Sunday, January 30, 2011

1850's Bible

It never ceases to amaze me what comes through the door at 1515. My Cousin was going through boxes at home and found this little gem.

Check out the ornate clasp to open it.

Mary Wilson was my Great Great Grandmother. The inscription in the Bible states September 16, 1860. I assume it was a Wedding present, since she was married on September 6th. I knew what county they lived in but not the town. Through my genealogy research I find every piece is such a new clue to the past about your relatives.
The print date on the Bible is 1854 and it was purchased at a book store in Terre Haute Indiana.

In the back is written about her death during childbirth to her daughter Mary. My Great Grandmother was only 7 years old. Because of this Bible I also know the correct spelling of Mary Lewella the daughter that also died.

I have posted about Mary before
This was the piece of lace she embroidered in 1860 that hangs in the dining room at 1515.

The take away from this story is to SHARE your family heirlooms with your family! I had no idea they had this Bible. I am the family genealogist and these items when I see them bring me to tears with enjoyment and seeing something that my ancestor cherished. Each one of the three families keeps bring things from our homes back to 1515. The sad thing is .....if we did not have 1515 would I of ever seen these bible or known about it?
Our extended family also has our Mitchell family bible from the 1760's. It is not in my possession but when we had a reunion of the family going back to the 1760's I kept thinking how sad that the people in that room did not get a chance to see or touch the Bible that their ancestors carried during the Revolution War and it still exists today. I feel something like that can not belong to just one person? Am I wrong?

So now I am off to look up the date that my Mary Wilson other daughter gave the Bible to my Great Grandmother for Christmas one year.....I know it is in the diaries of my Aunt Annie. I would not be able to do that if my Dad's cousin had not brought them to 1515.

1515 it has changed all our lives.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pink Belleek

I am very blessed to have a wonderful Mother in law, who even though she has 8 children she treats me her daughter. A few years ago she and my father in law downsized from their home to a apartment. She has a very large collection of Belleek that she has bought over the years when they went on trips etc. She was kind enough to want me to have these pieces.

The pieces are so delicate with a sea shell design of pink.
I think the one tea cup is so unusual being the shape of a shell.

I will always treasure them because they came from someone I love very much and of course is responsible for raising my wonderful husband. Thanks Mom!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Loving Tribute to Lee Ann

Doesn't my friend Lee Ann look like she is alot of fun to be with? She was...

This was taken on our last outing together, she insisted we have champagne for lunch! So I did, it was wonderful...the food..the champagne...the laughs and the love of a friend.

Lets start at the beginning

I met Lee Ann when she owned a antique store in the town where I lived. I loved to go there, she moved the merchandise fast, things were cheap, she knew what I liked and she had a table in the entrance for what ever holiday was next with a color scheme.

I went there almost every Saturday. When my Mom came to visit she would go with me and purchase some things too. Sometimes my Mom would find something good before me! Then my Mom died unexpectedly, I was a little lost soul. The first trip back to see Lee Ann I am sure she could see my pain. From then on she was there for me, helping me get through the rough times. Mom died in November so for Christmas Lee Ann took me to the symphony for a beautiful Christmas concert. We would plan small outings to go antiquing. When my husband and I were awarded "Yard of the Month" in our hometown she was at my house with me when they came to bring the sign to put in our yard.

The next year her husband got a new job in Indiana. I hated to see her move, but she was just a hour and half away from my cousin, so we would go see her when I went to Indiana. That is where the picture of her of her was taken at a great bistro where we had lunch.

Here is a picture of her wonderful store that was in Lafayette Indiana

She had the best things and was so talented with displays. She loved having the window to fix up.
Then her store was damaged by a wind storm and water damage and she had to close. Not long after that they moved to Minnesota. I always looked forward to every holiday, Easter, Valentine, Thanksgiving, Christmas because she would sent a vintage or handmade card. This Christmas the card did not come, there was nothing for sale on her ebay site?

I found out today my dear friend is no longer with us.....
It took the breathe out of me, how could someone so vibrant, so fun, great laugh with so much to give be gone? I have never lost a friend before. I have lost most of my family over the years but no friends. I don't think  I am ready to move into that phase of life.

She brought so much joy to me at a very lonely time in my life and for that I will have her in my heart forever. I pray that there is someone there for her daughter and husband like she was for me.

Love you Lee Ann

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Greeting Card Book

I enjoy collecting vintage post cards and greeting cards. About 6 years ago I found a fabulous book all about post cards and greeting cards from the 1930's. It is full of pictures of story displays and history of greeting cards. I payed more for it than I do most things...but have not regretted it.

Info about Valentines Postcards

Wouldn't you love to walk into a Dime Store and find these cards?

My Valentine girl Hummel loves the book to!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

It's So Much More Fun to Get it Out!

Do you feel like me? I hate repacking and putting away my Christmas things. I got the kitchen and living room done right after New Years, BUT I did not seem to want to finish the Dining Room! It requires extra care because of some my vintage Christmas dishes. So I sat here in the living room and stared at it as I cleaned the living room floor to ceiling spotless.

LOOK finally a clean table!

The Silver shoved in a corner of the needs to be cleaned again...Didn't I just do that before Christmas?

Now I need to clean the Dining Room and clean out all the drawers etc. But I needed a little order so...

At least I put something on the table. My Grandmother's American Fostoria candlesticks, my favorite silver piece and some Valentines.

I love this piece I found on one of my trips home, I decorate it for every holiday. In a couple of months it will have a nest and some eggs in it for Easter.

Pinky says "Oh Mom, what's the fuss, come sit with me".

So I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life.

This more the UN table top!!
I'll get it done but this weekend I have to go to 1515 and take down all the Christmas stuff their! UUGGHH

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday Hunt

We have been having snow..snow..snow here in Illinois and I was anxious to get out and do some hunting. I was suppose to go to 1515 but my cousins dog slipped on the ice and hurt himself so they did not come over and snow was back in the forecast. So I got out and did some quick shopping.
Here is what I found

All of this for under $30

Really like this Daffodil tea is staying at home!
For $5 and made in England

10 Christmas plates for 10 to take to 1515 for those Christmas dinners so I don't have to drag mine back and forth every year. The red crotchet pot holders are for the red kitchen at 1515, they were a dollar a piece.

For my dresser at 1515, $2
Just love old graphics
In the bathroom at 1515 we have a vintage display of old toiletries

I think this maybe my favorite, 2 vases in a yellow and blueish green, staying in my kitchen on the Hoosier Cabinet.
USA Mark on the bottom

Hand painted letter holder. I have one just like it in beige that was my Grandma's. It is going to my bedroom at 1515 to hold old postcards,

A Glass towel rack. Going to the kitchen at 1515 to hold vintage towels.

I was happy to find this vintage silver tray. It is marked on the back but have not figured out the maker yet. The pink tag you see says "56 years old". Apparently someone at the store brought it in and it belonged to her parents. They were married she said, 56 yrs ago. I thought of Marty from A Stroll Thru Life when I found it because she always is finding such great silver piece.

 Walter, I hope your feeling better next week so your Mommy and Aunt Marty can come over and spend time at 1515 

Walter Payton

Have a great Sunday evening!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink McCoy Hyacinth Vase

One of my favorite things I found years ago when cleaning out my Grandparent's house was this!

I collect McCoy pottery and love the Hyacinth one! They made several with Tulips and I also have one that is a Chrysanthemum. But I love it because if belonged to Grandma.

McCoy stamp on the bottom.

Don't you just love Pink Saturdays! Mine will be spent at 1515 for a cousins weekend if the snow stays away!
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I took the Tete Challenge!

Tete At Beyond the Garden Gate put out a challenge to take some pictures of random ordinary things, to look at them here is mine. Snow pics with Heidi girl shots added in!

Mom this is ALOT of SNOW!

Poor birdies

So glad this is not the way to work...down the hill!

Today he is blowing snow off of his toes!

No petunias here!

Mom! the snow is blowing in my eyes!

And for Tete...indoor shadows and light

That is what I saw today!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Fever

It is suppose to snow again tomorrow night. I am off Thursday so I can stay home and watch it....I love that. But I am getting that spring fever.....thinking of my garden cottage, getting it cleaned and rearranged since I took some things to 1515. If we don't have too much snow I will be headed to 1515 for the weekend and I need to bring this back home with me!

It is a seed packet stand! I have several wooden seed advertising boxes and even a store display cabinet, but I had never seen one like this! I got it off my friend who has a store in the town where 1515 is. I had my car at the time so her husband delivered to me. I have seed packets I can put in but I am thinking it may make a great stand for some of my antique gardening books. I had  a bookcase in my cottage but it has come to live at 1515.

The graphics are still in good shape...I should ask my friend if she knows where it came from? I think it was a steal for $35.

After I get it home and fixed up in the cottage, I will get a after picture. Love vintage gardening items and I am looking to forward to showing you some of the unusual things I have gotten over the years.

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