Thursday, May 31, 2012

Display Your Eggs!

Seems years ago they had plates to display all different kinds of foods
How many of you have deviled egg plates?
Are they Easter themed or something like this?
This is my Grandma's
Love the rooster crowing 
It is picnic time and I used it on 
Memorial Day for our deviled eggs

I am not sure how old it is?
Probably from the 1950's
I am sure Grandma used it alot
She made sure she never left it behind and an Eastern Star or 
Book Lovers meeting.
Her name is on so many pieces on some permanent
masking tape.
I am always so careful not to wash it off.
Love using Grandma's things.

Wish I had some to eat right now!
Have a great day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hydrangea's Hard at Work for the Table Tops

I have done several post with my hydrangea's this year.
They are the best they have ever been, huge plentiful blooms and gorgeous colors.
So for our Memorial Day party I was anxious to make several bouquets.
What could hold my huge Annabelle blooms?
I decided my silver ice bucket.
Looks patriot to me.
It was hot so I was anticipating some use of the dining room,
but we endured outside all day into the night.

I love my silver compote and wanted to make an arrangement.
Luckily I had a another silver container with a frog and it fits my compote!

My Pink Ever Bloom ready for the coffee table.

coffee table in the living room

The Nikko Blue went in Mason jars on all the tables.
Everyone took bouquets home with them.

My MIL got the biggest bouquet

We had a great time!

The twins and cousin Fred drove 2 hrs to get here!
and the other sweet lady is our neighbor and Greta's babysitter.
And I have to brag a little...........
Mr. worked hard and made great brats and pulled pork
Mr's brothers and Fred hung out on the deck, next the BBQ.
Must be a "man thing"!

My favorite thing of all.........

What is better than a four generation picture!
My MIL, son, Grandaughter and Great Grandaughter.
I am so proud of my MIL, 88 in 3 months and going strong!

My beautiful nieces

We always do Memorial Day on Sunday.
That way everyone can get together and still have Monday 
to relax before heading back to work.

Thank you to all the men and women
who served to ensure we have a day like today.
Your are not forgotten...


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifty Means Free McCoy!

Look at what my neighbor gave me!
2 McCoy vases!

A friend of hers that is kind of a Picker got them from someone that did not want them.
The Picker said they were not her style?
My neighbor knew that they WERE MY STYLE!
She gave them to my neighbor and she gave them to me

They are headed to the Cottage.....
unless I decide to cut some of my
Annabelle Hydrangea and put in them!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Love of Vintage Metal Chairs

When did I fall in love............
I guess they are like our Mr.'s
Some are old and worn.......

Some are new to us and are bright and cheery!

They come in all different sizes, styles and colors

Some of them we redo and get them just the way we like them...

Yes all the chairs I have gotten over the years
the 2 identical yellow ones my SIL gave me because she was tired 
trying to scrap the paint and they were not her style.

The other yellow one at 1515 I love, Mr. and I were driving around town
in my convertible with the top down and some had put it out in the trash!
He jumped out and away we drove with it in the back seat!

And the new one the twins bought for the new deck at 1515.

But these mean the most

Back in the early 90's I found these in the basement of an antique store,
they were $2 a piece and my friends thought
"why do you want those?"

I can remember summer days at my neighbor's house, sitting in them 
under her pergola, rocking and visiting. She was more like a 
Grandma to me than anything.
They were my favorite color green, and you can still see a little.

Fast forward to 1996.
The first date for Mr. and I.
Now remember he is a painter.........
As we sat on my back deck, I asked him about how should I paint
the chairs?
Before I knew it he had them loaded up in his truck and drove away with them....

Thank goodness there was a second date!
He brought them back, white and pristine.
He was so proud, how could I not fall in love with him?

We have neglected them for a couple of years and the wear and tear show.
They make great pictures for Shabby Chic white, but I am ready for them to 
be pristine white again!

So Mr. please take them to the shop and make them pretty again!
I  love them and I love my Mr.

Now did you know you were going to read a Vintage Love story
about Vintage Metal Chairs?

Hypnotic Hydrangea

OK, I can not help myself! My Hydrangea's are doing so well this year.
Or I just stand in the yard and stare at them....hypnotic!
I just keep taking pictures of them!

So many ways to use them
of course my silver creamer has a bouquet
I have to show them with my tea cup with the hydrangea on it

The pink seems to be giving way to more blue

Love the forever bloomer right now
Can you see the Annabelle hiding behind the tree this morning??

Starting to turn white.

Busy getting ready for our annual Memorial Day party.
How about the blue and white hydrangea in some ball 
jars for the table centerpieces?
I had better go work on that!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yard Pinks

For Pink Saturday, I can find plenty of Pinks in my garden

My Lilly's I planted last year are blooming
Such a pretty soft pink

My last peony bloom...I hate to think I have to wait a entire year to
smell their fragrance

The picture just does not do justice to how gorgeous my 
Nikko Blue hydrangea is this year
The blooms are falling over the fence from the front 
yard to the back yard
the colors are different on the one plant

The pink forever hydrangea outside the cottage
The new dawn climbing rose is about done with its first bloom.
Love the beauty....

This I can not believe!
This wanted planted in the cottage window box last year.
I guess we had a mild winter....a petunia came back to life in Illinois?
I would say it is a Proven Winner!!
And the geraniums and  hanging geraniums that my husband
wintered at his business are blooming and gorgeous.

Can you tell Pink is my primary color in my garden?