Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day # 2

Saturday the 29th was suppose to be sunny and in the 50's

It was one thing after another
3 out of my 4 food vendors cancelled
the wind broke one of the vendors tents

I had to head out to the Fairgrounds for our
troop arrival and political rally

the "Irish Lady' Sutler
she called from Arkansas on Wednesday and wanted to know if she could come
Why not!
She arrived on Thursday and people were already buying from her.
Every time I saw her she had a different dress on. 

the tents for the encampment were up and the horses were out and about

I made my cousin pose with one of the race trophy's!

the mayor and wife arrived and we were taking refuge from the wind!
President Lincoln and cousin Fred
(abe is his wifes cousin!)

I felt like a true "wrangler" getting the mayor, US Congressman and State Rep all there in place

the 33rd IL Volunteer Regiment Band played for their arrival

I was very pleased the EIU ROTC joined them
we honored those who serve and those who had served from 150yrs ago

Time to run back downtown, but not until some lady starts yelling at me about the shuttle bus
I wanted to say "the free shuttle bus we are providing to all the FREE venues?'
I offer to personally drive her and her mother downtown, so I did.
She complained because I did not have seat warmers in the back seat of my BMW like her Volvo"
I wanted to say "you can get out now!"
I got them downtown and they did not even bother to say "thank you"
As they walked away I shouted "remember all events are FREE"

But it got better
My cousin Judy from SD whom I have never met but have
written to her for 15 years!
then cousin Greg from Indiana found me
he was portraying our GGUncle for the weekend

It was too cold at the gazebo for the band so we moved them to the library

The speaker series was going on at a packed courthouse!
they had over 500 people go through
And the House tour was in full swing

this courthouse is where my Great Grandfather was the County Clerk

Then I ran to the Moose to decorate and just as I was a block from there
I saw my friends who had gone to get Harold Holzer.

There was Harold Holzer, the best known Lincoln Scholar and someone I admired for years
waving at me from the car!
I was in awe, it was like meeting a star to me!
Got him settled at his bed and breakfast and told him I would be back to get him for the dinner at 4:45

Are you tired yet!?
Got the place decorated
After that.......I do not remember
but Mr. had arrived and was my backbone!

Home to get ready for the dinner

Harold with the man he knows so well
Mr and Harold
we sold the dinner out and ended up with 216 people
Harold was shocked so many came to hear him speak!
Well, we do not get authors like him in Charleston very often.

a great moment when the band played
"rally round the flag boys"
everyone got on their feet and sang

Harold is the nicest person, so congenial, willing to speak to everyone, give a handshake a autograph.
He was easy to talk to and he and Mr. became quick friends, you see his Grandfather was a painter like Mr. who is 3rd generation.

Got back home by 10
what a day

A day I will never forget, some ups and downs but mostly ups!


Terra said...

Ok, I completely admire you, your energy, and your wrangling skills, in making this event run as smoothly as it did. That must be a great event to attend. Now go lie down and rest, you must be in need of a nap.

Olive said...

You are busy my friend. Some people are just plain rude. You are a treasure to your family and community. xo, olive

NanaDiana said...

Wow! What a wonderful event in spite of the cold and wind. I love that you met family that you never met before. What a "doings" as my gramma would have said. Love it, Ann! xo Diana

Susie said...

Ann, That was the greatest....that man really looked like Lincoln. There seemed to be so much going on, I don't know how you got to do it all. Seeing some of your family from other areas had to be the best fun. You are the memory keeper for sure. xoxo,Susie

Paulette said...

I love hearing all about your wonderful event. You should be proud, job well done.

ann said...

Admirable dedication, you have my dear in the spirit of true American pride and honor. Your hard work paid off probably in ways tha you may never know. Congratulations.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Another fabulous post Ann! I feel like I've almost been there for the events. Shame on those ungrateful women. Glad you reminded them of the FREE events, lol. What a nice surprise to meet your cousin in person.

Really enjoying your great photos. Hugs, Pam

Anonymous said...

Having dressed in full reenactment gear, including proper undergarments to the period, I would LOVE it to be that cool for the event! I get so over-heated now that I find it unbearable from March onward and don't like to dress for reenactments April to Oct and even Oct has been in the 90s!

Sounds like you had a wonderful event!