Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink Flower Stand

I just started my vacation, so I plan on working out in the yard this next week..can't wait. Hope it does not rain again and again.
Last week I was able to get the front porch cleaned.

I was so happy when I found this pink wire flower stand a few years ago. Rebecca I may of bought off of you? I have it filled with my pink McCoy flower pots and yes, pink flowers!

The darn squirrels broke one of my figure flower pots. One I really liked but can not repair. So here is a repurpose!
Her poor little head broken off, but she looks good peeking out behind the blooms in the flower pot!

Hopefully my husband will get my planter boxes back on the front porch and I can fill them with the pink geraniums that always are on my porch. I always wonder if anyone ever calls our house the "pink geranium house"

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!
After the wedding, I am off to 1515 and then to Indiana for a cousin weekend of fun and laughs!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memories of London

With this past Easter Sunday and the Royal Wedding coming up, I am thinking of London and missing my Mother so.

Here she is taking a quick break outside St. Paul's.

My Mother and I use to be frequent travelers to England.  In 1992 my Mom and I got our passports for the first time, and headed to Europe for a 2 week tour. We loved the shopping and the historical sightseeing. So we went back again and again. One special trip we were in London on Easter Sunday and went to St. Paul's for the Sunday service.

So with the wedding coming up here are some snippets of favorite memories and why.

The gates of Buckingham Palace were quiet on this day.

The mall on Easter Sunday 1992. You can see Buckingham Palace in the background. This is the route the wedding processional will take back from Westminster Abbey.

June 1993 the same route with the Union Jack hanging for Trooping the Color.

Westminster Abbey, where the action will be tomorrow. Pictures are not allowed inside.

Now, can I tell you a story about my memories of when Princess Diana got married? I was a 21 year old RN, working night shift. I worked on a medicine floor but got pulled that night to a step down ICU. I remember they were only 4 rooms, I had 2. In one room was a college student who had drank too much and her roommate who was elderly and legally deaf. There was a old large tv in the room by the door, and yes I had it on quietly and when I had a moment I would wander by to look.
I promised myself that when William got married I WOULD be off so I could watch the wedding. The day they announced their engagement, I asked for the day off. So I am starting my vacation starting today, yippee! 20 days off!! What a way to start it.
Memories of Diana
St Paul's

Small narrow roads lead you to St. Paul's

The famous steps and door where Diana passed.

And here is the isle Diana walked with that 25 ft train

Here is my favorite day in London

Standing outside the Ritz. My Mom and I met my Mom's best friend who just happened to be in London the same time we were met us at the Ritz for tea. I remember how I planned out my outfit, I am sure I used Diana as a role model.  One thing I won't forget is, we went by taxi and the taxi driver said "mum, make him come open the door for you" meaning the greeter outside the Ritz.

Here we are, two small town gals having high tea at the Ritz in London.

The beauty that surrounded us that day.

I hope you enjoyed the London tour of my memories. Sorry but these were taken before we had digital photos.
So tomorrow, I will sip from my Harrods tea cup with a vintage Selfridge's silver spoon, and relive some memories and miss my mother.

Happy life Kate and Will!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Glimpses of a Pink Easter

Happy Pink Saturday on this Easter weekend!

Here are the Easter pinks I found in the house.

My Grandmother's glass basket, filled with pink grass and robins eggs.

A box of chicks trimmed in pink

Pink bunnies....ah no chicks, posing as bunnies!

Bunnies adorned in pink bows!
Or vintage bunnies all in pink!

And a handful of post card all trimmed in Pink

In case you missed Table Top Tuesday, here are some more Easter and pink I have displayed in my dining room.

A Sweet Pink Easter Saturday. Hope yours is spent with family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vintage Victorian Metal Flower Stand

This weekend I had some good weather days so we were able to get out and wash the siding and clean off the front porch. So then I could begin planting some things in my vintage flower pots.

This is my vintage wire flower stand. I had wanted one for years but they were so expensive until I found this one!

This is the mess I had!  before now.............

after....aahhh all clean and planted.

home depot had a good sale on geraniums, so I decide to go with them. I have trouble getting things to grow here, no sun until late afternoon then it is so intense.

I am so happy when I find old trellis's, I love the look.

My kitty cat to watch over the porch!

This is one of my favorite McCoy pots, because of the rose design. I have the same one in pink.

Since it is almost Easter, here are 2 of my bunny planters.

I could show you my other trellis and outdoor front porch vignettes but I will save that for another week.

My wicker planter is in need of repair and my husband has not brought the ferns and geraniums home from storing them at his business over the winter yet. The geraniums are in planter boxes my mom had built for her mother on mothers day during WWII. They are filled with pink geraniums, I have hanging pink geraniums and ferns hanging around the wrap around porch. I sometimes wonder if people call my house the pink geranium house?

here is a preview

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