Monday, April 7, 2014

More of the Historic House Tour

The last house, was the one I really wanted on the tour.
It was built in 1863 by Major John Connolly who served in the Civil War
and built for his bride.
He also was a guard for the Lincoln funeral procession.
He later was a Congressman and US District Attorney.

I was in it once when I was young and was so taken by it.
They were really into the event
The decorated the front porch with bunting.
They even had a pup tent and camp fire in the front yard.

gorgeous entry way
I can see Major Connolly coming back from the War and greeting his bride

They have done a great job with contemporary furnishing and keeping the
old charm of the home.

the curved staircase, I was told years ago the alcove was to put candles in
to light the stairs before electricity.

office of the entry, I am sure at one time it was a parlor for visitors

another parlor with a door to the left.
The window is a bay window and they have a small table and chairs in it.

Then the dining room
exposed brick

seating area in dining room

fireplace in a dining room

I LOVED her laundry room
Most of these are all family pieces


guest bath
even brick floors!

now the kitchen!
see how they made a pantry in the corner with old doors?

something interesting everywhere you look

kitchen eating area
The table legs are from a old sewing machine!

Now I could not believe this,
they have a pub and lounge in the house.
You could have a rock concert there!

the bar area looks through to the kitchen

attention to detail
The owners Dad got her the visa/master card sign for the vintage cash register
and look at the peanuts on the rack

adorable way to keep your corks in a case iron pot

the other home owners
it was a great place to hang out

It was our last stop that night

For Riot weekend they had
yes! 20 family members dress up!
I wish I could of seen it but I was busy putting out fires
but someone took a picture.

love it!

here is a little background video 
you can see how people around town were dressed for the weekend.

Now if you want to see one of my interviews
start at 4:10


NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful, wonderful old house. Love the "bones" of it. How unusual so see it with such modern furniture. It looks like they painted all the woodwork black?
Great old house though! xo Diana

Susie said...

Ann, I love all the photos. That is a wonderful house. Glad we don't have to wear dresses like that now.:):) Hope you are feeling great and enjoying some Spring weather. xoxo,Susie

Donna said...

What a beautiful old home, and in such wonderful condition! It is huge! I love all of the great woodwork, and the fireplace in the dining room. So much attention to detail. I agree with Susie, I'm glad we don't have to dress like that now, imagine wearing corsets? Ugh!

Lottie said...

What a great old house! I LOVE the stairs and the old doors to the pantry! Thank you for sharing the pictures!