Monday, February 29, 2016

Vintage Advertising Plates

While walking through antique stores have you seen those
floral plates with advertising on them?
Did your family have any?

When we bought 1515 my cousin Donna brought this one back to 1515.

a pretty little floral plate

my sweet Aunt Mary wrote on the back that it belonged to her mother my Grandmother.

I even found a picture of the shop.
Made my imagination go wild. Look at the hats in the window
What had did Grandmother buy?
They were open from the 1880s'-1930's on the town square.

was it the fur hat?

or her other fur had with her muff or the one she had in Nursing School in Chicago.

or this ornate one coming out of her parents house.

this is a picture of the Charleston student nurses arriving in Charleston.
They all have hats on, did they come from Kenoyers?
Grandmother is on the left

That is not the only one I have

Looks like this one was given out at Christmas

They were in business until the 1950's

I found this at a antique store. At the turn of last century just going over a County or 2 to visit someone was a trip and worthy of a Souvenir.

Did your Grandmother have any advertising plates or cups?
I need to carefully read my Aunt Annie's diaries and see if she tells about Grandmother going to Kenoyers and buying a hat.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Auction Find Highlights Family Heirlooms and Ladies

A few years ago at the Tuesday night auction I go to with my friend when I am 1515 I saw a great little shelf 

It was walnut and the scroll work on the side reminded me of something?

My Mom's treasured walnut end tables.
One of the first things my Mom and Dad got when setting up housekeeping in 1947

After my Mother died I could not part with them and one I used in my spare bedroom as a side table.
But when I bought 1515 I thought perfect!

One on each side of the couch at 1515 and you can see the shelf

Recently I was scanning old slides

1957 my sweet Daddy and to his left one of the tables.
This was in their apartment

Moving on to the 1970's
Myself and my beloved dog
Cumberland Queen Ann
and there is the end table
Dad taking goofy pictures of Mom and I with the end table there again

There are so many things I look back at and see something from my parents or Grandparents I use to this day.

So back to the shelf
It is there to honor the women who came before me along with my collection of Remember Me cups

all Grandmothers with the exception of Aunt Annie on the rt

My 2nd Great Grandmother Martha Houston Mitchell Galbreath
she was a true pioneer woman. She raised 13 children, learning herbs healing effects from the local Indians in Illinois in the 1820's, her father survived the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse fought on his parents plantation.
So yes I Remember you 

Martha's son James Adam Galbreath with his bride Catherine Fitzhue Wilson on their wedding in 1886. She is the little girl in the tin type about the time she lost her mother.
I think of them as Mama and Papa because of my Aunt Annie's diaries.
They lived at 1515 with my Grandparents during the depression 
after they had to sell their farm and house in town.

Catherine's Mother  and Grandmother
Mary Hickman Wilson died in childbirth, this is the only picture I have of her. 
The nurse in me wonders why did she have a droop mouth, 
did she have something that contributed to her death in childbirth at the age of 34 such as a stoke?

Her mother Catherine Sherer Hickman is on the rt and that is a card celebrating her 90th birthday.
I had a post once about her birthday part where her Grandaughters baked a 90 layer cake.
My Grandmother thought of her as her Grandmother even though she was her Great Grandmother.
Through my Aunt Annie's diaries I know so much about her even with her being my 3rd Great Grandmother. 

I do Think of Them
My Paternal Grandmothers were wonderful examples for me to live by.
We all have hardships and happiness they make us who we are today.
I truly believe our ancestors made us who we are even if we never knew them.
So blessed to know them from Aunt Annie's diaries and to have their pictures to reflect on at 1515.

Have a great day.
And take time to think of those who came before you.

Remember Me