Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy First Pink Saturday of the New Year!!!!

Since I still feel I am surrounded by Christmas, I thought I would pull up some older photos for Pink Saturday. You have seen my Pink bedroom at 1515 but not at my house. Here are the pictures but I want to focus on the quilt.

This is my bedroom/computer room at home. The chandelier is from my husband's house he grew up in. I found it in the attic and his parents had taken it down to put up a ceiling fan...I grabbed it!
The stroller is my mothers' at that is a post for another day.
The bed is my canopy bed from home, I had to take the canopy off to put up the chandelier.

The quilt is what I wanted you to look notice one on the bed and an identical one folded up at the end of the bed?

After my Grandmother died, my Mother found two quilt tops pieced together all ready to be quilted. They would of been done by my Great Grandmother and they are pink! My home town is a few miles from an Amish community so she found someone to finish the tops by hand. She had just one done, and had it on her bed. I guess my Mom loved having a pink bedroom too!

When I bought my house in 1995 she had the other one finished so I could put it in the pink bedroom at my house. Yes, when I moved in this bedroom was already pink! I thought it was so nice that we had the same looking quilts at our home. After my Mom died the 2 quilts, now finished were reunited. To know they were made by my Great Grandmother, held for years by my Grandmother, covered my Mother every a way to start the New Year with a smile on my face and a heart so full.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for following me and letting me a part of your life by sharing my Sentimental Life.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday

                                     Thought I would show you one of my 2011 projects.

These are my Grandmother and Grandfather's diaries from the 1940'1950's
Years ago we divided them up and everyone got one. Luckily everyone brought them back to 1515. They are so much fun to read. When I am home I take one of them and open it up to the date we are there. Sometimes we will do a little reading from them. I can tell you what everyone got from Christmas and from who. I can find out when things were done to the 1515, like the date they updated the electricity!

This year I am going to scan the pages and put them in a book format so all the cousins can have a copy.
They are sitting in my Grandfather and my Dad's bedroom, next to Grandad's pipe. They were probably on a bedside table in that room many many years ago....and they are back!

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday with Colorado Lady

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Best Gifts Aren't Bought at the Mall

For Christmas this year some of the best gifts I got were not something bought, but things that were passed on to me.
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life  is giving us the liberty to show our Christmas gift!

When I went home to 1515 in mid December for Christmas, I got 2 wonderful gifts.

My cousin Mary had this wrapped up for me, my Grandmother's magazine rack. It is art deco in style and we have pictures of her sitting in her rocking chair and the rack is next to her at 1515. My cousin had been talking about having it restored since we bought the house to bring it over. Before the day that we unwrapped our gifts she said that the man that does that kind of work for her had fixed something else, so........I asked her if he fixed the magazine rack. She said " oh, it was in such bad shape he couldn't fix it". I was disappointed, I love things being returned to 1515. So you can imagine my surprise when I unwrapped it! Mary said she hated to lie to me!!

Here is what her sister Marty gave me!

I opened this up and immediately saw my Grandmother front and center!
Here she is in PE class at Ashmore, IL High School 1913! I had never seen this picture! Marty said she was going through a box and the was the 1st thing she saw. I cried, she and her sister were so thoughtful.
I would rather have these kind of gifts than any other.

I showed you some of this already, what my brother gave me on Christmas!
My Dad's projector, and slides!! Tons of them!
A package of pictures my brother took in the 1970's with Christmas pictures! Yep that is me with my dog Cumberland Queen Ann.
This was yet another gift my brother had wrapped for me. His wife did not even know what was in all these packages. This a gas lamp holder that came out of 1515. Before my grandparents bought the house in 1926 it was lit with gas.

So this is what was on my table tops this week. Cherished, precious family heirlooms that have been placed in my care. What wonderful Christmas presents they were!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Review

                     I was off on Christmas Eve, it was snowing.....yippee and I was wrapping gifts.

We got ready to head out in the snow to drive to my brother in laws.
Hard to see at night but is beautiful. The spots are huge snowflakes.

My sister in law is a great cook, we had tons of appetizers and deserts.
All 8 siblings were there and all the grandchildren with the exception of 3 in Texas. I think that made 34 of us piled in their house. We ate and then have a "White Elephant" gift exchange.

How about a Halloween mask

A Sauna suit?

Everyone was stealing this gift "magnum" as he was called. We used his head to spin to see who's turn it was for charades.

My contribution was a 2011 calendar "Nuns having Fun"

The best part was this..........
All 8 together!

Christmas Day we had my brother and wife over at noon

My mothers Christmas Lenox, silver Oneida Silver Artistry, Glasses Waterford Araglin, and for desert I used my mother's crystal Oneida Holly pattern.

We always make such a mess and look, Pinky is worn out!

But the best part was the gifts my brother gave me
He gave me my Dad's projector and all our family slides. He wrapped them all up himself, one by one for me.
A package of old photos. Notice the Kodachrome? We heard on the morning news today after December 30th it is a thing of the past, only one place in the USA still processes it but only till that date.

And in the pictures, as I looked at them yes I cried.

Pictures of our tree in the 70's and notice who is top of the tree? my angel! There is even a picture of me with our dog Queen....I even have my fuzzy pink slippers on. ( Do you see that Rebecca?)

The it was on to my sister in law's for dinner.

With my dear Mother in law

The house is a mess because as my husband was helping my brother and sister in law out to the car......THE TREE FELL OVER. What was up with that, luckily I only lost 2 ornaments so we may be taking the tree down today :(

It is still beautiful out and Heidi is out enjoying it.

Winter view of what is normally my blog header

It went quick, but such good memories, laughs and tears.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been my favorite day. I think part of it was the anticipation of the night, Santa was coming!!

Here is my brother and I with Santa. Luckily we had the same Santa in our other pictures too.

My Dad made Christmas Eve special, he always let us open up one present each. Some years they were funny gifts, one year I got a ping pong table and my brother got a air hockey game. Another year he bought me a guitar and my brother a harmonica! I bet my Mother could of killed my Dad, but he always wanted us to have fun.
So Christmas Eve was for the 4 of us to spend time together. In the morning when we got up, all of our presents from Santa sat under the tree unwrapped. There was always plenty now that I think about it. My Dad taught school and Mom stayed home when we were little so I know money was tight, but I wasn't aware!

On Christmas Day we would go to my Moms parents for dinner and over to see my Grandad at 1515. Later, after my Grandparents got older and my father was gone my Mother would have everyone down to our house. I was thinking last night on the way home when I heard " I'll be home for Christmas" how I wish I could still go home for Christmas.

Have a Very Merry Christmas where every you call home. I will be wrapping today and then on to my husbands family tonight, all 8 siblings and kids will be there....a little different than my family of 4. But, I am so blessed to be a part of that family, they are amazing, and I still have a mother in law who thinks of me as a daughter. Tomorrow my brother and his wife will come over and there still will be some magic from days gone by.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage Angel Tree Topper

My Angel tree topper may not be elaborate, she may not be pretty, she may not be new but I love her so very much. When I was little in the 1970's I saw her at Western Auto in our home town. We always had one of those spike ornaments on top of the tree. But when I saw her I ran home and begged my Daddy to buy her. I think I had to wait awhile, but I can tell you I was persistent! But one day Dad and I went up town and we went to Western Auto he bought her for me. She has seen every Christmas with me since then. When I left home for the 1st Christmas I asked my Mom if I could take her with me, of course she could! Since my Dad had only died the year before it meant even more to have something so special on my tree.

I think my Dad bought her so she could look over me all these years on Christmas since my he has been gone.

Christmas Kitchen

One of the first rooms I like to decorate is my kitchen. I don't know why? I think it is the memories of making cookies with my Mother and Grandmother. I also think it is the after dinner leftovers my Mom, Grandmother and I would eat in the kitchen on the big day. It is just a feeling of warmth and love.

So today how about a tour of my kitchen at home at 1515? Let's start at home.............

I had collected Pfalzgraf Christmas Heritage for years. I love the bright red and white.
My beloved hoosier cabinet, a Christmas present from my Mom and Grandfather one year. The aprons shown, the one on the left is mine and the one on the right my Mom has on in every Christmas picture of her!

I probably should take this calendar to 1515, but I have had it for years and love it. It makes me think what a happy Christmas 1946 with the War behind everyone.

Don't you just love the curtains at the kitchen window? My Mom made them for me about 15 yrs ago. I just love the design on them.

Now do you want to see the kitchen at 1515??

The kitchen window here has a bottle brush forest.

The aprons are hanging for the cousins to cook.

My Grandmothers crock and cookie jar ready for use!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Tell me what does your kitchen mean to you at Christmas??

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I have not shown you the tree at my house since we put it up. You saw 1515 but here is the one at home.

Living Room with tree and I see Pinky made it in the picture too!

By day

By night

The pictures don't do it justice. It is old fashion with large lights, some blink, tinsel and antique family ornaments mixed with newer Hallmark.

This is my favorite ornament from my childhood and it always gets hung first. I don't know why I love it so, but when I got married and left home I asked my Mother if I could have it.

This is one that I had bought my Mother, it was one of her favorites.

I love Rudolph, I have a huge collection which I had on display when my house was on a Christmas House Tour. The last 2 years I have not put it out. This is one my Grandmother bought me and had my name engraved on it.

One of my friends went to Chicago and found these new Shiny Brite ornaments and brought them home to me on the that is friendship!!

It is a busy week ahead and luckily I only work 2 days this week. I hope everyone enjoys all the days leading up to Christmas.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 19, 1924

That is the day a most wonderful human being was Daddy.

Today is his birthday and he would be 86 today, I can not even imagine it. You see, he died when I was only 18 yrs old some 32 yrs ago. I only remember him as my beloved full of life Dad and friend. We were always getting into trouble on our adventures. I was always up to go with my Daddy! Whether it was buying a camper, new car, our first color TV or a goofy Christmas present for my Mother, I was the one that was at his side. Oh, but one time he did leave me at my Grandparents house some 20 miles away. When he got home my Mom asked "where is Ann?" He forgot me! Oh well I spent a great weekend with my Grandparents!

Dad loved being with his kids and neices and nephews

No one had a better sense of humor than my Dad. I can see him turning up the volume on the stereo and dancing to Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass....he would grab me and twirl me. He was our HS science teacher, and most every ones favorite teacher. He loved teaching and started the football program at our High School.

He was a product of the depression. At one time at 1515 he and his parents and two sisters had to welcome his grandparents and uncle to live with them. My cousin told me the story of how during the depression my grandfather sent him into the attic of 1515 to get some old gas light pipes they could use to repair the plumbing.

He was drafted before he graduated HS, but was allowed to finish. He served his country in the Pacific. Before he left, he proposed to my Mother in her is one of the most treasured things I own.

Mom and Dad on the steps at 1515

For his birthday every year they would put up the Christmas tree at 1515 and his Mother made him a White Coconut Cake.

 I know God makes so many great people, but to me my Daddy is right up there at the top.

                                                   Happy Birthday my Dear Daddy,

Love, Ann