Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Time at 1515

I start 8 days off today and I am headed to 1515
for Christmas.

I always put up a real tree for a week. Trying to 
replicate the trees my Grandparents had.
It goes in the same spot every year.

However for the first time in 10yrs my
cousin is not coming.
So do I bother to put a tree up for myself?
I am having the 1515 party.

but do to budget cuts, we are not doing a sit down dinner,
but have asked everyone to bring an appetizer or desert.

So usually I am so excited to get there....
not this year, why I am not really sure.
I am dreading putting up the decorations.
Not sure about the tree.
Afraid the party won't be the same.
I think it is because I will miss my cousin.
The 10 yr tradition started the year my Mom died.
She came over to help me work on cleaning 
out my Mom's house. Instead we decided to 
decorate my Mom's house one last time and go shopping.
The next years followed with us staying at 
Robin from Decorating Tennis Girl
Bed and Breakfast.
We made Christmas Cookies and started having 
a little party for our family that lived there.

When I bought 1515 we were so 
excited about making cookies in my Grandmother's 

So as the not very king 2012 draws to 
a close, I can not seem to get excited about much.

I am sure if I call my Dad's cousin Fred
will go with me to get the tree and help with the lights 
like last year.

Sunday after the party is usually our PJ party when we open our gifts.
We eat, act goofy, watch old Christmas movies.
We won't be doing that this year either.
So on Sunday I plan to go to the church I grew up in.
They always make me feel so good.
But the twins to have something planned...
we are going on a sleigh ride!
I wish it would snow.
A sleigh ride has always been something I have
always wanted to do.

So I better get my butt in gear!
Going to stop in my hometown and do some shopping.
Some how that place always lifts me up.
The place is like stepping into a Hallmark movie

I could use a little Christmas magic.


Paulette said...

Old traditions are wonderful, but how exciting to be able to add new traditions to your celebration this year. Pot luck's are so much fun with the guest bringing yummy food that you don't have to cook!
I know you will miss your cousin, but keep her in your mind and heart during the celebration. You will be able to show her pictures and tell her all about what she missed.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It sounds like there are going to be a lot of fun activities for you this Christmas. Every year, for many years now, I get about half way (if I'm lucky) through with the Christmas decorating, cleaning, etc., when I suddenly plunge into feeling down in the dumps. I believe it has to do with it being the time of the year that my Mom passed away, but that's been 27 years ago, for Heaven's sake. I've learned to just try and get as much done, before I am glum, as I can. This year I am making a real effort to keep this glumness from happening. Vitamins and enough rest. I want to enjoy Christmas through my little grandson's eyes. This year I want to buy a prelit Christmas tree when they go on sale. I detest doing the tree lights. I haven't been putting up a Christmas tree since the kids left the nest. I miss seeing my ornaments. Next year I am planning on doing a tree again so that my grandson can remember. I am looking forward to seeing how you decorate your real tree. Loved the pink on silver one! May you find all of the Christmas magic that you seek!

NanaDiana said...

Oh-It is always hard when traditions are broken, isn't it? I hope that you can get some of your spirit back and maybe as the month moves along you will. Blessings to you- I hope you can still have an "act goofy" day-even if it all by yourself-xo Diana

Susie said...

Dear Ann, I wish you much Christmas joy. I saw in the photo how you all join hands and pray we do that also. Maybe you could photos of your loved ones who have passed, out where all can see them. It helps my family. xoxox, Susie

Olive said...

Christmas can be tough Ann. We have so many memories and when they get disturbed it hurts. big hugs, Olive

Lottie said...

Ann, its always fun to mix it up a little bit and start new traditions!
I love get-togethers where everyone brings something, especially desserts. The guests can show off their cooking and you can taste things you haven't eaten before. We try to do something different every year so things are new and fresh. I know you will have lots of fun this year. Treasure the time we had with our love ones. Maybe invite someone from your church over who is spending this time alone. Best wishes...

Lavender and Linen said...

There's nothing like your family. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Richard Cottrell said...

I woke up and it is almost Christmas. What a nap. Richard from My Old Historic House

Curtains in My Tree said...

sorry you have the blah's honey

we all go throught that year to year , I think I am just getting over the blah's from Christmas pass.

I realized I am old now and that is just life and I need to enjoy what I have left
I posted an old picture of a very special Christmas at my grandparents house back in 1951
I lived with my gradparents and still feel like a little girl wanting her MOm & Grandma

Blessing and good cheer


Ivy and Elephants said...

I hope you have the very best of holidays, and share your new and old traditions. Remember that saying, "Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold." Enjoy!

Bohemian said...

May the Magic of Christmas enter your Heart and Spirit again. It is always a difficult transition when a Beloved Tradition is broken or you're just not 'feelin' it. I recently Sold my Dad's 1960's six foot Aluminum Christmas Tree that I'd kept in Storage after he Passed from Time into Eternity. It just wasn't the same if it wasn't being put up in his Home after having done so for about 50 years. And yet it seemed tragic to leave it in Storage being unused and unappreciated. A Lady who had been seeking one for years bought it and was so Delighted that it brought me great Joy to Let Go and pass it along where it would be as Appreciated and Loved as it had been all those years by our Family and I just know my Dad is Smiling from Heaven knowing this too. Some things do change over Time... my Mantra is to Adapt and Improvise, either Creating New Traditions and Rituals or Sharing the Old Ones with those who may have never Experienced them with us before... after all, Sharing is Caring.

A big Hug and Christmas Blessings coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Perfectly Printed said...

It sounds like you've had a lot of fun in the past at 1515! I'm sure a little visit to your hometown will help put you in the "mood"!


ann said...

Some years the holidays just don't ring with joy and spirit do they? And sometimes it takes only one missing element to make celebrations less---less fun. '12 has been a sour year for a lot of people. Don't know why. I hope you find your Christmas spirit.

Jenny's Heart said...

I hope the season brightens up and is a wonderful time of year for you!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

I know how you feel things are a little different this year for me
to. I've found in pass years that thing's sometime half to change and somehow things do work out.
I hope it all works out for you and you have a wonderful Christms and a great new year.