Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lights Camera....Action!!

This is my favorite place to shop for vintage items!

It is owned by my friend Duska and her husband Todd.

Here she is at the 1515 annual Christmas Party.

Rebecca from Ella Mae's Barn Gathering/Pink Shabby World joined us too!

and together again at the shop this spring

It was Pink Saturday....can you tell?

So why the lights, camera and action!

Because Duska is the hostess of a new show about collectibles for the local PBS station WEIU!

From the station:
At WEIU, we are working on producing a new program called "Hobbies, Crafts and Collectibles". Today Duska made her debut as the host! Great job Duska and everyone who worked on this production!

Well I wish I could figure out to load the preview video, but I don't!!

But I just am so happy something so good happened to such a wonderful person!
Way to go Duska!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vintage Thingie Thursday

I sometimes wonder, "will all those decorations from the bicentennial every become collectible"?

I can remember everyone decorating in a patriot theme, my Mom had pewter plates that said 1776 and one with Betsy Ross sewing the flag. I still have them in the basement somewhere?

When I went to the auction 2 weeks ago, this was in the box.

2 Vintage Hallmark block candles, from 1976. I actually think I will put them out for the holiday. They are still even in their original wrapper. They were in a box with about a dozen other things for $1 so they cost me about a dime!

Well worth it I think!

Happy VTT and Happy Independence Day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Sunny Table Top Tuesday

These Sunflowers my inspiration for TTT.

I was going to decorate my shelf in the Living Room for the 4th of July. BUT..where did I put my 4th decorations I had stored in the drawer of my Mom's hutch, that now resides at 1515? I am sure I put them somewhere safe in the basement. Apparently safe from me! I can't find them.....

But I did come across my Marjolein Bastin plates, then I saw the one with the Sunflowers, perfect!

My Hoosier cabinet is decorated in sunny yellows for today.

I found the Sunflowers at Home Depot on Saturday, and since I do not have them in the ground yet, lets enjoy them inside!

Bastin Sunflower plate and my vintage toy wheelbarrow

A yellow herb tea cup I bought in London

My USA vases I found for$5

A cute little summery Bastin teapot with clay pots on top.

The Sunflowers are sitting in last weekends flea market find
a great green picnic basket.

Hope your Tuesday is a Sunny one!

Joining Marty for TTT

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maybe I Do Know What I Am Doing?

If you read my blog, you know I love vintage things. I buy what I like, and try not to spend too much.
I am hoping I am getting a good buy, but I also know I am never going to buy that million dollar item for $1.
Many of you purchase things from One Kings Lane. So far I have not, I just browse through and look at things............look what I saw today! Sold by Rela Gleason who "sells one of a kind items".
Does this vintage condiment that just sold for $135 look familiar?
Looks similar to mine!
I saw this about 5 years ago at a flea market, it is marked English and I pay $30 for mine. It was so unusual and I had never seen one like it before?
So this put a smile on my face to think....maybe I know a worth bargain when I see?
Have a great Sunday..I am headed out to the Garden!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vintage Pink Tea Set

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been to a auction and a flea market and picked up some great items.
At the flea market there was a lady with a great booth. She had a cute tea set in mint condition and the price was only $30. She told me they had belonged to her, that she was downsizing because her husband was ill and had taken them out of her china cabinet that morning.
When I went to pay she only charged me $25 and I told her not to worry they were going to a good home where they would be loved.
Nothing better than pink roses on a tea set!

The teapot, creamer and sugar all in perfect condition

If I would of seen this creamer by itself I would of bought it since I collect creamers and pitchers. Now it makes me wonder where the mates are to all my creamers!

Delicate pink roses

Even the back of the tea pot has pink roses

They have a Bavarian mark on the bottom

Hope you enjoyed seeing the tea set. I think I will be enjoying it for a long time to come.
Joining Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Saturday I ended up at the Flea Market which sells an abundance of antiques. I usually don't hit the stalls outside.....but I was glad I did. Found a great bargain, 5 for $1

All these great cards! I think I will scan them and make some cards out of them. I love the sayings on them

This one had a special surprise inside!

And if that was not good enough, look what else was 5 for $1.
Still in the package place cards

So I spent total of 3 dollars
I love "smalls"

Joining Colorado Lady

A Bouquet for You

It is a beautiful day out today, so I am working in the yard.

My Annabelle Hydrangea is doing great this year. You can see it in years past in my header.
Last year is was chewed down to the stem by something.

The Annabelle hydrangea is native to Illinois and was first discovered in Anna, Illinois about 2 hrs south of me.

So here is a bouquet from me, to you, my friends.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Something to Add to the Tabletop

Saturday I was suppose to go 1515 for the day, but a hurricane like rainstorm and a previous long work day kept me from going. After I finally got my act together I realized  that the flea market was this weekend at a local fairgrounds.

As you walk in to the right is the first booth and the man sells only silver. I love silver.

And what did I find?

A gravy boat. I thought that I do not need another I have 3 already, one to my and then my Mom's china and an old ironstone one that belonged to my Great Great Grandparents.

But then I realized it looked like Daffodil? My Grandmother's silver I have. So I asked the price
and the response was ..........$5!! Ok, it had to go home with me, these sell on ebay for about $75!

Yes, it is Daffodil!

Here it is next to my Grandmother's silver, perfect match!

So I probably won't use it on my table as a gravy boat so here are some other suggestions..

Tea caddy?


But here is what I think I like

For flowers!
How would use it?

I think I did the right thing by bringing it home!

Joining Marty @  A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday