Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Family Coincidence

This is a picture of my Great Uncle Max and Aunt Esther

Max was 2 and Esther 4
Nov 1910
I never knew the bear was a prop

Nov 14 diary entry of their sister

Now look what I found when comparing notes with my
5th cousin
Our common ancestor is my 4th and her 5th Great Grandparents 

her Dad and his siblings
same chairs
same tea set
Same BEAR!

How funny the Mitchell family ended up in the same town and at the same photographer for a tea party.
What a sweet coincidence!
Just thought you would enjoy

Adam and Elizabeth McMachen Mitchell
My Line                                                                                       Cousin Jane's line
John Mitchell                                                                               Robert Mitchell
Martha Mitchell Galbreath                                                           James Mitchell
James Galbreath                                                                           Luther Mitchell
Max and Esther Galbreath                                                        William Mitchell
                                                                                                    Harry Mitchell

I was so taken back when I notice the similarities
Hope you get a kick out of it too!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Yard Sale Finds and More

Last weekend I was at 1515 for a long weekend.
No cousins in town..just me so I had to make my own fun.
Yard sale down the street from a sweet retired couple, cousin Marty and I had been there in October a couple years ago, and they had antiques.
they are selling their home and moving to Florida so everything was 
50% this tray was $1

I love this lemon wedge plate with pink roses and white hydrangea's.
so it was $5

a bone dish marked $1 so it was 50 cents
I use them to put my reading glasses in

It was a busy weekend
New Farmers market to visit
Friday cousin Fred and I went driving through the country and to a state park for lunch
We went to a cemetery where my 3rd Great Grandmother is buried
My Father's side of the family starting in 1836
my cousin who came to the Riot her ancestors
But NO
I looked just past it and saw this, screamed and scared cousin Fred
Jane Devers in my Maternal 3rd Great Grandmother
and there she was.....all by herself next to my Paternal family members?
I had her will, but she died in a neighboring county. Would of NEVER thought to look her.
The twins were in Canada but I had to call and tell them.
If you genealogy you know I just crashed through a huge brick wall.

This was Friday the 13th
another weird thing
Fred told me he had just restored my Great Grandparents
cylinder phonograph, "I wish I had the receipt" he said.
15 minutes before he picked me up I was going through one of their boxes..
you know what I am going to say?
I found the receipt for that phonograph from 1916 
right before Fred came, so you can imagine how astounded he was when I pulled it out and said
"here it is"
(I will save for another post)

Saturday I attended a encore performance of the play from the Riot
"A Question of Loyalty" at Lincoln Log Cabin.
Standing room only!

Sunday Fred and I went out for Fathers Day
Monday was lunch with cousin Karen

To end the weekend on Monday I was able to attend the 
Historical Society Founders Day Dinner
and accept an award for our work on the Charleston Riot
It was a great night.
Even better my Paternal Grandfather's 93 yr old Doctor was there.
He said "your Grandfather would be so proud of you"
It meant alot because of my Grandad Winkler I did the Riot Commemoration

Another blessed weekend
and this one was too!
My nephew got married
My husband is so happy when he is with his brothers.
Mr is on the rt and is the baby boy

Thanks for going with me on the journey of the last week!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hydrangea's and Lilies

My Annabelle is looking so pretty
 It always does so well, the heads are a gorgeous white and just one can make a impressive bouquet

 A hedge behind the bed with my hosta might look good
Lilies are blooming

dew on the blooms

I had a great weekend last weekend.
Many genealogical finds
A award for the Riot weekend

this weekend
my nephews wedding today
niece (god daughter) arrives today from Alaska with my new Great niece
Why yes.......I bought her about 7 new summer dresses!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thank You Uncle Harold

June 6, 1944
A young man from Charleston IL was on one of the landing craft boats that day 
in the middle of the English Channel, thousands of miles from home anticipating the landing
on French soil.
his parents and I am sure my Grandmother (his sister) were wondering about him that day when they heard about the invasion.

So many did not come back.
How fortunate our family was that he did.
Luckily he was also able to document his days following.
He in later years did some interviews for books, newspapers etc.

He came home and got married in 1947
had twins in 1950

My how my life would be different if things would of had a different outcome 
that day 70 years ago.
I am blessed to have his 2 daughters, my cousins in my life.
If you follow my blog you know the twins

So many lives were changed that day.
Sons, Husbands, Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, 
Cousins and childhood friends sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
Take a moment to think about them, think about D Day.
Did it change your life in a way you never considered before?

Thank you Uncle Harold,

Love, Ann

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mr. a Picker??

Mr. a Picker?
No way?
Well, maybe?
 from my header you can see my window on the potting shed.
It is not really a window, but back in 1996 when I put the shed up I decided it needed a window.
So I bought a old window with panes, and used an old plastic lace tablecloth of my Grandmother's and made a curtain. I guess the idea was good because my neighbor did the same.
But the lace has browned and Mr. thought I needed a new window

So he said he had something for me?!
A bag of linens! He has someone who rents space from him that is a picker and electrician.
He has not paid rent in 8 months so my husband looked through to see if there was something he could use for my window.

amazing the bag had 8 pretty names with a "H" on them..our initial!
great job!
four pretty blue edged ones
I like the sweet little baskets
The lace he showed me I could not bring myself to cut up.
A very large ivory lace tablecloth.

One with lace on the edge
and a battenberg lace tablecloth
even better, they all were in great shape.
I think they may be going to 1515 with me.
Told  Mr.s to get back down there in the basement again.
Last time he brought something from the basement stack was this.
yes, my little enamel top cabinet, the top was perfect and we painted the bottom
instead I used a curtain that came out of my Grandmother's garage.
Looks good, he  was right it needed to be changed.
I had no idea Mr was a picker!!