Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Tea Like in My Grandmothers Day

One of the former Presidents of our Genealogy Society said one day " I wish we could have a old fashion ladies tea" I said...OK we will!

It took a year of planning and we did it last April, but with all the teas everyone is having over the Downton Abbey movie I thought I would show you.

The Historical Society owns a beautiful home built in the 1890's by one of my cousins that was a architect. It was perfect to host a tea. I will show you more interior shots and the end of the post.

We decided it WOULD be like our Grandmothers Eastern Star, DAR teas of the 1920's-1960's. Even on dishes. So we began collecting, tea pots, tea cups, sandwich trays you name it.
Luckily one day my Girlfriend and I were out antiquing and a dealer told me about a local Catholic school that was closing and that they use to have tea's. I could stop by and pick up what I wanted.

 Brenda our Treasurer and partner in crime
Everything was pretty much $1
It was fun collecting salt and pepper shakers, tea pots, cream and sugars.
We had enough we did color schemes.

Found wedding invitations and Dollar Tree, perfect to make our menu!

At 1515 making the flower arrangements all in teapots. 

Come on in and be welcomed by Mrs. Dudley
Our Past President who wanted the tea, dressed as Mrs. Dudley from the 1950's.

We set up tables in the 2 parlors and the dining room. We had a local company deliver linens, tables and chairs

We spent a great deal of attention to detail. How do you like our rose napkins we rolled?
Paper doilies for place mats, the plastic silverware looks like silver which were wrapped and tied together with a take home teapot charm.

We had dry runs with the plate samples
milk glass with pink flowers were my favorite

we used alot of American Fostoria

Check out the Holly Fostoria s/p shakers I got for $2!

Loved how the yellow turned out. I paid $1 for the coin glass s/p shakers at my local jewelers. He inherited his Grandparents old new stock and was selling all of it!

Place cards, nuts and mints cups for all

the formal dining room table

We used our archives for displays

The Bachelor Girls Club. We had their minutes and pictures from the 1910's.

we lined the piano with vintage hats

I lined the fireplace with pictures and items of my Grandmother and her things from her Eastern Star Chapter

The dining room has Mrs. Dudley's china and cabinets donated by the family.

Formal dining room, we had a style show too!
This young man from the 1940's stopped by.
We sold out! All the chairs were filled.

More of the fashion show

We had wonderful speakers from organizations in town that were over 100 years old.
Everyone really enjoyed themselves...and wanted to know if it was a yearly thing!
Oh my NO! It was alot of hard work and I was pooped from carrying in all that glassware. We had to wash everything in accordance of the heath department.

Now for shots of the interior and exterior of this beautiful home

a wrap around porch that goes to a door in the dining room

look at all the details

Pansies in tea cups were on the porch to welcome guest

Love these chairs!

original light fixture and the Dudley sign
Mr. Dudley was a local Dr who saw patients in the home, there is a side entrance for the office.
On the National Historic Register

Now more of the interior

His office has medical artifacts on display

the fireplace in the parlor

The kitchen is straight out of the 1940's. Metal cabinets, huge windows.
Behind my friends are the built in cabinets that open to the dining room.

the cabinets on the dining room side.
Love these 2, we wouldn't have a genealogy society without them.
Wish I did not live 2 hrs away so I could spend more time with them.

the stairway

details between the hall and parlor.

Well how did we do?
Did you enjoy it...did you feel like you were invited!?

Monday, September 2, 2019

Welcome September on the Wrap Around Porch

It's September!
How did that happen? Didn't we just have Christmas?
I can remember my Mom telling me "the older you get the faster time goes"
Oh my was my Mom right.

We had a Labor Day and birthday get together yesterday.
I decided to get the porch updated for the start of Fall.

I ordered on line, 4 Fall pillow covers and was happy with the quality.
We have a new Home Goods....oh my! The tablecloth was a purchase from there.

Time to get out my Fall colored McCoy. This was a new purchase of a basket weave McCoy planter.  I found small Mums at Lowe's for $1.98

Home Goods had a great selection of wreaths. I have several but they were looked a little run down, Mr thought this was bigger than our door..perfect fit.

My Grandmothers black cat planter with rust colored zinnias in the landing window

first to greet the guests for my Texas sister in law

a quiet spot on the porch

simple decorating but I love the way it looks.

And today is my Grandparent 100th wedding anniversary.
The ran off to Lincoln IL and were married Sep 2, 1919.
They met when my Grandfather injured his leg on the RR
my handsome Grandfather on the right
my Grandmother the Student Nurse

Lasted till my Grandmother died in 1957. I have all their letters from when they dated from the first one Aug 1914-1918 during WWI

I love the way he is looking at his bride from so many years ago.

Hope your enjoying your Labor Day weekend.
We are off to spend time with my husbands siblings.