Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vintage French Flower Bucket

Look at this great treasure that I found!
I just could not leave the antique store without it.
A vintage Florist Bucket
I am going to refer to it as my
"French Flower Bucket"

it is my favorite color of green
it is chippy
and the black band at the top and bottom I love!

Thinking of a Springtime in Paris vignette
with forsythia blooms in it.

What would you do with it?

Monday, January 28, 2013

OMGosh, I Still Have That!

Yes I say that alot when I look at family pictures!
It is kind of fun to look at the background of a picture.
So next time you look at a family picture check out what else is in the picture

Look at Sears Christmas book and the TV guide.
Yes that baby is me.
But I am looking in the background...
notice the bedspread....It was always on my Mom and Dad's bed.
there is is in 2013 in my spare bedroom
but the bed is at 1515 (my brother is letting me borrow it)

what about My Mom's end table behind my Grandmother?
there it is at 1515

OK I am not taking you in the basement, but see the flowered blue is in my basement.
I still use that coffee maker, but for keeping ice tea or when I had my Christmas house tour we had hot chocolate in it. I have it in the original box.
I have the roasting you can not go in my pantry either!
But see the covered bridge tray?
above the stove at 1515..there it is!

Christmas 1969
oh boy, I have that blanket on the couch.
The ash tray next to my Grandfather.
Of course I still have tiny tears!
But the picture?

There it is above my buffet at home!

Christmas 1974...I was skinny!
There is my Grandmother's Johnson brother dishes
and there they are for Thanksgiving on my table.
I have the roll warmer, it is on the table behind the compote.
and the vegetable tray (in the original box)
The step stool hangs out to this day in my spare room.
It is great to use for hanging curtains.

Did you notice the vase with holly?
Here it is in my dining room

I guess I was taught to value things.
Grandmother kept things in their original boxes and it really 
preserved them.
My Mother was proud of her cherry bedroom set and her
walnut end tables. They meant something to her and they do to me.

In this toss away society I guess I don't fit in.
Talk about repurpose!
 I am, by using my Grandparents and parents things in my house.
So next time you look at a photo, what is going on in the background?
You might be surprised!

So go do it and tell me what you see!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well Worn With Love

Have you seen those old Victorian
Photograph Albums?
Unfortunately they are eBay and in antique malls for sale.

Pictures of loved ones at one time so valued by their family.
It may be the only memory they had of the person.
I am sad when I see discarded pictures for sale.
No names written on the back, just a face in the crowd now.
Why did someone not rescue from this fate?

As I have told you before I am the recipient of all my 
Great Aunt Annie's things.

I was so thrilled to find this in a box. Oh how I longed for one of these old
Victorian photo albums. This one is not as pretty as some, and the velvet is 
oh so worn.
But how honored I am to have it, it belonged to my Great Great Grandparents.
Their picture is the first one I see when I open it up.
The picture was taken about 1880.
They had 13 children and there are pictures of all of them
in the album.
the clasps is now broken

daughters Ann and Martha circa 1870
family portraits of the children and grandchildren

and just like the ones in the antiques stores........
no name and I do not know who it is.
same thing with this one, I have a clue I may know this one.
I think it is a cousins MIL and child?

I think of how many of my family members have flipped 
through the album to look at these pictures, enough
that the velvet was worn.
I can remember going to my Mom's parents house,
pulling out the modern album they had with pictures of my
brother and I growing up, Easter's, Birthday's and Christmas pictures.
I still love flipping the pictures in it and the flood of happy memories.
With such a large family I imagine the same thing happened
when they had visitors in their home.

Cherish your pictures
Make sure you write on them
Scan them to preserve them and most of all share them with others.
You never know when there is a distant cousin out there that has never seen a picture of their ancestor.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Putting Grandmother's Kitchen Back Together

Post Christmas cleaning, I think we all do it.
I was at 1515 last weekend and everything Christmas is put away 
and everything in its place again.
I love kitchens decorated for Christmas, after all other than the room 
where the Christmas tree is, it is the centerpiece of the holidays.
A place we gather to bake, cook, share a cup of cocoa and a secret about
a present.
fresh linens on the kitchen table. This beautiful tablecloth I won
this summer from Carol at Old Glory Cottage.

my Grandma's aprons all washed, iron and starched and hung back up
love the details

Pyrex all out and ready for the next dinner
the runner also was from Carol
doesn't that little pitcher match my Pyrex?
a gift from cousin Mary
looks similar to fiesta ware but is Hall
Oh how I love my Grandmother's kitchen at 1515. Sometimes I just sit there in the
quiet of the day after everyone has gone home.......just thinking of all the activities this 
kitchen has seen for our family since 1926. I can still see parents, aunts, uncles. cousins and grandparents in this kitchen in my mind.
It was the hub for many things.
My Great Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in 1936
My Aunt Mary's wedding in 1947
My Grandmother's death in 1957
My Grandfather's birthday in 1978
and now all the gatherings we have

Sunday is a day for me to sit and think about the love
of my family, I hope you can sit around the kitchen 
table with yours today.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Treasure

Look what came for me in the mail!

a beautiful coin purse, embellished with a gorgeous vintage 
pin that looks like a snowflake.

It is from my sweet friend Roxie at

I so appreciate her friendship and generosity.

I think it is going to 1515 to sit on my dresser.

Was at 1515 for a long weekend so that is why I have not
posted, nor have I have been visiting my blog friends.

While I was home I stopped in a neighboring town to 
visit a new shop
the owner is the DIL of a couple that use to own a shop 
near where I live.
Years ago I purchased my green enamel English bread box from them.
Plus they always had great gardening antiques.
It was nice to stop and visit her and talk about her in laws.
So I took so pictures for you,
all the antiques are from England
a old delivery bike, too cool!
she did have some Bethany Lowe Christmas items 1/2 price!

loved the pillows

fell in love with the great spoon rack, oh how I wanted to 
bring it home with me.....

Hope you all had a great week, missed you.
Now to try and catch up!