Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wreath Laying

The Wreath Laying 
we had to honor the participants of the Charleston Riot
went very well.
The weather was chilly, but I could not believe how many descendants we had.
I was interviewed on 3 different TV stations afterwards.
That was so weird, they were standing in line to interview me?

I also made the front page that day!
Weird to see yourself on the newsstand?

Our friends Kim and Marylee came along with their minister who presided for us and their son Tim who helped lay the wreath. His GGGrandfather was in the IL 54th that was in the Riot

Glad Doc Ramsey came out to. He delivered 1/2 of Charleston, not me I had Dr Harper!
He had portrayed Orlando Ficklin during the 1994 CSPAN Lincoln Douglas debates.
He asked if he could wear his Ficklin outfift... I thought it was great, after all he is only
in his 90's! His former home was also on the House Tour.

Colonel Mitchell and President Lincoln arrive

Committee member and our play write Earl with President Lincoln's
Secretary of War Edwin Santon's Great Grandson!

I did the opening...was waiting till the courthouse clock chimed 3PM
it was stated that was what time the Riot occurred, exactly 150 years ago.
Cousin Marty got us all flag scarfs to wear.

Committee member David, gave a brief history and introduced 

the mayor dressed all weekend, I can see my cousins behind him

The President spoke

To represent the Copperheads we asked my cousin Mary to lay the wreath
with her triplet Great Grandaughters.
What a experience for them, I know their Grandmother was so proud.

we made sure we took pictures of the descendants

Cousin Mary is the Grandaughter of Benjamin Franklin Toland, Copperhead
who was never heard of again after the Riot.
Dr Cobble is the Grandson of John Rennels.
Only 2 surviving Grandchildren of participants and they were both there.
Mary is 90 and Dr. Cobble is 95
I was so glad they were present as we remembered their Grandfathers.

I was very pleased at what a moving, meaningful event we created to kick off
the 3 day event.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Such a memorable occassion. Very interesting post and what an honor for you. Hugs, marty

Susie said...

Ann, I hope there were plenty of young people there to see this. They could learn so much. Hope you got a couple of those newspapers for history way into the future. xoxo,Susie

ann said...

This post and the ceremony and you and your family and the citizens are the heart and soul of America. May your voices and spirits ring loud and long.

Paulette said...

Such a heart warming event.

Pat said...

Dear Friend, YOU continue to amaze me!!!
YOUR passion for the historic events and the decendants is ever present in each and every persons face in these photos!!!
YOU, dear one, should be very PROUD of all your endeavors!!!
I am!!!

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful presentation, Ann! I am so glad that you were able to pull it off. I am also glad that the two grandchildren were there that are in their 90's. Imagine that.

What a special event! xoDiana

Anonymous said...

My whole family (and me for a short time) active reenactors, as part of the 2nd FL volunteers, Company E the Hammock Guards Fifth Company, Florida Battalion, CSA. (now, we were all born and raised yankees, not doubt about it,but we are CSA since we live down south now). My parents even got involved and Mom 78, Dad is 85 and they still get dressed in their reenactment gear. My sister works with group that sets up medical tents and she dresses as era nurse. I moved the year they started (I got my sister hooked on Civil War History) and only have been to a few for the day but they stay whole weekends, in the camps. So cool to meet and read of your presentation. My sister and parents and her kids participated at Gettysburg 150th with her group