Friday, October 5, 2012

Annus Horrbilis

Remember in 1992
when Queen Elizabeth declared it her
"Annus Horribilis"
Horrible Year
Windsor Castle caught fire and Charles and Andrew her sons divorced.

Today I start my October vacation
I am hoping my
Annus Horribilis is over and a fresh start
is now under way.

October 8, 2011
the first day of my vacation my dear cousin died
The next birthday was in heaven

On Tuesday Oct 11th
My constant companion and the
sweetest girl died
Oh how I still miss that face
The next day with the car full of cousins we headed to Chicago,
 it was time for Tom's funeral
now there was 7 instead of 8 of us

I was exhausted by the time it was to go back to work.
Being home without Heidi was so hard.

What else has made it difficult?
Nothing as bad.

My brand new car, which I had taken in to see why it died on me and
was told nothing was wrong with it...
the day I was to come back from 1515, it was dead in the
garage. It had to be towed the 140 miles home, and my friends
had to help pack me up and bring me home.

The water line broke at 1515
oh wait!
The water broke at home too!
Both yards had to been torn up and
$$$$$$$ later, well the water pressure is better
Did I mention my husband by now can not bring a
paycheck home because business is so bad.

no more 3 12 hr days a week
now working over time, 8hrs more a week
to make ends meet.

Another unthinkable thing..
On a Sunday morning, we found our sweet Pink dead.
No reason for it? He seemed healthy and was only 10.
He was the last present I ever bought my Mother.

Another vacation is here
Ahhh, and new start, fresh start, time for things to be better
the first day of my vacation I was out shopping with my
SIL and BIL in from out of town
It hailed at my MIL house!
ok one huge dent, no big deal.
Well, that night it hailed again!
$8,800 later my car was fixed.
Still need our new roof put on.

finally got the car fixed this month but not until after my neighbors tree
limb fell on my rental car!

probably just the 100 degree weather

The freezer went out, hate throwing away food when we have to budget to buy it!

So hear we start October vacation
with some intrepidation
can you understand?

Just want a peaceful vacation free of death and destruction.

But my SIL(who has ovarian cancer) reminded us during the hail storm,
those things are small to worry about.

But between the sad, there has been fun and laughter.
Too many to even list as I go back and look at pictures.
My husband, cousins and coworkers make life so good.
So many memorable days the last year and hopefully many more.

So please say a little pray as I start my 


Donna said...

Wow, what a year, Ann! Sounds about as crazy and stressful as mine has been! Wishing you a wonderful vacation, full of nothing but peace and relaxation!!

sweetvintageofmine said...

I'm so sad you have lost the most precious things in your life. I pray that you have a stress free and peaceful but FUN vacation. A few years back, I lost a grandmother, 2 aunts, 1 uncle and a brother-n-law (only 40)in a period of 3 months. It was a very sad time for my family as I know it is for you. My heart goes out to you....have a wonderful trip! p.s. Your pink cat is a twin to my SKITTLES cat...I thought I was looking at him..He is pink too and really...I've never seen 2 cats so much alike in appearance! Be Blessed~~~~Roxie

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Yes, you have had your fair share of troubles. Here's hoping that the next year is filled with nothing but good things!

Rose H (UK) said...

Dearest Ann,what awful things - too many for one year by far.
I sincerely hope that this vacation is the start of a new (exiting) chapter, and helps to heal some of the things from the past year.
Have a wonderful, stress free holiday!
Rose H

Paulette said...

Thank you for making my days happy with your wonderful post from your blog.
Wishing you good times and good cheer on your vacation and the rest of the year. You deserve it!

ann said...

When I broke my ankle a few years ago and was non weight baring for 15 and a half weeks, confined to my family room and almost a bathroom, I was reminded how lucky I really was when a dear friend was diagnosed with stage 4 beast cancer and had a double mastectomy. I do hope that you have a better year, that all of the bad stuff happened last year won't repeat--what the chances? Stay in good health.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Life does indeed happen...and it is difficult at best. I pray for you that this will be a better time for you. I hope that you can continue to find the lovely, the pure, the worthy of praise and dwell on those things.

20 North Ora said...

Ann - Sounds like the last year has not been so good for you. Sorry!! Hopefully, as you start this vacation, things will begin to fall into place and only good things will happen. Blessings to you and your family.

So sorry about your precious pets. They are so much a part of our lives and leave such a big hole to fill.


Olive said...

You got that prayer ANN. Bless you.

DearHelenHartman said...

Here's to the conclusion to the Annus Horriblis and onto better and better times. Surprised to hear you talking about it as I was just trying to remember the phrase this morning (had one of those about 5 years ago and you have my sympathy).

Unknown said...

Dear Ann,
Soon the year will be 2013..yikes..Hope that numbers brings happier days..out with the old and in with the new..may it be a whole lot brighter..

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

OMG Ann! Your year did stink!! I'm so sorry about losing family members and especially losing your day to day companions--your dog and cat.
October is here and a fresh year ahead of you. It sounds like you used up all of the Annus Horrbilis for a long time!

Take care,

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I think you've had more than your fair share of unpleasantness and I think you're due for some grace and peace in your life. Wishing you well for the rest of the year!!

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your loved ones, including your beloved pets! Saying a prayer for you, and hoping you have the best vacation ever! Be safe!

Susie said...

Does the name JOB ring a bell...omg. You have had a terrible year. Yet, I see that you have found happiness even in the face of tragedy. God has made you a strong woman able to lift others up in times of need.xoxo, Susie

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ann, you have had a rough year. I will say a prayer for you to have a nice vacation. You take care and I'll be looking forward to hearing about the good time you've had when you get back.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

★Carol★ said...

Oh my, it really has been an Annus Horribilis. You definitely deserve a wonderful vacation, and I hope the next year is full of nothing but GOOD THINGS!

Unknown said...

Sending you good thoughts for a wonderful and calming vacation!