Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm Home!

I just got home, 
the The Charleston Riot weekend is in the history books.

I can not tell you how many interviews I did I even made the front page of the paper!
I went on Sunday but Wednesday was like hitting the ground running....are you ready?
Monday was a radio/tv interview with WEIU

CBS WCIA called on Wednesday and wanted a interview.
cold and windy

Later Wed we had a presentation at the middle school and did the play
"A Question of Loyalty"

the wonderful cast

Now time for the house tour run through

House #1 The Dudley House
built in 1892 by a distant cousin of mine
The Historical Society owns it
Brenda on our committee had it all decorated for our meet and greet
cousins Sheryl and Marty in the vintage kitchen

the stair case
period furnishings and woodwork

about 30 of us

Then we loaded up to go to the next house
The Kelly House
built in 1864

beautiful walnut staircase

view of the dining room

modern touches in a 1864 house

I love the kitchen with the view of the courthouse

I left my camera in the car for this home so this is with my iphone

as we left

I will show the next 3 houses with my next post

But here I am on the front page on Friday
we were at Starbucks and to see myself on there was
very weird!

So much to tell you but only good.

The paper called the weekend "magnificent' Wow!
Harold Holzer hugged and kissed me on the cheek and said I was
I must be living a dream............


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, you're the most famous one! What a whirlwind but what an honor for you too! Loved seeing the homes and is that most gorgeous one on the front page of the paper you? :) If it is - you're gorgeous as I don't recall seeing your face before.
bE a sweetie,

Paulette said...

All of your hard work and planning made for an amazing event. Congratulations, looking forward to hearing more and seeing more fabulous photos.

Susie said...

Ann, You did seem to be busy. What an honor. Thankful for people such as you, who keep our pasts from slipping away to be forgotten. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Hi Ann! Oh- Your moment of fame! I lvoe it. That was a lot on your plate at one time but what fun!!!! Those homes are gorgeous and all your hard work paid off beautifully. Blessings- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Congrats for your hard work! Wonderful rooms with beautiful designs. Loved the staircase with beautifully carved design in wood!

Curtains in My Tree said...

OMGosh How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!
I must read again and absorb every word
I want to hear more about it all
Congratulations on all your hard work and your families also

ann said...

Congratulations. What grand old homes. Job well done.

Tete said...

Ann, you were the right person to head this up. Only you could have done it like this. I have heard wonderful things about it. Nothing bad at all. I am just sorry I am not able to do something like this yet. I have been looking at all the photos you have posted on fb and photos from others. I think you need a vacation now! Seriously! Take some time off, head to 1414, is that right? lol- and put your feet up. Your cousins did an awesome job, too. You could rally anyone into action. You look good on the front page. Loved your interviews. Now- can I have your autograph????

Ivy and Elephants said...

Everything turned out fabulously!
Amazing homes, you deserve all the accolades!

Pat said...

YOU, dear one, are one amazing woman, indeed!!!
I loved your brief tour of the events!!! I'll be watching for more of your week in your future posts!
Thank you for sharing all the preparation from beginning 'til end with all of us!