Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Hoosier Cabinet

For Fall when I showed you my kitchen, I had a picture of my Hoosier cabinet and realized I never done a post on it.

It is so precious to me because my Mom and Grandfather got it for me as a Christmas present some
18 years ago.
I found it at a antique store in an old log cabin house in Oakland IL (home of Tete).
When we would go there, I dreamed of having it as mine one day.
Well, as you know it did. My Mom and Grandfather had it delivered all the way to St. Louis for me.

I was cleaning it up for Christmas
I like it because it had all the bells and whistles.
A bread box drawer, rolling pin holder, flour bin......and might I say it was pretty authentic,
it had flour still in the bin!
I love decorating it and it has always been a centerpiece of my kitchen.
When I purchased my house, I had to make sure I bought a home with a wall
big enough for it.

I found some eyelet shelf paper in my hometown when the dime
store was still open.
The upper cabinet houses my collection of Cameo Depression glass.

all the pulls, latches etc. are original

Canisters for your salt, pepper, baking powder

The inside holds vintage cookbooks and my Mother's and Grandmother's recipe boxes.
I found some recipes I copied for my cousins that were their Grandmother's.ssshhhhh
don't tell them they won't know they are in Germany!

3 small drawers, this one holds my baking items from my childhood.
My little rolling pin, baking pans and cookie cutters.

A great place to store my dish towels

The side drawers, one holds my Mom and Grandmother's cookie cutters.
The others are a silverware drawer and a drawer with all those recipes we saying were going to make when we cut them out of the paper but don't!

a pull out cutting board

At Christmas, I always tie on my apron on the left and my Mom's on the right.
I remember cooking and laughing in the kitchen I grew up in with these on.

I think I always wanted one because I remember that at 1515, my paternal Grandmother had 2.
One in the kitchen and one on the back porch.
My one cousin still has one of them

I better go finish my decorating!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have one table decorated for Christmas, in time for Table Top Tuesday.

It is all white, and has some snowbabies.

I love using postcards to decorate, and how this one matches the little

I  bought this 3 tiered stand a few years ago and it is wonderful for showing off smalls.
So I decided to do all white.

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman to greet you.

and there are angels

This piece I bought many years of the first expensive pieces I
ever bought for myself, so it is special to me.

Rudolph Snowbaby, I have a very collection of Rudolph.
The pieces are from 1939 to present.

I am off today so I am hoping to get the rest up today....we shall see!

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Faded Charm for White Wednesday

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trip To Get The Tree

Since I spent Thanksgiving Day with my husbands family, I did not get to see my brother.
 However, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my brother and I have a tradition of going out for brunch and then our Christmas trees.

We had always gone to the same place for brunch, but we had not thought it was too good the last few times. My SIL found a new St. Louis restaurant named Salt.
Let's just say.....she did good!
It is in a old mansion across from the St. Louis Basilica
Beautiful courtyard

They had several cheese plates, which I could not pass up. It reminded me of Paris.
I had the blue cheese, Mr. the Italian and my brother the Wisconsin Cheddar.

homemade orange marmalade with salted almonds, raisins,
and toasted french bread, it was divine!

They are know for cooking in duck fat....and their fries and
fried chicken have been rated the best in St. Louis.

So my SIL chose....
with homemade ketchup and mayo

how about some eggs benedict with ham salad?
yes, they were great. good thing this was breakfast and lunch

Mr. and my brother got omelet's

Then it was on to the usual spot to get our Frazier Fur

nice and full, great top and straight bottom. Fits Mr. criteria.

I always wonder what people think when they see us driving by
with two trees on top?

Today will be putting away the Fall, laundry and hauling up Christmas.
It has really turned cold out....usually we put the outdoor lights up today, not
sure if I can talk Mr. into it or not!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Pink Christmas Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday
These are my favorite pinks for Christmas

There are always more pink ornaments to find!

Happy Pink Saturday

Thursday, November 24, 2011

How Was Your Thanksgiving?

Hoping all of you had a successful Thanksgiving.
Mr. and I cooked for his family today.
We had dinner at 5, so we were able to take it easy in the
morning and watch the parade and a little football.

Here is my table, not as elaborate as some, but
it is still with china and crystal.
My centerpiece was my silver compote surrounded by small candles.

I used my Grandmother's Johnson Brother plates. My Great Great
Grandparents silver I had shown you in a earlier post, I have
never used it before.

Vintage place cards

My Waterford crystal

Mixed in, a few of my Great Great Grandparents glasses
They look so colonial to me.

Great Grandmother's Ironstone gravy

My Mother's Holly Fostoria s/p shakers

Greta......eyeing this!
Cooked in my Grandmother's roaster

What if I look adorable?

Mr. very happy with how the turkey turned out in
our new oven with the "perfect turkey" feature

A good time had by all!

My beautiful 87 year old MIL at the head of the table.
My SIL's and nieces helped clean up everything,
and I am so grateful because tomorrow it is back to work for me.

Thanksgiving 2011
Wonderful Memories!