Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas......

Did anyone miss me or wonder where I was?
Laptop would not charge and has been in the shop.

So I wish all my friends a Merry Christmas 
Here are some little pictures of my brother and I from the 1960's. I thought you might enjoy the trip back in time.
I do not get to be with any of my family this year but so blessed to have my husbands family

my brother actually looking at me like he loves me

a few years later, hhhmmmm?
that's better!
The year I got Chatty Cathy
our stick horses!

My Ragged Andy

4 generation picture with my Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandfather
I still have the bells hanging in the window

1515 in 1960
Apparently I did not want to sit on Grandads lap!
much happier on cousin Mary's lap

back at my Maternal Grandparents

Oh the year I got my sink with running water!
By the way....I hate to do dishes!

this may be my favorite of my brother and I

the boots my tell you what I go this year.

My cowgirl outfit!
Tammy doll car and formals for Tammy, Pepper and Mom

In 1966 my Grandparents moved to a new house, and here came the aluminum tree

I know what is in there, my easy bake oven!
Yes I still have it in the original box in the basement.
I look tall for 10?

snow was on the ground in 1969

Merry Christmas
Ann, A Sentimental Life

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Who Will Be Gathered Around Your Thanksgiving Day Table?

In some years past we have hosted Thanksgiving for Mr.'s family

Using my Grandmothers Johnson Brothers China, decorating the dining room.
This year we are doing something different.
I can never get my brother to come over with my husbands family.
Since it is just my brother and I, I always want to see him.
So we are going to Maggiano's in St Louis, you can check out the Thanksgiving menu.
Then later to my SIL's who hosts the opposite years from me.

We have a lot to be Thankful for this year.
My husbands business is doing much better, I actually can sleep at night without lying awake at night.
We are both healthy and happy. So are my family members.
I am thinking of those who have challenges, my friend who was just diagnosed with Breast cancer, or my friend whose husband is the last stages of ALS.

So as you gather around the table with those you love, give Thanks.
I will be remember those who are gone.

Thanksgiving 1972 My Mom, Dad, brother, both Grandfathers and My Grandmother. I wish I could go back in a time machine (and take Mr with me)
I can remember Mom cooking and it getting so warm we would have to crack the windows.
I can see her China with the turkey on it in the picture.
This year will be different, but I am still Thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spice of Life

Spice of Life
My Mom always added some much spice to my life and I miss her everyday.
Hard to believe next week she will be gone 12 years.
Those years have flown by, but my heart still aches.

While I was on vacation we went to 1515 and MR helped me put some things up.

a addition to the kitchen

hanging above my Grandmothers enamel table.
It is my Mom's spice cabinet.
I found it still in a Rubbermaid tub in the basement, where it had been packed since I brought things home when I had to pack up my childhood home.

Why is it so special to me?
I gave it to my Mom for Christmas in 1975
I saw it at a local gift shop and just knew she would love it.
I made payments on it starting in Nov till I got it paid off with my babysitting money.

I was so excited Christmas morning when she unwrapped it
I think she was happy to.

It hung in her kitchen the next 30 years
Again, how did the time go so fast ?

I gave it a good cleaning
Extra labels were still in the drawer

spices still in the containers
seems to fit the space just right.
My paternal Grandmothers kitchen and Hoosier cabinet, my maternal Grandmothers enamel table and now my Moms spice cabinet. Memories of the women in my life who made me the person I am today.

I think each one of them added some spice to my mix that makes me....."me"

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween 1914 style

I love this picture of my Great Uncle Max and Aunt Esther

Even in 1914 they were celebrating Halloween.
Moonlit night, fortunes told, and a ghost!

my great Aunt Annie's daily diary
Oct 31, 1914

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Radio Cabinet Repurposed

When I bought 1515 five years ago and was trying to furnish it as cheap as I could, I came across a old radio cabinet and thought it would be great in the kitchen.

a great place for cookbooks, Pyrex and to display my scale lamp. Perfect fit between my Grandmother's enamel top table.

But last spring my cousin brought my Grandmothers Hoosier cabinet back to its original home at 1515
so the radio cabinet had to go
but I love the detail on it so.......

so it was moved to my bedroom and I had some Rachael Ashwell wicker baskets that fit perfect.

It now has a assortment of vintage sewing items

perfect spot for this special picture of my Grandmother, I never knew her but my cousins say they can hear her laugh when they see this picture.

I think it fits the corner well

morning light into the bedroom

I think Grandmother would love the way her bedroom looks

so the third live of the 
radio cabinet
kitchen cabinet
bedroom bookcase
is complete!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn's Glory

It has rained almost everyday while I have been on vacation.
Luckily Saturday morning the sun came out for a short time.
So the cousins and I took a walk.
Want to walk my neighborhood with me?

 the house next door, my neighbor can't even make out her steps for all the leaves.

the colors are glorious this year

the house down the street is progressing nicely.

across the street

I love the sound of walking in the leaves

we had a storm a few nights ago and large limb came off, this may be it's last year of glory.

family home of a Mitchell cousin from the 1900's they are redoing

another Mitchell family home

new home just built where the Methodist Church was before it burnt
the church my parents were married in and both sets of Grandparents attended.

this home has a copper bath tub

this home is known for its vast display of day lillies

the house my Dad adored

the sidewalk back home to 1515

the grand old oak, it has been in all the outdoor family pictures since 1926
at 1515

cousins walking ahead
and people wonder why we can not wait to lay our heads at 1515

the sun has gone back in and we are back home from our walk

I hope you enjoyed your walk up Monroe and down Jackson.
I so love the neighborhood.
It looks pretty much the same as it did when my Grandparents moved there in 1926.

Sorry I have been away........