Monday, November 28, 2016

A Little Different Christmas

this year the tree at 1515 won't be going up
no party 
no cousins PJ day

I had to have some major surgery last Monday.
I am doing fine, got great news but I am off work until January.
This is the first time I have had off more than 2 weeks in my 36 years working as a RN.
Since I can not lift things I know I need to stay home.

It gives a opportunity to enjoy the season at home.
Watching Hallmark movies and sitting by the tree.
I won't have to do everything in one day, I should be able to make cookies and bake.
My nephew is getting married on a Friday and I won't have to miss the wedding because I am working.
I have done cyber shopping today and I don't mind not dragging through the crowds.

Greta does not seem to mind, I will be home with her all day.
Hopefully next weekend I will be up to getting our tree.

But don't forget I have new kittens.......ugh
How will they treat the tree?
We shall tree they are really good kittens and do not bother things

I hope they keep sleeping for the month! HA!

Hopeful Mr can bring up my Christmas boxes from the basement and I can decorate.
I always start with my Hoosier cabinet, putting out mine and my Mom's aprons.

then hopefully the dining room, always love my vintage Christmas dishes on the buffet with the lights.

 my favorite thing is to turn off all the lights except the tree and the ones on the hutch, buffet, staircase and tree.

the twins are going to come down one weekend so we can celebrate together like we do the week I am 1515. But I keep thinking "is that at 1515?"
I think I still have cookie cutters here?
sprinkles? oh NO!

sorry Grandad 1515 will be quiet this year.

Of course I am hoping for some days like this!
just sit by the window by the tree and watch it come down.

So with my surgery and the kittens this year I will just have to adjust.
But I know I already had my blessed Christmas present, a clean bill of health!
What more could any one be blessed with.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

May all my friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I know how blessed I am this year.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Flowers Are All a Buzz

Look at all the bees!
With highs in the 80's and sunshine my flowers have been going crazy!

It is hard to get in that "Holiday" mood. I want to watch the Christmas movies on TV but feels weird with all the windows open?

this dahlia just now decided to bloom, no blooms all summer?

a few rose blooms still
I do remember one year I had roses for Thanksgiving

these smaller dahlia's are beautiful, the photo does not do them justice

love this color and thought it would look good for the fall

Things are still colorful around the ole Sentimental Home

And please remember to vote on Tuesday!
My ancestors fought too hard to ensure we have that privilege.
My Great Grandfather's business card 1926