Friday, November 29, 2013

Decorating Always Starts in the Kitchen, and With the Memories

The first thing I decorate every year is the kitchen.
Nothing says Christmas like a decorated kitchen.
Reminds me of sitting around the kitchen table with my Mom and Grandmother.
The first thing to go up is the curtains my Mom made me so many years ago when I moved into my house.
the kitchen window all decorated
love the light in the window at night.
cute scene on the curtains of Christmas cookies and cakes
how sweet

and my Hoosier cabinet
A Christmas present from my Mom and Grandfather one year.
I always hang my Christmas apron with my Mom's and the 
"hostess Apron" on the left is a gift last year from my sweet friend
Paulette from A Cheerful Thrifty Door
How generous and thoughtful, it mean so much to me.

oranges in my Pfalzgraff bowl
I can remember reading about my Dad getting them in his stocking

a vintage cookie cook book, bell mold, Rudolph mold and some red sugar for decorating

from Sears and Roebuck and Co.!

it is still full, I guess someone did not get their cookies decorated?

I love reading these and getting some tips
From Aunt Jenny at Spry Shortening
never heard of it, have you?

a quilt potholder made by one of my best friends years ago, it has always hung here

I was thrilled when I found this years ago...I knew it was just like my Mom and I.
It was on her refrigerator, I sure miss our annual cut out sugar cookie baking.

my little shelf

adore bottle brush wreaths
I used them for my Barbie's when I was little

sweet little snowmen to great me

This was a productive day.
I was suppose to work but I got a call on Wednesday
"would you like Friday off?'
You bettcha!
I don't go back to Tuesday so I should have most of my decorating done and to
start packing for my week at 1515 in a couple of weeks.

What did you do on this Black Friday?

Joining Marty at
A Stroll Thru Life 193rd Inspire Me Tuesday

Jann at

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I just want to wish all my dear friends a
Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your table will be surrounded  by those you love.

I am thankful for all the blessings I do have.

Today I am off, so I am going to make some soup and a pumpkin pie for Mr. and I
We are going to his sisters home tomorrow.
I will miss being with my family this year.

I can remember my Mom would always come to my house for Thanksgiving.
She would drive down and be here by the time I got off work.
And on Wednesday night our tradition was to put up my Grandmother's
aluminum tree in the pink bedroom.

I am thankful of my memories.....


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vintage Christmas

At 1515, it is a Vintage Christmas
Take a look of some of those decorations from the 
1940's and 1950's

the tree has all shiny brites
my Grandmothers set of blocks under the tree

the kitchen is not done yet, but I think a kitchen is almost my most favorite spot at Christmas.
It evokes the memories of eating leftovers with my Mom and Grandmother around the kitchen table late in the evening on Christmas.
Memories of the Christmas cookies made, the family holidays shared.

the Christmas aprons are hanging just ready for you to pick the one you want to wear

the tablecloth like my Grandmothers is set ready to go.

the angel oversees 

ruby glass and more shiny brites

bottle brush forest

the bookcase with some of those special finds

vintage Santa's and Snowmen

Gurley candles in all sizes

Santa sees you!

even Santa's in original packages.

For some reason, this picture I took of my cousins just says
to me.
They maybe adults by I see the children in them this time of year.

Happy Sunday.


Monday, November 18, 2013

It's a Family Thing

Oh my I have not posted in 10 days, yikes!

Last weekend I was at 1515 so we could celebrate my cousins birthdays.
Marty's birthday is 11-11 I try to focus on her birthday since is is also the day my Mother died.

I have been bad, and have been watching all the Christmas movies on Hallmark.
One movie said " a Christmas tree is meant to be decorated by a family"

Oh how those words are true.
I bought a artificial tree at 1515, trying to save time and money.
Sheryl explaining how you fluff the tree

Marty and Fred light it up

ornament sorting
all vintage shiny brites!
more family fluffing
the next morning Marty and Mary putting on the tinsel
I love this picture, makes me think of them by the tree in the same spot in the 

the finished product, with the exception of the star at the top.

We had a big dinner I fixed them, why not eat off the Christmas china?
Swiss steak, green bean casserole, and mashed potato's
we held hands around the table and prayed

Marty opened gifts
Then cousin Fred tried on Mary's present a weaved basket!
he was asking "please" for the chocolate cake!

It has been so hard financially to hold on to 1515.
Some days I think it is selfish to have a home I only go to once or twice a month.
It would be so much easier for Mr. and I not to have the burden.
When I bought it in 2009 we were in so much better off financially.

But then I get this

"You young cousins do so much for me making my life enjoyable. I can't imagine living life without you. I love you all very much"

Cousin Fred reminded me WHY we have this home, I cried and realized it is hard, but the joy this home brings to me in others can not be counted in dollars.

It can only be counted in
"I love you's"

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Annual Kickoff to Christmas Shopping Trip

Every year the twins come to St. Louis and we start our shopping for Christmas 
with our annual trip to Home Goods. 
My friend lives close by and we always start out early at her house.

Can I just say..........I created a Pyrex monster!
My love for Pyrex was caught by her too.
She loves Butterprint, can you tell?

We had a very rough 2 days at work
but there she was at 0830 making us a treat
of pumpkin muffins with walnut glaze.
she told me not to put this one of FB!
they were yummy!

I had pumpkin spice coffee and the twins went with some Bailey's!
My friend Jan showed up and look what she brought.
so we had a toast to our day......their right it taste like cinnamon rolls!

one of the shops had the most darling hand made aprons.
They are made out of old tablecloths!
this one would look great in the 1515 kitchen.......hint hint
loved the rick rack

It was a wonder we could move after our lunch at
Fried Chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans..
oh my that is a large meal for lunch.
Probably smart though, we were headed to
Trader Joe's next for some more Christmas shopping
along with World Market.

Dropped Patty back off at 5:30 and headed for
home to dinner with Mr. and the twins before they left for home.

I know everyday how blessed I am to have the family and friends I have.
I know again this year we just do not have the money for gifts, but I have told myself 
who cares.......
I want to have this holiday about visiting with my family and friends
and talking over some 
Trader Joe's chocolate covered candy cane Jo Jo's!

Have  a great day.