Sunday, September 6, 2015

Flower Trading Cards

This started as a Mum post, but as always I find something I forget I have.

like these

Arm and Hammer Trading Cards.
Mine are flowers, when I looked it up they started doing this in 1888

I found this online, thank you to iluvfish2 who ever you may be,
Below info was sent to me via Arm and Hammers Customer this is some great stuff!

"The first cards were an early form of product promotion and collecting
them was a nationwide fad over a century ago. Originally, the cards were
distributed inside the boxes of ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda.

The first series of cards, 2 x 3 inches in size and entitled "Beautiful
Birds of America" appeared in 1888. The reverse side identified the
subject and gave a brief history. Leading artists of the day were
commissioned, the most famous being Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874-1927).

In the following five decades, well over 500 different artworks in trading
card sets of 15, 30 or 60 were published. In addition to birds, the cards
were designed featuring flowers, animals, cow breeds, fish, champion dogs
and Mother Goose characters.

To the best of our knowledge the cards were produced as follows:

Beautiful Birds; copyright unavailable-1904
Game Birds; copyright 1904-1910
Useful Birds; 1908-1938
Birds of Prey; 1975
Interesting Animals; unavailable-1915
Dairy Animals; unavailable
Champion Dogs; 1902
New Series of Dogs; 1910
Fish; 1900
Beautiful Flowers; unavailable
Mother Goose; 1900

Distribution of the cards ended in 1966. A commemorative 10 card set was
issued in 1976. If you are interested in the value of any cards you may
have, we suggest that you check with a dealer who specializes in
collectible cards."
Oh no! Something for me to try and collect.
I have a few, looks pretty scarce on ebay for the flowers, they have plenty of bird ones.

I always use my little shelf under the staircase for seasonal things.

one of my favorite little pitchers I use in the fall.
I always have plenty of nasturtiums in the garden, I planted 5 different colors.
a french post card

my chrysanthemum McCoy Vase
I bought it on ebay a few years ago to go with my Grandmothers
Hyacinth one.

the back it is a Buckbee seed advertisement

they are not in great shape, but I don't care I enjoy them!
so I learned something new today about my little cards.
Hope you enjoyed learning about the 
Arm and Hammer Trading Cards.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Have You Ever Made a 90 Layer Cake?

90 layers to a cake!
Oh my I can not imagine, but with good ole engineering it was done 
on September 7,  1905.
110 years ago.

this the birthday cake made for my 3rd Great Grandmother
by all her Grandaughters on her 90th birthday.

Last year we had my MIL's 90th birthday, there was no
90 layer cake, the only person that came from out of town was her son.
Not all of her Grandchildren came.
People now live to be 100.
But in 1905 people went to extraordinary measures to be at my
ancestors 90th birthday.

It is so interesting to read about they days gone by
hope you will enjoy this too.

her is my GGGGrandmother Catherine Sherer Hickman
on the front porch of her home with her sister and 2 brothers.
She is the woman on the left.

my Great Aunt wrote this poem on the back of the picture

The descendants on the front steps

they even had these made up.
Catherine's daughter my 2nd Great Grandmother died during childbirth in 1873, my Great Grandmother was only 7 at the time. But my Great Grandmother would have her dear Grandmother until she was 40. My Grandmother thought of her more as a Grandmother and we have many diary entries about her.

I think what touches me the most is that my cousin Fred and I had no idea the home 
was still standing.
A few years ago with a platte book in hand we went exploring and there it was, Grandmother Hickman's home still stands. It is not inhabited but to be able to stand where the events of 
September 7, 1905 occurred was very moving.

thinking of all the love that day, the cake on the front porch, the fire in the fireplace in the west room,
the songs they sang. I could still hear their voices as I walked where they once had walked.

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