Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Pillows

I am not sure how it happened, but at 1515 my cousins and I ended up buying pillows for the kitchen chairs? They have cherries, fruit and my favorite has a big red tomato on it.

Here is the tomato one on the green chair, my favorite chair and favorite pillow.

The cherry pillow

Here is the one with the fruit on it

This one has red tulips

So here they all are, with 5 different chairs and 5 different pillows for the 5 cousins at 1515!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Finds Part III

Last week end I went to a local antique/flea market with a $60 limit for myself. On Friday I showed you my vintage gardening finds. On Saturday I showed you the Pink finds. For today I am going to show the demitasse cups I bought at the same flea market.

I had been really wanting to find some demitasse cups and I will show you why!

I was able to get 4 of these tea cups for $20. They are so dainty and I love the roses.
Beautiful little roses on the inside of the cup

Here is the saucer and they were German made.

And here is the reason I wanted some pretty demitasse cups, the demitasse spoons I bought on line several years ago.  The reason I bought them is that they match my Grandmothers silver that I have.

They are perfect for this time of year!

I love this pattern

There is even a daffodil on the back and you can see the makers mark.

Small tea cups, small tea spoons and small daffodils!

These are my Tete Daffodils, I love them. They make me think of my friend Tete from Beyond the Garden Gate, so sweet, so pretty and they bring a smile to my face!

I wanted to decorate for Easter this weekend but, husband and I did so renovation work in our kitchen...not cleaned up enough to show yet! So until I am ready for a tea party on my dining room  buffet.

Thank you for stopping by!!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink Present

This week I have been showing you my treasures I got last weekend. I saved the pink things for today

Here are the Pinks

A tin and a Easter cottage cheese container

Isn't she pretty?

Now for the Pink Present for myself

Oh how I this cup with the pink roses!

And the best part!
Can you see? I only paid $5 for it!! I could not believe that was the price, oh what a wonderful present for myself. And that is what I will think everytime I see it.

Have a very Happy Pink Saturday!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vintage Gardening Finds

Last weekend I remembered it was the 3rd weekend of the month and that a town a few miles away would be having their flea/antique market. I was trying not to go, but.....oh how I wanted to. So I gave myself a $60 limit and headed out.

Here is what all I got for the money!

The other things I will save for some other posts. I was happy to find some really good buys. In times I have gone and there would not be one buy under $30.

Here is what we are going to look at today...because I am ready to garden and get my garden cottage cleaned up.
I was thrilled to find one booth that sold nothing but vintage garden items. I could of bought out the entire booth...but I restrained myself!

I like sprinklers and when I saw this I thought of my Mom. She sometimes would talk about someone being hyper and would say "they were running around like a whirling dervish". Not sure if I really knew what that meant until I saw this. Now it makes me think of my Mom and it puts a smile on my face.

I collect these tiny flower pots...I don't think there is anyway you could use them? I have one that was my Grandmothers, hers is yellow.

Did you notice the seed packets?

 Check out the dates!

They will be displayed on this when I get it home............

My seed packet stand.

They had several sprayers, but I went with the Ortho one.

I can never pass up green tools.

And a tray.

love the flowers!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Remember those Milk Glass Vases?

Do you remember in the 1960's and 1970's, everytime you got a flower from the flower shop it came with a milk glass vase?
My friend who owns a antique store picked up a ton of them and was giving them away. So even though they are abundant, I thought why not. She gave me 5 and here is what I did with them.

For the dining room table at 1515


In the kitchen window with my yellow chicken and hens.

Free things are so fun, and they bring back memories of forgotten days. When I broke my arm, when I had a birthday, when I sent my mom a flower as a child....
The flower shop at home would deliver the milk glass vase with one rose in it if that was what you ordered. Does this bring any memories back to you?

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Monday, March 21, 2011

What did you do on the 1st day of Spring?

We were blessed with a gorgeous Sunday and temperatures in the high 70's. That meant a day working in the yard!

I planted all the pansies I bought on Saturday.

I have a lot of these plant holders in different shapes and sizes.

What a mess, emptied out all the pots and washed them ready for planting later next month!

Someone is taking a nap in the sun.

I love all pansies but for Spring this is my favorite color
This was my Grandmothers planter, I love it. I am happy Easter is a little later so I can decorate the porch.
He will reside in the oval window all year until I bring out Grandma's black cat for Halloween.

Spruced up the gate a little.

Then it was time for a little fun!

aaahhhh the top down, the sun shining and the breeze in my hair. Ok it was only to go to do grocery shopping but I had to get the top down. Too bad my girl is so dirty, we ran out of time to get the car and truck washed.

Today it is to be 80! I want to work in the yard but I also want to get the Cottage cleaned, it is a little overwhelming what a mess it is right now from moving things out of it for 1515 and over the winter storage.
So I better get moving!
Have a great day what ever you find yourself doing.