Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh, a Special Present From Across the Pond!

Those fun loving twins of mine just got back from Scotland and Ireland

I asked them to bring me back something special...

Something to commemorate the birth of
Prince George!

They toured the Royal yaht Britannia
that was the only place they ever saw any Prince George items?

I am happy with what they found
this cute tea towel with their names and George's birhtday
all in front of Buckingham Palace

So glad to have a little piece of history

I have never gone this long without doing a post!
The planning for the Charleston Riot is taking up most of my free time.
Alot of trips back and forth to and from 1515 for meetings.

Mr. is going to Charleston this weekend with me and I am glad to get away together.
Cousin Fred is hosting a Labor Day cookout.
Usually it is truly our "Labor Day" at 1515, the cousins get together to clean, paint, repair and do what ever is needed to keep 1515 our little family get together home in shape.

Our Fundraiser for our event is in 3 weeks and I have been getting donations, selling tee shirts!
I will be on WRJM radio on Friday Sept 20th to talk about it, I have NEVER been on a radio show before! yikes!

BIG thanks to my dear friend Paulette from Cheerful Thrifty Door
your tee shirt will be sent today!

Everyone have a happy safe weekend!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Auction Time!

I went home during the week to 1515
Working on the Riot Fundraiser Auction
Attended the weekly auction with my friend
want to see...........?

I put some baskets together for the Fundraiser and took pictures so we can put them on our poster that will be going out around the county.
of course I forgot my they are not the best pictures
the primitive basket I put together for the Fundraiser
love all the burlap, 1803 candle, Illinois cookbook, 2 dish towels, burlap wrapped hand soap dispenser, Civil war lavender hanging burlap bag and the basket.
what do you think?

being from St Louis I put a Cardinal basket together.
Some things are game day giveaways.
Adam Wainwright bobble head, Red Schoenediest throw back jersey, soft side cooler, mug and cardinal teddy bear. The bobble head is selling on Ebay for close to $80

Books donated by one of our speakers and my friend at her shop gave me these Lincoln book ends!

I also picked up our tee shirts!
blue and white and the back says
"I had a riot in Charleston IL"
One of the antique stores in town is selling some for us
Sweet Cousin Fred was the first sale!

Did some shopping too
wanted to buy these Daisy Blue ridge set at the thrift store
they were marked 60% off the $110 but still too much for my budget

Now on to the Auction!
Do you watch pickers?
Do your recognize this guy?
this guy is always there and he was on a episode of American Pickers onetime!

Now I spent a whopping $8!
weekend haul

no one wanted this sweet little Lily of Valley tea cup?
It was Lefton

free linens given to you to wrap your stuff'
I love these little kittens

cake saver, have been wanting one like this
Underneath platter, I can use it for more than just cake!

Spode Cookies for Santa platter
I don't think it has ever been out of the box
which is marked
$21, I spent
$1 on it!

Plate stands are not cheap and I got these for $1
I also got some Pyrex
 it is another
red square hostess bowl with the lid for $4

I also got this from my auction friend for $2 and I am in love
Flamingo Pink even with a holder in perfect shape!

I also picked up these numbers for $5
the W went up at 1515
I want to hang it on the wall but in the mean time it looks OK on the Hoosier Cabinet.

I love going to the auction and getting some goodies within my budget!
Won't be going again until October

So what is your favorite piece?
Would you bid on any of my Fundraiser items if you were here?

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Day Almost Passed Me By

August 10, 1947
Charleston IL United Methodist Church

the day my Mom and Dad were married

they did not take many pictures back then, they took 4
they look so happy, Dad so handsome in that suit and Mom looks beautiful in her gorgeous dress.

They met in at the local Ice Cream Shop 
they went to different High Schools

Mom had only been back in Charleston 4 years from moving back from Detroit in 1939
But they should of known each other, their Fathers had the same Great Grandfather.
(Mom always said "don't tell people that!")

Dad was drafted into the Army be the time they graduated in 1943
This is what he wrote in my Mom's yearbook. It sums up what that generation had to face.

But he made it home safe and sound and she was waiting for him as he hoped
The time together was too short, but they were happy

their last Anniversary was their 30th

I hope that on this day they are holding each other in heaven

Love you Mom and Dad

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vintage Strainer

I had my Grandmother's strainer and pestal that my Mom always used to make tomato sauce and other things as she harvested from her garden.

grape jelly was also made with it

Although for today's posts it is appropriate
I feel like some days I am being pushed through a strainer like that myself!

Someone just accessed by checking account again.
They paid their Comcast Cable in Chicago to the sum of $389.88
with MY money.
I live in St Louis, we don't even have comcast?
I just am having one of those days...

I have worked hard, Full time as RN since I was 20 years old, with no more than 2 weeks off at a time,
that is 33 years and counting.
I am tired, but financially we keep sinking further and further......I don't get it?
I feel like we are paying for everyone else to stay home and think of ways to fraud us hard working people out of our money we are sweating out to make everyday.
So see why I feel I am being pushed through Grandma's strainer?

But happy memories I am thinking in my Mom's kitchen

I am blessed to HAVE a full time job and the health to go to it everyday and work sometimes 15 hours!
I can pay my mortgage, electric bill and put food on the table.
There is just none anymore left over like there use to be to travel or buy that cute outfit or more importantly that antique I want.
But I am blessed
Thanks for listening to me today my friends.

On a good note my cousins Bob and Judy are suppose to be flown back to Colorado today.
People donated enough money for them to be flown back.
See, there are REALLY good people in this world to.
I appreciate all the prayers, they were answered.

And look what my friend donated from his shop for our 
Charleston Riot Fundraiser!
circa 1870's maple bench!
Isn't it gorgeous? Retail price $495
Would look great in a foyer.
I hope someone bids on it.
sells the most wonderful, quality antiques mostly from the 

Hope your day is a great one surrounded by the good people of the world,
not the ones who are dishonest like the cable subscriber in Chicago!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What a Gem!

Those twin cousins of mine are a hoot!

Look what they bought to drive around town!

A electric car to drive around town
too cute for words.
Why it even has a fan to keep you cool.
It is street accessible and goes up to 35 miles an hour.

I think we might drive it in the EIU homecoming parade to advertise for the 
Charleston Riot Anniversary

it evens has a back to haul things and they went to Rural King and bought 
the trunk to hold groceries.

It is so fun to ride in and everyone stares.
Are the staring at the twins or the car?
We are going to use it at the Riot Anniversary to move our speakers and VIP's
around from event to event right now.
How do you think President Lincoln is going to look in it?

Here is our Abraham Lincoln and Dennis Hanks by the way

The twins are off for a trip to Scotland and Ireland 
and me?
Saturday I am head to Springfield to meet with the 
Illinois State Historical Society and
Illinois Genealogical Society

Then on to Charleston for some riot work and pick up our tee shirts etc.

On the back they say
"I had a riot in Charleston IL"

Lastly I want to thank all my friends who have said prayers for my cousins 
Bob and Judy
I am so grateful to you.....
They are progressing although be it slow.
They are trying to raise money to fly them back to Colorado on a 
medical flight.
But yesterday Judy finally got to see Bob and he was stroking her hand with 
his thumb........true love is so sweet.