Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Pinks

Happy Pink Saturday
What is Pink for Easter around the ole house?

Of bunnies

Vintage glass basket with Pink grass
Pansy splattered with hints of Pink
Pink McCoy vase
Candy box brought home from Paris

and my favorite Pink Easter Postcard
sent from me to you to wish you a Happy Pink Saturday!

And in memory of my Pink Saturday frequent postings
I miss you so my sweet Pinky

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Estate Finds and More

I went home to 1515 last weekend and my girlfriends gave me $$ to hunt for Pyrex!
But I found a few other things.

On Saturday morning one of my friends and I ran to an estate sale. They had Pyrex, but no the patterns I was looking for.
But I found a few things....
1943 Christmas Carol book $5

Vase $2

But my favorite buy...
Is she not adorable?
here was the tag underneath...they must of paid $5 for it when they bought it.
I was excited because I have a boy pixie that matches her that belonged to my Grandmother!
I do not seem to have a picture of him to show you.

There was a nice new consignment store in Charleston and I got a vintage vase

Now on to the Pyrex!
For myself because they were so cheap $2 with perfect lids.
Boots wanted in the picture, he is taking up for my poor Pinky pooh :(
A couple of years ago I broke my 1 1/2 Quart bowl, found this at my friends store.
Now my crazy daisy Cinderella bowl set is complete again

Now for my friends
Charcoal casserole in great shape with a perfect lid

Divided turquoise snowflake with lid
both pieces
Check it out it was 1/2 price!
both for $17.08!
one more

Turquoise snowflake
My friend was thrilled...I got the 3 pieces for under $25

It was a fun weekend

and in case you missed my last post
my wheelbarrow I bought myself

It was a good weekend for hunting!

Vintage Wheelbarrow

I am always collecting gardening themed items. You can imagine how happy I was to find a little wheelbarrow at an antique store in my hometown.

If I find a vintage metal wheelbarrow I have to bring it home.
I have red, green, white, but not a blue one.
It was $5 "as it" was the "as is" because of the rust?
It makes it have more character.
(yes that is some pyrex I bought for $2 in the background0

The wheel is yellow

They are great to display things in. I had just bought these little carrots and the made the perfect paring!

It will stay on the Hoosier cabinet for now, then out to the Garden cottage.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 28, 1864

This a date that has been thought about every year for 148 years.

This is the date of the "Charleston Riot' that occurred in the town where I was born, and the previous 3 generations in my family has lived there since 1833. 
The Riot was between Union soldiers and southern sympathizers known as "Copperheads".
2 of my family members were wounded and one disappeared never to be heard of again.
My 3rd Great Uncle Benjamin Franklin Toland who disappeared.
Check out the gun!

The unusual thing is the link to President Abraham Lincoln and my 2nd Great Grandfather
Young Ewing Winkler.
They were born 11 months apart in adjoining Kentucky counties.
Both of their families moved to Indiana the same year, to the same county. A book about Lincoln's early years mentions the neighbors, the Winkler's.
They all moved to Illinois the same year. The Lincoln's moving to southern Coles County and the Winkler's in the north part of the county.
In 1841  Lincoln was a lawyer for Young Ewing Winkler.
Young was married 3 times and saw all his wives die before him.
He had 3 children from each wife.
My Great Grandfather was the youngest of them all.

Here is a letter that Dennis Hanks wrote to his cousin President Abraham Lincoln about the Riot. This letter leaves know doubt that Young Ewing and Lincoln were well acquainted. It still gives me chills to think he is sitting in the White House and reading about my GGGrandfather.
As you can read, Dennis Hanks blamed the "drunken soldiers".

Dennis Hanks efforts paid off and Lincoln pardoned all the men. But not before many of them served time in Fort Delaware, one died of his infirmaries (another one of my Uncles).
Some families never mentioned it, in my family it was discussed every generation.
Young Ewing lived to be 92 and his son who was shot lived until 1905. 
I just recently read the obituary of  Colonel Greenville Mitchell who was involved,
in the obituary it states " and the man who almost killed Colonel Mitchell still walks the streets"
That is Young Ewing Winkler's son Robert.
By the time they died they were all well respected men of the community.
Robert Winkler at his home north of Charleston IL

In 2014 it will be the 150th anniversary.

We will be having a 3 day event.
I have alot of work to do. I am on the Steering Committee.
When people ask you, "if there is anyone that you could talk to from the past, who would it be?"
My answer is Young Ewing Winkler.

What a man he was.....

Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Table Top

The Dining Room is decked out for Easter so I want to share the Buffet with you.

Silver and Bunnies
A cup of tea, do you want the Daffodil or Tulip tea cup?

The cute little Styrofoam bunny was my Grandmothers and is hand made.

Vintage postcards

Daffodil silver

French candy boxes I purchased in Paris
Bunny Limoges box

Is your Dining Room ready for Easter?

Joining Marty