Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Looks at Fall

I still do not have any Fall decorations out!
I did at 1515
But now I am home I just don't seem to have the energy to do it?
Maybe it is the nightmare hidden behind the guest bedroom door?
I should be up there now working on it!!
It is enough to make one scream!

it only takes a pumpkin here or there to make it festive

love my witch lights
keep them lit night and day 
my nightlight in the dark
an orange glow

sweet little faces

the aroma of a carmel candle in a silver basket

the candlesticks were my Grandmother's
back to 1515 where they started

a new find at a new antique store at home

dollar tree pumpkins

so right now if I want to look at fall 
I have to look at my pictures.
I better go hit that bedroom and knock it out...
before my Cardinals play game
#3 of the NLDS!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Donna said...

Well it looks like you have way more fall decorations that I do, Ann! Love the little pumpkin on the scale, how cute is that? I think I'm going to save the seeds from the little white pumpkins and gourds that we bought, so I can try and grow my own next year!!

Susie said...

Wow Ann, I love your fall vignettes. So pretty. Smiles, Susie

Old Fashioned Gal said...

Ahhh! I am in love with your witch light! So adorable!
Your displays are so sweet! :)

Lillie and Moss said...

All of your displays are just so nice....So so pretty! Shari

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your home looks so cozy. Love that witch light. I could use one here year around to warn people away when I am in a mood. Your scale and pumpkin are so cute. It's giving me regrets. I left a little rusty turquoise scale at a local thrift store because I thought, at the time, the owner needed to come down in price a little more, am still regretting it.
Looks like our Rally Squirrel is going to need an umbrella today.
Susie in St. Lou

Gail said...

You do have some beautiful fall pictures to look at Ann! I love the little pumpkin on the scale. Your Cardinals beat our Nationals:( Enjoy the game tonight, Gail

Olive said...

Your pumpkin on the scale is darling. I have taken all my Halloween stuff down. I was tired of it.