Monday, February 28, 2011

Table Top Tuesday

When I went home a couple of weeks ago I found something I just loved and knew it would make a great piece for Table Top Tuesday. Here is my coffee table.

My new piece is the bird on the mossy globe to the left!
Do you recognize the silver tray?
Per some peoples request, here is the tray with nothing on it so you can see the design.


I love my David Austin roses and can not wait until they start blooming and I can make bouquets to bring in the house.

Have a Happy Table Top Tuesday!

It Felt Like a Little Bit of Spring.....and I was bad.

Yesterday the sun came out for a short time and the temperatures went to the 60's. When we went to do our Sunday shopping we wanted to get some fertilizer for the daffodils coming up. Oh, what did I see, well I will let you see.........

I love Dahlia's and that a good selection of some different colors than the ones I have. And some glads, I never pull mine up and they come back every year, but they could use some new ones to add in.

And of course my Zinnia, Cosmos and nasturtium seeds.

Why do I like Dahlia so?
Here is my yellow Dahlia blooming profusely in September

So when we got home we went to work racking some leaves, fertilizing the daffodils and putting some mulch over the top.

This is the same spot now.

Their poking their little heads up!

Mr. Sentimental at work

I think he is being watched

My chair is calling for when I can sit and listen to the birds and feel the breeze and sun on my face.

I think my all time favorite project was mounting this chippy green trellis to the porch and added hooks to display my watering cans...soon they will be up again.

My antique wire plant stand is a mess with dead plants from last year.

I want to kick up my heels, get dirty and have it look like this

Some day soon........some day soon...ahhhh

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Saturday

Last week I was at 1515 and I had to go to my favorite antique store, and I found something Pink for my Pink bedroom at 1515!

A Pink depression ware bowl filled with Pink sewing items, buttons, thread, rick rack, how fun!

It is sitting in the bedroom on the vanity with other sewing items.

See my base of my set of Pink lamps, my Pink heart pin cushion and Pink Vera Rose scarf.

Have a Very Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for coming to visit!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vintage Finds

I had a day yesterday where I left for work at 4:45 am and finally was back home at 8:40 pm! I was tired when I got up but had a yearning to go hunting. Here is what I found today.

I found a nearly perfect tin trash can, decals, vintage buttons and some vintage RR playing cards.

The colors are so bright....I love it! But does it go in the kitchen at 1515 or in the cottage?

I bought these because I loved the pictures on the package.

They were .75 cents a piece.

Ok, I had to pay more than the 29 cents! But only $2.
I just love things in their original packages.

Can you remember them on Hoosier cabinets,  head boards of baby beds and high chairs?

This was an exciting find for me! My Grandfather was a conductor on the Nickel Plate and worked for them over 40 years! They will either be sitting on his bedside table in his bedroom at 1515 or I may send them to my cousin who collects RR memorabilia and is very ill.

I had fun today, did not spend over $25. joining Linda at A La Carte for Junkin Fridays

Ironstone Compote

What to show today for Vintage Thingie Thursday? hhmm?
I had trouble deciding, so here is a ironstone compote I bought last fall. Love anything green, and I really like the style and faded color of this.

I realized when I turned it over the company name was the name of my ancestor! However, we were already in the good ole USA when this was probably made!

Decided to put some of my dried hydrangea's in the dish

Have a very Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Get it for the Cottage, Thinking of Spring

That was a theme a few years ago when I built my garden cottage to keep my gardening antiques in. Now that the weather is warming up, I will be able to get out to the cottage and do a makeover. Several items ended up at 1515 from the cottage. A bookcase and a table have left a couple of spaces available and items are now sitting on the day bed and not on a shelf. So when my cousin and I go antiquing she may hear me say " I'm going to get it for the cottage".

want a peek?

Here is my seed cabinet. I have collected ceramic flower pots for years, looks like the ones now are mostly cat pots on the shelves, including my cat watering can.  My Dad's soil tester, vintage flower frogs, seed packets and seasonal vintage gardening magazines.

Do you still have your metal doll house? I did and when I had to clean out my Mothers house I wondered what on earth to do with it....I had to keep it!

It sits up in the eaves of the cottage. Can you tell I collect vintage watering cans, and how about the miniature ceramic flower pots.

my vintage bird cage..there is even a ceramic birdie inside...can u see him?

I have several seed boxes and seed packets, but I may move them. Do you remember why?

My seed rack that I found last fall needs to come home from the 1515 garage so I can fill it up with my seed packets.
For those of you that like chippy, shabby
My Pansy print. My 12 year old cousin wanted to make sure when I bought it that I knew the back was ripped! I told her that it was OK!

So it is going to be fun doing a makeover on the cottage and getting it all put back together. Hopefully it will be a resting, pretty place to sit and read or plan out my garden for the year.