Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simple Fall Decorations

This year I feel like having things simple.

I am not hauling up my boxes of 
Halloween and Fall decorations from the basement.
My SIL was shocked.
She said it always looked so wonderful
that she felt inadequate.
I reminder her I do not have children 
and a 1 yr old grandson that I help care for.

So the porch has a few pumpkins, a wreath
and my Pumpkin sign.


One shelf with some vintage Halloween postcards.
The pumpkin head men are from my favorite
artist, Bethany Lowe.
A vintage pitcher with amber cosmos.
just enough to feel fall

transferware compote bowl
with some mini pumpkins and 
Chinese lanterns.

my old standby silver compote bowl

The kitchen is the same
The Hoosier cabinet has my Grandma's teapot and brown crock.
New this year, fall colored Pyrex fridge dishes.
And of course my vintage wheelbarrow hauling a pumpkin.
My tea canister, purchased in Paris at a little kitchen shop.

For the table
a fall napkin and the little pitcher I picked up
on vacation with some mums from the yard.
who knows...
I may do the same for 


Olive said...

Me too Ann, I am feeling a very simple holiday season coming on. I do not feel like bringing down all the boxes and then packing them up again. I have an idea for two small simple trees from the woods nearby. May string some popcorn. I am still not feeling very well-some days I am fine and others not so much. xo, olive

p.s. the cosmos are gorgeous in the vintage picture.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Ann,
I only have a few things out too. Not really feeling to festive this year. Simple is best, and besides there will be less to put away LOL.
What you have out is perfect!
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Paulette said...

I am a believer that less is more. I think your home looks ready for the fall holidays and very lovely.

Rose H (UK) said...

Your home looks so happy and welcoming Ann :o)
Rose H

Old Fashioned Gal said...

I love your decorations! I think it looks very sweet. I have a 4 year old step daughter running around so I always feel compelled to out-do the year before. It is tiresome though. I guess it's all worth it to see the smile on her face! :)

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I think that your decorations are very tastefully done. Lovin the Punkin Head people. I didn't do much this year, except for my shelf behind the couch. This year it bothers me to spend money on a bunch of real pumpkins that will end up rotting and having to be hauled out to the trash and babysat for if I put them outside, because of vandalism. Only bought two mums, the least expensive I could find. I've never had luck planting them in the yard, but may try with those two. I have one bunch of fake mums that I've used outside at Fall for years now. They look pretty good from a distance I sure do enjoy seeing other people's pumpkins and mums on display though.

Susie said...

Ann, I love your decorations...not too many, just enough. Smiles, Susie

Donna said...

I vote for simple, too! Love all of your decorations, especially the vintage postcards. And I am loving the tea canister from Paris! Just think of how much time you'll save putting at all away:)

ann said...

Sometimes quiet and simple just feels really good. So far what you have decorated with looks beautiful and peaceful.

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Your fall decorations are lovely! I like your simple approach!!!


I make my vignettes for fall with real pumpkins and gourds and since I don't have anything faux, I have to put them back in the fridge, lol.. I like your adorable and simple decor. I for now don't have anything out. Thank you for your belated birthday wish and blessings go for you too my friend. I was 60, a big milestone!
Big hugs,

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Wow, Ann.... this is your simple display???? I am really sparse about Fall....
Usually because I have always dreaded fall! The precursor to the awful snowy winter. Ugh!

But as of late I'm started to embrace it so I actually put out a FEW fall things this year. :0)

I can't believe you still have yoru easy bake oven in the orig box! Cool! (or hot, I guess is the word!LOL!)

★Carol★ said...

You may have gone the simple route this year, but you still managed to make it look spectacular! Less is more, as they say. Around here, it's always "more is more"!
You asked about my Halloween blow molds, and how I find them. In past years, I would find them all the time at Goodwill, for $3.99 or less. This year, I don't think I found a single one there. Estate sales are a good source too.
Happy Halloween!

Annesphamily said...

So much fun fall to share with us! I am happy I came by!