Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Look Back

A year ago I started my May vacation,

I remember it well I did a post on it because
it was so memorable.
It cost $8,000 worth of damage to my
car, because it got hailed on twice in one day and 2 
different locations.
Luckily my husband's SUV was spared.
We still need to get our new roof on.

But the other thing was the progression of the

My tulips are just now blooming, my lilac is ready,
the forsythia has finished and the red buds are at a
beautiful peak.
However last year
The Iris's were blooming
My David Austin roses were showing their first blooms
I was making bouquets of rose, lilacs

This year none of this yet.
I do have pansies planted
and yesterday Mr. brought the ferns and hanging
geraniums from his business where they go for the winter.

Yesterday was so cold and rainy I turned the heat back on.
I hate having the heat on.
But maybe I don't mind the flowers being late this year.
I am taking vacation later this year
and hopefully the weather will warm up
and I will see the peonies at 1515 all in bloom.
do you remember they were the flowers
of Memorial Day?
People took them to the cemetery.
This year that may be possible
circa 1950
Mama and Papa Snyder
(my Great Grandparents)
taking Peony bouquets to the cemetery.

It is so interesting to go back and read your blog and see
where, what and how you were doing a year ago.
Maybe I need to see what I was doing 2 years ago.
So I was the Royal wedding
and I was thinking about being in London
 with my Mom in the 1990's.
Have a great Sunday

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Girl Time

Sorry, no posting for awhile!
I worked 3 12 hr days in a row in order to go out of town
with my girlfriends.
Work has been long and hard lately so we were so happy
to hit the road for some shopping.
Our favorite thing is to follow old Route 40 from
St. Louis to my hometown Greenup and stop
and the many antique stores along the way.
We stop first in Pocahontas IL for a 
wonderful breakfast.
of course we were on the hunt for Pyrex
found this rare lime green square dot
Our girlfriend already had this one!

wait...there is more! I picked up that tiny yellow Pyrex dish
could it be a sample size? I have never seen a casserole that small.

after 100 miles of antiquing we made it to 1515 and crashed!
PJ time

Breakfast down the street at South Side Cafe
Ready to go!

Headed to Arcola/Arthur/Tuscola
text message and a picture back home to our
friend looking for a roll top Hoosier cabinet.

No visit to Arcola IL is complete
without a trip to see Dodger
He loves to have you throw the ball!

The twins met up with us here.
I could not wait to take the girls here.
The place is amazing.
Homemade foods, bulk baking supplies etc!

They bought pies, bacon, herbs, dip mixes,
noodles, snacks, you name it
aisle after aisle

Dinner out with the twins
Susan, me and Patty

to the twins house to try out their
aperitif glasses I got them for Christmas
Some lemoncello!

Cheers to a wonderful weekend!!

I had a Charleston Riot meeting the next day so they
went for a walk and in good friend fashion, they
changed all the sheets, vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen floor,
so 1515 was spotless when we left.

I adore my friends, such a good time.
I am one lucky girl!

What have you been up to?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dear Diary

Do you keep a diary?
I think I did when I was little, but don't now.
But is a way our blogs are a diary? We tell
about our families, trips, happiness, sadness,
new finds.

I looked at the date and realized my Grandmother
who lived at 1515 died 56 years ago yesterday.
Before my brother and I were even born.

But I feel like I know her and I know her
parents Mama and Papa, her siblings,
Walter, Jamie, Clifford, Max, Esther and 
Annie.......because of Annie

Have you seen these record ledgers at antique stores?
They were used for many things.
My Aunt used them as a diary.
this is the one she used during WWII

She wrote them from 1900-1945
It is everyday life sprinkled with 
the same things I mentioned we blog about.
Trips, families, happiness, sadness and new purchases.

I can read about my Grandmothers "Bessie" 10th birthday in 
March 8,1902
some tell of elaborate parties some just the passing of the
day like in 1902.
My very favorite is this entry
It is a way I can also pinpoint so many pictures for the dates.
My Great Great Great Grandmother Hickman 2nd rt
with her 90 layer cake!
Reading the diary makes the day feel like I was there.

My Dad's cousin is scanning all the diaries so we
can share them with all the family.
I can read about the day my Grandparents 
moved into 1515.
My Great Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.
The day my Dad was born.

How valuable is that.
So remember, your blog can be thought of as
your modern day diary.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Oh What a Beautiful Morning....Oh What a Beautiful Day"

When Greta got me up at this morning
as I came down the stairs
I saw something that put a smile on my face!
I can see a pansy on my window sill
It was almost a surprise!
I planted yesterday

Today is beautiful and Mr. and I have worked
in the front yard cleaning out the beds, and
sipping tea on the front porch

the spring air has Boots hanging loose

Beds cleaned, Mr. working on our front door screen.
Guess he better work on the lattice work next.

My yellow peony I bought at the end of the season
last year is peeking up, can't wait!

funny to see the hosta up

My Daffodils have not bloomed yet?

love the sweet faces I planted

over wintered some begonia's and geraniums and
brought them out.

Soon Mr. can bring my hanging geraniums and ferns from 
his shop where he winters them for me.
And my Grandma's planter boxes with the geraniums.

My Tetee daffodil's are blooming

a bouquet for Tete from
hope your feeling better

Hope your Sunday was as beautiful as mine.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorry I Have Been Missing This Week!

Where does the time go????

I have not even read your wonderful blogs this week.
I always miss you.
On Wednesday I had my yearly checkup and
it is near where my MIL lives.
We always do a yearly lunch and some shopping when I get done.
This year she said, "we can't go out to lunch"
They were having a special guest at 1200 at her 
retirement village


The St. Louis Cardinals mascot
Love the picture of Mom in her red with Fredbird.
They had burgers, brats, corn dogs and were even serving beer!
It was a fun day.

I will catch up with you soon.
I think spring is here....I bought some Pansy's today