Monday, May 26, 2014

Do You Plant Seeds?

I always do....

I love Gardening Antiques
so lets look at my seed related antiques

My vintage plant stand with vintage seed packets.
I was so happy to pick this up!

the colors so vibrant

old store display
Do you remember when they had them in jars and poured out what the person wanted?

another store display I found 

store display boxes

this one has a beautiful interior

fun to decorate with them
notice the cats are hanging around the catnip!

some are old, no graphics
they even still have the seeds in them.

If I need help to see where, when and how to plant I have plenty of reference

on and under my garden bench I use as a coffee table

The breeze is blowing and it is a beautiful day
maybe I should go take in the serenity of my little garden cottage.
I hope what ever you plant comes to fruition for you.

Happy Memorial Day.
Thinking of my Father and all that came before him so we have freedom today.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden Tour and a New Potting Shed Roof

Wow did we work hard this weekend!
I got all 8 beds in the front weeded, planted and mulched.
I am loving this cooler than normal weather to work in the yard with long sleeves and sweat pants.
That means no unknown weed I pull won't make my arms break out.

The pansies love the weather
How can your resist that happy face!

While I was doing that Mr. was putting a new roof on the potting shed you see in my header

Glad he is handy to have around!
He is not a great carpenter, better electrician, mechanic and painter but he did a wonderful job!
So I could not get all that back bed weeded for the stuff flying off the roof!

Last year I was just devastated that the ferns my Mom had taken to her home from 1515 and then gave to me did not come up. Well this year some did and some came up in the yard!?
I will have to dig it up and transplant it back to where it belongs.

One of my David Austin roses is blooming
The fragrance is unbelievable, as you sit on the front porch the aroma is so sweet.

My Mom's irises are doing wonderful, they just keep blooming.
This one came up between the porch and rail.

This is what I am SO happy about after 2 years my yellow peony finally bloomed!
loving this one

Little by little I am getting it done
The porch is not planted or cleaned yet.

also can not believe after the winter we had my Dahlia's came back!

side of the drive with rose, peonies, roses and lilies.
will look more colorful

Looking forward to a bouquet to bring in.

My little angel is overtaken by the aroma of the rose, see the smile on her face?

I hope things in your garden are doing well.

My Nikko Blue Hydrangea must of taken a hit.
Usually the growth and blooms are from the old wood.
Well it is only getting leaves from the bottom up so I did the unthinkable
and cut it back. So no blooms probably this year.
Last year..........

But that is what gardening is all about.

Have a beautiful day!


Friday, May 16, 2014

The Treasures of 7 Women

When I got married like my Mom, My Mother in law, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and GGGrandmother
you got presents of crystal. Crystal candy dishes, plates, vases, and stem ware.
I have enough to fill my paternal Grandmothers dining room table!
All of this pieces belonged to my Maternal ancestors.
And  I had a dried hydrangea in the cabinet that held them that dropped all over every piece.
My Mom's Holly Fostoria, her crystal pattern

My Narvarre Blue Fostoria

pieces I bought over seas in Scotland

My favorite piece I bought in Austria

But all these pieces represent a memory, a treasure of all of us.

My too numerous to mention pieces of my Grandmothers 
American Fostoria
or the depression candy dish my Mom remembered always had candy in it on their coffee table when they lived in Detroit.

cut crystal glasses belonging to my GGrandmother passed down through the generations.
Who all drank out of them for birthday and holiday gatherings?

Pieces Grandma found important enough to write a note on.
Her 50th anniversary gift or a piece from a favorite Aunt

I cleaned each piece with love and care.
rose bowls and fostoria vases

My waterford, wedding presents

Grandma's delicate Dogwood pitcher

candy dishes, cake plates, creamer and sugar sets

some pieces I am not sure of the age, but know from the design and glass they are old

Finally all put back together in the pecan wood cabinet my sweet 
Mother in law gave to me when she moved.
I knew it would be perfect to display the pieces.
Thanks Anne!

I think 
Grandmother Ruth
Great Grandmother Nina
GGGrandmother Margaret
and maybe
GGGGrandmother Keziah might be happy with where there 
treasures are displayed today.

Mom and I at the London Ritz Tea room

Glad I come from a line of women that appreciate the finer things of life and knew to keep them!