Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let's Chill Down

I am hibernating would think it was winter!
It is suppose to be 108 here in good ole St. Louis today.
Let's Chill Down you feel cooler?

Monday, June 25, 2012

1515 Sign

In 1978 when my Grandfather died,  as I left the house for the last time, I reached up and grabbed something on the porch as I left..............
it was the 1515 sign that always hung above the front steps.
For years it found a home in my Grandad's WWI trunk.
I always thought I would display it someday.
When I built our little garden cottage in the backyard I put it on the porch above the steps.
It had found a new home......
well, 2009 it went back home!
last fall when we painted the porch we repainted it, it had been gray, then white.
I am sure it was handmade.
In the early pictures it is not there.
1943 it is not there.
Mom and Dad

By 1949 it is clearly there!
Great Grandfather Winkler, Grandad Winkler, Aunt Mary and cousin Donna.

So many have had their pictures taken under that 1515 sign!

Baby Donna, top lt and the other girl cousins.
62 years later! sorry Donna!!

Thank goodness I took the 1515 sign.
The pictures just would not be the same.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tin Types

Have you ever been walking through an antique store and see a tin type photograph?
I always thought how wonderful to have such a old picture of a family member would be amazing.
Tin Type photos were first introduced to America in 1854.
By the end of the Civil War the were popular.
I am looking at them to get an idea for a dress for the Civil War reenactment.

So....would you like to see the ones I now have thanks to cousin Fred?

My Great Grandmother born in 1866
her mother died in 1873, the first picture she looks so happy and the second one so sad.
here is her sister Effie b. 1869

 so the 2 above pictures were probably taken at the same time.
I just have in my mind the GGGrandfather Wilson had their pictures taken after their Mother died.

Catherine's husband James b. 1853
This would of been taken just after the Civil war.
Here is Aunt Effie with her husband Robert. This may be a wedding picture?
This would be a later tin type 1899

Then there are some in those little cases that open with the red velvet interior. I have one I do not know who they are...I will try to figure it out.
These are the ones I am working on now.
No clue?

Boy or girl?
Maybe my Great Grandmothers Aunt
I just realized the background in this picture is the same as Aunt Effies?
I think I know this one, another Aunt of my Great Grandmother.
what do you think? same person? Elizabeth Hickman
Another sister?

Don't you love looking at the clothes too?
Trying to look at them and see if I can get a design for my dress to wear for the Riot Reenactment from 1864. I have a dress I wore for the Lincoln Douglas debate...that was 1994? I do not think it will fit!
Catherine and Susan Hickman
I think my dress will be similar to these and since it is in March I can 
have a higher collar and wear my Great Grandmother's 
Cameo brooch.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these tin types.
To think I have them in my care and they are 150 years old!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some People Do Not Forget

Last week I posted this picture of my Dad on Facebook in honor of
 Father's Day.
I think the picture was taken in the early 60's. It was a yearbook picture, the year my Father was 
Teacher of the Year.

But my surprise was the response it got?
I keep having messages..........

"I just saw your father's picture. I was in high school in the early sixties, I thought your Father was the best Teacher Cumberland had at that time. I still remember things he taught me in Biology! I'm sure you don't know me, ............but I thought I'd let you know!" M

"Ann, you don't know me but I wanted to let you  know, your Dad was my favorite teacher in high school.
I graduated from Cumberland in 1961and he made Biology one of my favorite subjects in school" J

" Ann you don't know me but your Dad was my favorite teacher" D

"Nice picture of your Dad. He was a great teacher, wish I had been a better student! I will never forget
he gave me an A because I ate chocolate covered ants." K

I guess this goes along with last year when I was home on Veterans Day and I walked into an antique store and the owner pointed at me and said " well there is Ann now, you can ask her".
The gentleman was wanting to know where my Dad was buried so he could go pay his respects because he was his favorite teacher and he remembered he was in WWII.

I am at 1515, so I can wander into his boyhood bedroom and think and shed a tear.

He was a great teacher.............
but a better Daddy then you will ever know.

I love you Daddy.

Kenneth Ewing Winkler

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pink or Green? You be the judge

I had some Zinnia's come up volunteer from last year.
Seems as if I have a unusual one that can't make up it's mind.
Last year I had planted some Lime Green Zinnia's
I love it! 

Have a Happy Pink Saturday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Headed Out.....

Off to 1515 in a few minutes.
Lunch with the twins then I have a meeting at Lincoln Log Cabin with the Director.
It is the home of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's father and step mother.
Meeting with them about partnering some events for the Charleston Riot.

I did have time to sit out on the porch
A dove on top of the dove fountain!

I will missing Mr., Greta and Boots but love being at 1515.
Tonight is dinner with a group of friends, then to hear music at a local cafe.
Saturday is a tour around the square.
Sunday I am cooking a fathers day meal for cousin Fred.
And in between, scanning pictures and working on genealogy stuff for the upcoming reunion.

Maybe some sleeping in and getting off of my feet after some 15 hr work days!
Oh...maybe a little antiquing too...shhhh


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Am I all Blogged Out??

Sorry, I have not had a post since last Wednesday.
Seems I can not think of anything interesting to blog about.

Plus it was a busy weekend, my nephew graduated from HS.
I was able to get a another picture of my MIL with another new great grandchild.
I love these 4 generation pictures.

This might be why
My Grandmother is the baby.
I cherish the picture that has my Great Grandmothers.

Over the next 21 months I am going to be busy...........
I had mentioned this
March 28, 2014 will be the 150th anniversary of the Charleston Riot in Charleston Illinois.
My family was involved and my GGGrandfather was wounded.
The more interesting part is the connection to Abraham Lincoln.
Long story short...I am on the steering committee and they nominated me as the Director.
So today I have sweaty palms.
It is starting to be reality.
I am meeting with the local tourism Director
and WCIA Channel 3 on Monday July 30th.
I don not do TV (can I lose 100 lbs quickly? ha!)
I am a nurse, not an event planner! How did I get myself into this!
Hoping I can bring back my "ole Head Nurse attitude" and experience with the planning of
all the meetings.
It just seems today there was a rush of
"this is going to happen"
Can I pull off a  3 day event in a town of 21,000?
A town I do not live in that is 2 hours away!
It is all in finding the right people that do know how to do it.

This next weekend I am going back to 1515.
The plan is to work on getting ready for the 106th Galbreath Reunion (of course I am the secretary) and work on the Riot planning.
One event I am excited about is they are having a tour of the square to discuss the businesses
that were there 1940-1960's. My Great Grandfather had an appliance store on the square and my Grandfathers gas station was just off the square so it should be fun.
Grandfather and his Shell gas station 1944.
The tour last August about the architecture of the square had a great turn out and 
cousin Fred and I really enjoyed it.

ok...let's see
- keep working OT to pay the bills, check
- planning a success full Galbreath Reunion, check
- work on Charleston Riot celebration, check
-keep the house clean........oooops!
- keep blogging, check

Thanks for being there for me!
But what I see from this post is how important my family and its history is to me.

Have a great Tuesday!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It Must Be Called Friendship For a Reason

Several of us at work have started "hunting" for Pyrex.
Not sure how it started but the our work group seems to of caught the bug.
Look what my friend brought to work for me!
A set of 3 Friendship casseroles with the lids.
She paid a whopping $12 for all 3 in great shape.
Can you just imagine the smile on my face!
I could not wait to unwrap them and see them all together.
The lady she got them off of sold them cheap, "the red doesn't sell well"
Are you kidding me??
Now I am trying to remember what the ones at 1515 that I got at the auction look like.

Those are yellow and white with clear lids.
No repeats here!

The ones my friend found have the white lids and the red casserole.

Seems Friendship is such a good name for them, since my friend found them for me
and was so excited. She did not want me to pay her....I was worried how much they were?
She got the entire set for $12!
And that was not all....
to you remember my square bowl set that I found and used on Cinco De Mayo for cousins?
Pyrex put to use!

Well she found another one like it with the lid
I am a pretty happy friend...this was $12 also.

Who knew friendships would grow stronger over Pyrex.
So now we are always buying for each other.
I kind of think it is our way of making each other happy.
After all isn't that what friendship is all about..........

A Cheerful Gift

How lucky am I? Does that mean my luck is changing?
How blessed I was to win a giveaway from
for Paulette's one year anniversary!!
How pretty is this?
wrapped so sweet.

Wait a minute...wrapped even cutier in old book pages.
I guess I have not had a giveaway because I am afraid I can
not wrap them as adorable as I have seen people do there's.

Sweet card
Look! a beautiful necklace!!
Paulette bought this when she was in Hawaii
It is made of glass from the beach.
That makes is extra special that she brought it back from Hawaii
Now I have been to Europe but not Hawaii
My Dad was there in WWII, so makes me think of my Dad a little.

The best part was....
With what I was wearing, I was able to put it on 
It is not easy to take a picture of your neck!
Now I find myself rubbing the glass, because I have a habit
of playing with my necklace's.
It has an adjustable chain so I can change the length.

Paulette, I greatly appreciate your generosity.
Due to several things I do not have the money to go buy
something so special for myself.
How wonderful to wear a piece a friendship so proudly.
It was so nice to come home from a long day at work 
and find a surprise in the mail.
I now have a CHEERFUL SMILE.

Please stop by and visit her wonderful blog!
Cheerful Thrifty Door.