Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Good...The Bad....and the Ugly of Saturday

Oh....well day #1 of my vacation.
The day started great!
I went to my MIL's to meet up with my BIL and SIL who are here from Boerne, Texas
 to go antiquing.
We no more had headed out and we saw this!
Adorable little house in the "Dogtown" area of St. Louis.
Neat as a pin. Sign says....ESTATE SALE.
It was the second day of the sale and the family was so nice, they said just make 
an offer on the items.
My SIL and I wandered around picking up things, coming up with ideas 
to repuropse.

It was worth it to see the house! The front door was gorgeous, beautiful wood and round.
Hardwood floors, stained glass windows.
I adored the kitchen.
Love that black and green tile!
Great faucet and love the window sill.
I wonder what she watched out the window all those years, they had lived their since the 1950's.

Here is the load, table, tools, linens, lace yes some Pyrex that I talked my sil into, an great old add machine, vintage fans.
SIL and I headed to the car for BIL to do the haggling! 
I spent a whopping $2.25
A vintage Easter basket for .25 cents and 2 old cookbooks.
One was the original Joy of Cooking, a present for MR.
who refers to it at his bible for cooking.

Then it was on to the Green Shag Antique Mall that was also having an estate sale.
This was not far from where I work and I had NO idea it was there.
Packed with quality stuff.
So BIL and SIL went to work.
My kind of stuff, linens, silver, kitchenware
yep Pyrex!
Oh, Butterprint! My friends pattern, color was good but the bottom
is scratched and looks almost like pencil marks? 
Mine are the same, can I get that off?
So I passed.

Time to load up the truck. Taking plenty back to their booth in Boerne.
I wish I would of spotted the enamelware bath tub 1st!!
Pink enamelware pan set, silver, a pedestal table, mirrors, mason jars, 
BIL taking apart a great Formica fold out table with drawer.
I got a couple of was very exciting.
Can you tell this was all the

Now the 
Remember, my car is at my MIL's
We came back to this.......
It hailed while we were gone and this hail was about 20 minutes old

My new car has this.........
One huge dent from hail.........
It could of been worse.

Well time to go home, get Mr. and head 
downtown St. Louis for a family dinner party my
BIL and SIL were throwing for his 65th birthday.

Mr., his sister, Mom and his other sister.
6 out of the 8 were there.
Great dinner!
But oh no...........

The restaurant manager came in and wanted to know what kind of cars we were driving?
OK, a huge hail storm had just came through downtown St. Louis and some cars parked
in Valet had windows knocked out.
Wasn't us, thank goodness....right.

I can't show you, my 7 month old 535 BMW looks like Swiss Cheese and 
my BIL truck had the rear view mirrors knocked out.

I was hoping my luck was going to change this vacation.
But my dear SIL who just finished chemo in January reminded us, it is a small thing
in life, to small to worry about.
Mary Lou you have it so right!

On to 1515 and more adventures in the morning.
Will be driving the Swiss Cheese on over!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink Roses

With a big sigh, aaaahhhhhh.............
today is the first day of my vacation!
After working OT every week since January I am 
ready for a break.

My BIL in law is in town to celebrate his 65th birthday, so my husbands family will be having a big dinner out tonight at a restaurant in downtown St. Louis.
His birthday is the same day as our wedding anniversary, so maybe we will celebrate a little tonight with Mr.
But this morning my BIL and SIL want me to take them antique shopping.
Who am I to decline that request!

Maybe I will find something like my sterling silver creamer that I use for displaying my roses.
I found it on a trip to NC, picked up a cute town, Mebane.

My knock out rose is going crazy! The blooms are beautiful and they are on longer stems that I can actually cut and make a bouquet. Especially since I lost my pink Mary Rose because of the 
broken water line.

Mixed in with one my David Austin roses.

and my pink columbine I planted last year looks so pretty!

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday planned!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Gift For The Table Top

I was so happy last week when my friend Carol, from Old Glory Cottage informed me I had won her wonderful giveaway!
I needed something so positive to happen. Furthermore, the items were as if someone had picked them out personally for me!

So on to the table top!
Our kitchen table we had handmade by the Amish a few years ago.
We were looking for something for the kitchen that would not take up too much room but we would have enough room when we eat dinner.
We designed it with drop downs on both sides.
After we designed it I realized how very much it looks like my Grandparents table in the dining room!
I guess we stick with what we like!
And call me old but I still like oak for a 110 yr old house.

here is my Carol got in all in the box???
cute little card
beautiful linen towel I may use as a runner
a match holder in perfect shape

adorable little red top salt and pepper shakers, sitting on top of another gorgeous vintage towel.
I do not know what is wrong with my camera....half of the pictures I took are missing, the battery keeps slipping and turns off my camera.....with me something does not work at all times!
Even a gorgeous vintage tablecloth...and to think I was drooling over some this weekend, 
I wanted one so bad!

beautiful summer flowers

Now on to my flea market find.....a perfect match for the table.

A red Pyrex square bowl and 4 small bowls
The lady had the small bowls marked at $5 a piece, I wanted to buy the large bowl and  2 small, but she did not want to separate them? what? they are individually marked?
 I was confused and said I would think about it?
We went on about our way.
So my friends and I discussed it since the large bowl was marked at $15 and each little bowl was $5
the entire set would be $35....I can not spend that right now.

So we all decided $25 was a good price for all the pieces.
I am a good spotter and have pretty good knowledge of things, Patty in the group is the schmoozer and talker, BUT Rhonda knows how to dicker and get the price she wants!
We make a good trio.
So Rhonda went back and forth with the lady, until she finally gave in and sold the set to us for $25!
$10 over my budget for the day and I still feel a little guilty.
I would never of thought that a year ago...but things change.

The large one is marked 525B
and the smaller ones 410 12oz

Rhonda got us a Pyrex book for reference
thinking this is what I got?
The book shows yellow, but is sure looks like my set?
All this is going to 1515
The things Carol so thoughtfully sent me will look good in here,
what do you think?
1515 kitchen

I start vacation a week from today and can't wait to get the kitchen all decorated.
Thanks so much Carol!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday Hunting

It is the 3rd weekend of the month and that means the Flea Market is open this weekend in Belleville at the Belle Clair Fairgrounds.
That also means Pyrex hunting!
My friend and I who go on the Saturdays were joined by Patty who's husband was Turkey hunting.
Isn't Pyrex hunting more fun!?
I picked up Patty after spending over an hour at the Apple store, my new i phone worked for about 45min and ATT sent me there....aaarrgggghhhhh!
Rhonda met us there after she got off work.
So come along
Look at all the Pyrex!
We found something on the table that I bought.....but you will have to see my buy at a later time!

These were too cool. Vintage switch plates in green, blue, yellow and pink.
But none of them would work in my pink bedroom at 1515...darn!

Oh, if I had $35 I would of picked this up!
recognize these? My Grandma's dishes and they wanted $200 for the set, which I have!
Brought a smile to my face.
I showed you her pattern in Feb 2011

Well....on to the hunt!
We were looking for any Snowflake pattern, Pink gooseberry or daisy, green dot bowl, Friendship and Butterprint.

First up
a divided snowflake with no lid, but hey! $3

Tons of  Butterfly Gold, Early American, Spring Blossom (my original pattern) and loose pieces of primary bowls.

Patty also found Butterprint, a small refrigerator dish for $6, small casserole for $6 and a divided white with blue snowflake dish for $6. So she ended up with 4 pieces in excellent shape for $21 not bad!
I had a budget of $25 and stuck to it because Rhonda haggled for me! I got a 5 piece set of Pyrex, you will have to come revisit me to see!

My Mr. was busy working, but I took him home a home made pretzel with a thin salami in it. He thought, "that looks awful" I had to beg him to eat it! He was glad he did, he loved it and wants me to bring more home again next time.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Green Chair from Greenup

On beautiful cool mornings like today, you will find me on the front porch sipping my coffee while sitting in my "green chair from Greenup".

You ask.....what is that?

This is my green chair on the front porch, 
it is so comfy.
My hometown has several antique shops and when I was buying things for my garden cottage, I spotted this.
It was at a store in the old bank, and as Mike from pickers would say "it was farm fresh". I think it had been pulled out of a barn, it had mud embedded in the wicker. It was not cheap, more than I normally would ever pay.....but it was a few months after my Mom died so I told myself, go ahead and get it.

I think in it's previous life it must of been on an old farm porch, and was there for the farmer to sit, drink an ice tea and cool off after a day in the fields.

While sitting in it what have people seen?
Children playing, neighbors waving, and a garden growing.

It was only in the cottage a short time. My inlaws sold their home and it was replaced my a slipper chair in the basement my MIL was going to throw out.
The slipper chair was perfect for the cottage, so the "green chair from Greenup", ended up on the front porch....probably where it belonged anyway.

I love the design of it. It is so well made and sturdy.
The arms are large enough to set a drink on or in my case to put my laptop on.
What would that 1920's farmer think of a laptop?

It is my place where I wait for Mr. to come home, to take a break from gardening and a place to contemplate life.
It is my "green chair from Greenup"
it makes me feel close to home............
it makes me feel close to my Mom.........
It embraces me.

Where is your comfy place?

Have a wonderful day.