Mr.
his first trip looking out our hotel balcony window
notice the frame has the arch de triumph?
And the Limoges pieces I have picked up over the years
Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower

Sweet hankie my Great Uncle brought back from WWII to my Grandma

a few little thrift finds picked up at Paris flea markets

Maybe we will go back someday soon
As you know Mr. has been struggling with his family business he owns.
They have been in business since 1921. Looks like he sold the building that 
houses his business but the new owner wants him to rent some space.
So I keep praying this happens, the best of both worlds...not worrying about
up keep, taxes etc. but still will stay in business with enough work for one
person to do in a small space.
It has been a very difficult 2 years.
Could better times be on the horizon.
I pray.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Blush Of Pink

Today is the 5th Birthday for 
Congratulations to Beverly from

I love David Austin roses, and I am so fortunate the one we chose to place by the 
front porch has the most wonderful perfume.
When the wind blows in comes in through the windows.
here is my morning spot on my front porch,
sunshine and the beauty of a rose with a blush of pink

plenty to cut and bring in for bouquets
of course one by my chair where I am writing this

the roses are loving the cooler wet weather

the pictures don't do it justice

love how it hugs the rail
My climbing pink rose bush is ready to burst, I can't wait.
The pink knock out rose is just doing that knocking itself out blooming!

The peonies are late this year and I am glad
They are always the "Memorial Day" flower here
Memorial Day
see my Great Grandmother Nina with her peony bouquet
on her way to visit her ancestors graves.
I will do the same.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Did You Every Play "Dress Up" ?

I did at my Grandmother's house.
She belonged to the Eastern Start and my Grandfather was a 33 degree Mason.
So she had actual formals hanging in her closet.
And plenty of costume jewelry.

here they are in the 1960's all dressed up

I have told you before my Mom and Grandfather use to buy me pieces of vintage
furniture that I wanted, like my Hoosier cabinet.
Well, he bought me a vanity that I wanted.
I had one when I was little and after I left home my Mom put it out for the garbage!
I was cleaning it today, it seems to get so dusty
I throw so much on it.
I am always using my ring holder
Jewelry I wore at my nieces wedding,
My Mom's pearls, MIL opal ring she gave me and my pearl earrings Mr. gave me.
They land here until I get them back in my jewelry armiore
a linen scarf
Limoges dresser tray

this metal box was my Grandmothers
some of her jewelry is in it
yet another of hers
her pretty clip on earrings

I hardly wear perfume anymore, unless I am dressed up.

some bought in Paris at Lancome and L'Occitaine
that are no longer made

Grandma's lip stick holder
I can remember trying on her dresses, they fit fairly well since
she was just 4'8"

she had kinds of little treasures on her dresser, now they are on my vanity

and of course my favorite picture of my parents on the steps of 1515
she even has his letter sweater on.
I am sure Mom played dress up with her Grandma too.