Saturday, June 20, 2020

Revisiting a Old Friend in the Garden

This old friend is a book.

Garden Junk by Mary Randolph Carter
So many FB posts I see on flowers, gardening, garden antiques are things I did back in the 90’s when I first bought my house.

If you know me you are familiar with my Garden Cottage I built in 2003, way before there was such a thing as a “she shed”.  Those are popular on FB and Instagram too.

So let’s flip through the pages.

garden paintings....hers

Mine...a painted geranium I bought with my mom on a trip to the mall when they had a craft show. It hung in my kitchen in the 80’s. Was out away for years but it belongs here.

Hers...vintage watering cans and tools. 

Oh where do I begin!


Just a few in the cottage
Galvanized too

love finding them all

 Flower frogs and planters

I started with getting my Grandmothers flower pots in 1995
All kinds, pots, wheelbarrows, little people and a animals. 

 I have glass, metal, ceramic flower frogs. 

Hers....old cabinets

 Love this, found in my husbands basement...he kept paint in it
“ what do you want with that old thing”

Hers...painted motel chairs 

Love them, I bought these for $4 in 1995
The first time my husband came to my house, 
he took them home with him to paint them.
I have 5 more at 1515, the lattice work one we pulled out of a garbage pile.

Old painted benches

They use to be under $20
This one holds my favorite galvanized watering cans

In the cottage it’s my coffee table
Holding some of my books.

Adirondack chairs

So good for a tired back, sitting feeling the cool breeze on my face, the birds singing and my sweet Greta with her head resting on my knee.

Rusty tables

A French bistro set I picked up at a antique store


Welcomes you at the front porch, side porch and for my roses.

I put this one up in 1996, still holds its green patina and vintage cans

above my Victorian plant stand

a little singing while sitting on the trellis on the porch for roses

the New Dawn on the cottage

 Bird baths and whimsy, hers...

in the hosta bed with a little squirrel added

a pineapple my Mom bought for me on our last trip together

is Greta conversing with the angel?

And it has not stopped in 25 year
My new aquistions this week