Friday, December 30, 2011

Think of Me

As 2011 comes to a close
I have to think about
those near and dear no longer with us

My pink Think of Me mug I got in North Carolina
at a antique store that stood on my families property
during the Revolutionary War

I will never forget you..............

My cousins Grandmother celebrating her 100th in January,
it would be her last.

Lee Ann my dear friend
How I miss your smile, your laugh and the sweet notes you
would send me.

Tom, my beloved big cousin
This one hurts the most, the world seems not as bright without
you in it.

and then my dear Heidi girl
Mommy misses your kisses everyday

As we think about the next year please take time to think of those you miss
and remember what all they contributed to your life.

I will Think of Them often in the coming year. I plan
to treasure everyday that I get
to spend with those I love in 2012.

I hope it is a Happy New Year
Full of anticipation of all the good to come in

If you would like to read their stories, please click on their name

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Auction Fun in December

When I was at 1515 for the Holidays I was able to go
to the weekly auction with my friend.
We love to go and spend the entire evening.
We stay till the end when tables go for $1.

Here are the vintage items I picked up for a
total of $14!

My favorite find of the night

Two Pyrex bowls with lids in mint condition
One is yellow and one is print and in red and yellow...great for the kitchen at 1515
The pattern is "Friendship" and I paid $6 for the both of them.

I was really happy with this vintage celery dish

Perfect for Christmas since the design is holly berries
this cost me $1. No one else bid on it?

Some knifes never used in the box
In the box was also a cast iron little truck I gave to my
brother for Christmas.

Then in a box she opened my friend found these and could
not wait to tell me to bid on them.
All the little angel bells say Merry Christmas in another language,
this is the French one.
I got the entire box for $1,

Then to round out things.....
A Plat book of Edgar County IL
I love genealogy and was thrilled to pick this up for $5.
My cousin and I have been trying to figure out where
my GGGGrandmothers farm was.
We were able to find it on the plat map,
so very happy!

So much fun for so little money.
Great people watching...seems the
things I think are garbage sells and
the things I like go fairly cheap...thank goodness!

I only get to go about 4 times a year since it is on
a Tuesday night.
Can't wait to go again.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Review 2011

As I told you yesterday, Christmas did not
turn out as we expected. I guess the good thing
is we packed it all in on Christmas Eve with
our family.

We had my Brother and Sister in law over at noon
for our traditional dinner and unwrapping of presents.

The table was simply set with my Mother's
Lenox and her Holly Fostoria, the silverware
is my Silver Artistry.

Simple centerpiece of a silver compote with a candle.

Everything was illuminated in the dining room

My sister in law gave me some great gifts, a
Encaustic painting she did just for me
with vintage Victorian paper and
a truly unique silver creamer and
sugar that belonged to her Mother.
I will feature it at some point

She is a fantastic photographer and she took these next pictures
Greta enjoying her first Christmas with us, Uncle Mark brought a treat.
She spent most of the day chewing on this then took the remainder out
to bury in the yard....reminded me of the dog from the Travelers commercial.

I still miss Heidi, but who could not love this face?

Boots loves laying under the Christmas tree.
Pinky is put out, he did not get his picture taken!

Then it was on to my Brother in laws, where there is usually about 35 of us.
We have appetizers, a white elephant gift exchange and charades

My husband is one of eight, all were there but one brother and his children
and 2 other granddaughters.
This is my beautiful 87 year young Mother in law with my nephew from
New York's fiance.
We also found out that night one of my nephew's and his wife are
expecting a baby! That will make the 5th Great Grandchild for
my Mother in law.

We took Mom back home and opened up some gifts we got
for her and made it home at 1 am!
Then the next morning Mr. was sick for the first time
since I ever known him in 15 years.
So it was a quiet day at home being a nurse for
him...I did have to run to Walgreens for
some chicken noodle soup.

Today looks like another day of relaxing since he
still does not feel great.
But then that is ok, just sitting and visiting, we
don't get to do that enough.

Hope yours was wonderful!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Christmas Night

It is Christmas Night
and here I sit alone.

My poor husband for the first time I have known
him in 15 years is actually sick with a
stomach virus.

Luckily we had my brother and SIL over yesterday
and last night was at Mr. Brother's.
But tonight we are missing dinner at his
sisters with my MIL.

It was not what I had planned.
But I had leftovers and ate on my Christmas dishes.

It makes me think of the Christmas of 1977.
I was a senior in HS, and my Mother got the
stomach flu, we had a blizzard and well....
let's just say it was not what we had planned.

However, it is the Christmas I will never forget.
I made dinner, my first turkey. I was so upset
that I left the gizzard in! I cried.
But my dear sweet Daddy laughed and
told me it was ok.
But I was proud I made the entire dinner for us
that Christmas.
And of course after the snow stopped and
Mom felt better we made it to my Grandparents
the next day or so.

Why is that Christmas so special?
It was my Dad's last Christmas, and I am able to
say that at 17, I cooked him a
Christmas dinner.

I am really missing my parents and grandparents tonight.

Sometimes things do not work out they way we plan.
But as my Uncle Don told me years ago, "we don't know
why things happen they way we do but their is a reason".
That was the reason that season.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

This is my favorite day of the year
I think it is always been the anticpation of what is to come.

May your Christmas be as happy as mine was in 1962!
So kick up your heels and have fun with your family.

Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 23, 2011

There is Alot to do Today!

If your like me there is alot to do today!
We are having my brother and sister in law for Christmas Eve tomorrow.
That means I have to wrap the presents, clean the house
 and start cooking.

I must get the dining room table looking like this

It is only Christmas if I get to spend it with my brother.
We still exchange gifts like we did when my Mother
was alive, in other words we will be unwrapping
for a couple of hours! And the house will look
like a disaster.
Here we are in 1961
Do you notice my jumper?
yep, there it is on the right, sitting on a stool in the pink bedroom
at 1515. The other is a top that was in a picture that was
taken at 1515 in 1962 with me on my Grandad's lap.

So I better get cracking and get out to the kitchen

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Merry Christmas Table Top

When I bought my house years ago, I wanted a large
dining room. I had my Grandmother's buffet and hutch along with
a antique buffet I had bought at an auction. So I wanted
plenty of room for all the pieces. Luckily I found that house
with the large dining room.

I love decorating the buffet

new pieces and vintage pieces.
with white lights and evergreen

I especially love it at night

My Portmerion plate I bought in London years ago, my Grandmothers cut
glass holder

new mercury glass

My silver, a vintage sugar shaker

Christmas Old English Rose

Now a look at my Grandmother's buffet
Her silver set and some pieces of her American Fostoria
Both were used when she hosted her Eastern Star meetings or
Book lovers club.

A little silver basket filled with greens
Her sterling silver candlesticks
I always fill up some of the dishes with Hershey miniatures
for the Holidays, just as she always did
The mirror always hung about the buffet at her house, so it does in
my dining room too. Reflects my MIL beautiful china cabinet she gave me
that is filled with nothing but crystal.
My little plates I picked up several years ago.
I still miss going to Grandma's for Christmas,
it has been 25 years since I did.
But the wonderful memories live on.

Merry Christmas to all Marty and all my TTT friends!


Today is the Day the Tree Would Go Up....

Today is my Daddy's birthday
That was the day the Christmas tree would go up at 1515
it was always one of my Dad's birthday presents on December 19th.

This is my Dad in front of 1515 in December 1943, just before leaving
for the Pacific
I have this on the side table in his boyhood bedroom
This is the tree that year in 1943 at 1515. I can only imagine what it
was like. My poor Grandparents facing the fact their only son was
headed of to a World War.
Look at all the pretty packages wrapped in tissue paper.

This picture of Christmas dinner says it all, with candlelight
shining and the family praying

I have a tree in his room
notice the red rider bb gun in the corner....

Happy Birthday Daddy, there was a tree at 1515 for you again this year