Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something To Crow About

Or Cock a Doodle Do about!
Found this last week out shopping with my Girlfriend
Black rooster Pyrex!
Kind of looks like Butterprint
Research shows it is a 1958 promotional piece
It does not have the lid but for $7 that's OK
black and white
just like the floor at 1515
 it is great shape, I don't think it was ever used?
Should fit in just fine!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tale of Two Books

It is a rainy day here in Illinois 
and I am sitting snuggled in my chair
my little corner of the world

This is the tale of 2 books

my "go to" cookbook
well worn with love
a Christmas present in 1974 when I was 14
I find it funny that it is from Grandma only and not
Grandma and Pa as most of my presents said
here I am that Christmas in 1974...or at least from the waist down
one of the tabs is broken off
Grandma made the best banana bread, I can remember sitting in her kitchen
writing down the recipes from her recipe box
The oatmeal cake we made on Thanksgiving
now what do you see?
The same cookbook in near mint condtion!
I found it out shopping last week for $2
very minimal wear over the last 40 years
oh no did I say 40 years, oh my gosh!
was not given to someone by their loving Grandma
perfect pages, no flour, splatters of batter
And I think never used because the tabs have never been taken out of the back 
of the book.
It is going to 1515
So I will have my "go to" Cookbook there.
Of course Grandma's love it always with me.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last Weekend Flea Market Finds

With the Holidays over, my friend and I headed to the
Flea Market for the first time in months.

Here is what I found!
Do you see a gardening theme here?

This adorable little piece is like a patio cart.
May get a plant or may go on my desk with pens in it.
even the wheels look real
it was $8

what is this?
a jar opener!
It is red and said IGA, the store in my hometown
$3 and something I may well use!

I see flowers in this hand e toter!
love the color and the price $7

I collect miniature wheelbarrows
metal and was marked $22, but the booth 
had everything marked half off!!

And in honor of President's Day
The Charleston Riot
Abraham Centennial post card
sent by a little girl to her Grandmother

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Victorian Necklace

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I own

It looks like someone from Downton Abbey might be wearing?

I love the design, looks like it is dripping amethyst's

It belonged to my Maternal Great Great Grandmother
This is Margaret Ellen Wilson Cash
born in 1856
This is the youngest picture I have of her, this was in 
The baby is my Grandmother, being held by her Mother, with her Grandmother on the rt.
I wish had the necklaces and brooches they have on in the picture.
I wish I knew the history of the necklace.
It is not her birthstone
I do love to wear it.
and one day when I was at my jeweler
I found earrings the were almost a perfect match!
They were meant to be.
I hope GGGrandmother Margaret knows how much I love it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here Is What I Did With That Great Chippy Shabby Flower Bucket

You told me you wanted to see what I was going to do with the
Chippy Shabby Flower Bucket...
just a very simple forsythia arrangement with a hint
of springtime in Paris

the Paris plaque was made by my very talented SIL
love my cast iron birdie, bought it the great little town of
Mebane NC

so glad to have a touch of spring
ice is coming Thursday...uuugggghh

Have a great Tuesday

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Bought The Pink Vase Because?

I just picked up this pretty pink vase.

I turned it over to see if it had a mark
like USA, McCoy etc.
But I was even happier with the tag I found
as soon as I saw this I knew it came from
Benedict's 5&10 in Charleston!
So I had to have it, wish it was still 29 cents.
Why you ask?
Never a Saturday went by that I was not at Benedict's.
We would go visit my Grandparents every Saturday.
We would pick up Grandma, drive to my Grandfather's gas station 
behind Benedict's, park and walk up to the square to shop.

It had the best toy shop where we would go visit the lady that
worked at the counter, Mary.
The main area had tons of cases with candy.
The basement kind was full of colored glass
candy dishes, pots and pans.
Many a day, Mr. Benedict might be sitting at my
Grandfathers gas station "loafing" as they called it.
It might as well of been Santa Claus to me!

Of course the best place on earth closed in the early 1980's when
Walmart came to town.

The building still looks the same, I peer in the windows and I
day dream of a days gone by. Back in the 1960's, this was the
happiest place on earth.
I love the 5 and 10 entry way, I hope it will always be there.

So how could I not buy that vase?
I guess I will keep it at 1515, so it stays in the town it started at.
Did you have a favorite Dime Store growing up?